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North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 30th 2008

A quick stop to Reno on our way home from a Tuckee and Lake Tahoe vacation. Reno is not known for much, but the "Biggest Little City In The World! ... read more
Photo 3
The "Biggest Little City in The World"
Photo 2

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 4th 2008

Nevada: We had been blessed to travel through such beautiful area on the western coast. WInding roads and potholes were small prices to pay for the view. After hitting Salinas, the romping grounds of Steinbeck, we made our way east, towards Salt Lake City. This brought us through Nevada. Starting from the evening, we drove late into the night. Ben drove through late evening and I picked up the reigns for the night/morning shift. Tim and Nate slept while we progressed the tour. The Nevada freeway was ridiculous to say the least. Flat. Straight. Strong winds. Miles upon miles upon miles of no turns, no ups, no downs. Not to mention, for some reason, the road is perched slightly upwards from the ground, seemingly on a small hill, so your lights don't illuminate the sides of ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 4th 2008

After driving from Salinas to Nevada, we settled at a rest stop 40 miles northeast of Reno on I-80. Upon waking, I discovered two things; first, the water here has to be hauled in from over 20 miles away, which is encouraging, and second, this stretch of country was the most fatal for travelers on the California Emigrant Trail. It is forty miles of waterless Alkali wasteland that left of 900 human graves and thousands more cattle and the like. Apparently Sam left one mouse grave between here and Reno. He says the poor fellow didn’t stand a chance. The sign would like us to think that those 900 died from thirst and unbearable heat, but it is 10 o’clock in the morning and the breeze—nay, gale—feels like it is carrying the heart of a damned ... read more
Our booty.
A more menacing Sam.

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 4th 2008

Day 42-Out in Vegas Exploring the city of sin today. Not to sure how to describe Vegas but after taking the mono rail and being shown some of the more famous casinos the only way I can explain it is you want to touch, scratch, second look everything and even lick it to see if its real or not. Its a playground for adults with lots of flashing lights and the constant noise of lonely machines and happy punters with the odd bar or restaurant designed by a fruit loop on LSD. After getting over the initial shock of the area it was back to the task in hand and time to find a game we liked and try our luck. Lisa also tried an Aqua massage machine and it was all I could do to ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 3rd 2008

Day 41-Vegas Off to Vegas today and thankfully not on the bus. We got ourselves on a plane to Salt Lake City where we had an hour to kill and just mooched at the airport. Then finally onto our extremely busy flight to Vegas. By the time our bags had arrived it was after 9pm. Got ourselves to the hotel where we had a call postponing our trip to the Grand Canyon until Monday and then went out to find food. However anywhere in Vegas on a Saturday night is hectic and it took us ages to find anywhere. Finally we ended up in a cafe in the Venetian where we were serenaded by 1950's chef's before heading back to the hotel in the early hours.... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 2nd 2008

Day 40-To Reno Back on a local bus after breakfast to get the bus to Reno. While waiting for the bus we were approached by a fellow traveler going to Reno who spoke Spanish and although Lisa done a good job of communicating the mans question seemed not to be answered and he sat down (wheres Geoff when you need him!). The bus arrived packed to the top and the only seats were next to the toilet, and please bear in mind that this coach had been on the road for quiet a few hours by now and was rather warm. I looked across at Lisa to find a screwed up face desperately trying to wipe perfume under her nose. Luckily our part of the trip was short and we were soon in Reno at Circus ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno April 14th 2008

The colors of Nevada are a complete reversal of expectations created by six weeks in California. We crossed into Nevada east of Donner Pass and the miles of evergreen trees and snow gave way to chaparral and the subtle colors of sage and tumbleweed. Much to our surprise, we learned that tumbleweed is a foreign invasive species! It’s a part of our western legends…”_See them tumbling down…_..” However, always there have been snowcapped mountains in the background. We stayed at a campground in Reno that was near the casinos and convenient shopping. It was also convenient to the Truckee River which delivers melt waters from the Sierras to that part of Nevada. Except for visiting our friends Peter and Trudy, we did not indulge in Reno-type activities. There was, however, some amazing terrain within an easy ... read more
The Pyramid and Tufas
Large Tufa Balls
Crown of Tufa Balls

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno February 18th 2008

Well this is my first time in this program and I am excited to join! I will be traveling in Europe this summer with a study abroad program. I am not a traditional age student and think this is a great opportunity for me. I also think that my hubby and kids, as well as everyone else, will be able to trace me and my pics through this site! ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno February 18th 2008

I am getting so ampled to go abroad! I got the email saying I am officially accepted to go to London to study June 28-Aug 2 and I am looking at airpline tickets and the lot. If I go with the group it will cost more for economy than if I get them myself and my mom has miles to get me domestic airfare to the eastcoast for free!! yeah. I have thought about what I can do in 5 weeks in Europe and I though that I would go to Rome for a weekend and to scotland as much as possible and 1 weekend is a field trip to Paris which I will go on for sure. Funny thing, it is cheaper to fly to London from the east coast and then to fly over ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno January 25th 2008

Obfuscator writes: Nevada takes up one small page in our big atlas. There's lots of states that take up two or more. Wisconsin takes up two. Let me tell you, for a one page state, Nevada is enormous. It took us all day to drive from one side of it to the other, and that was even the narrow part of the state. We started off the day in Ely, which shares the name, and one other important trait with the one we're more familiar with in Minnesota. Namely, both Ely's are the last bastion of civilization before you hit wilderness. Mainly, the similarities end there. Ely, Nevada has lots of casinos, like basically every place in which people live in the state. Ely, Nevada is surrounded by a cold desert, rather than pleasant places to ... read more
Another view of Great Basin
As usual, there were deer.
A strange cave design.

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