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North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 1st 2011

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812Wide open valleys, devoid of any vegetation more than waist high. Absent of brilliant green. Absent of shade or towering pine. Lucky to have green grass call it home. Rabbitbrush, thistle, juniper, sage. (Nothing on earth can compare with the scent or the hue of Sierra Nevada sagebrush. I remember coming come from New Zealand, after living there for 6 months. My mother picked me up at the airport and we drove out to Washoe. I hung my head out the window like a dog, bliss filling my nostrils at the prodigal smell.) Mountains in every directions at various distances. Those closer clothed in greens and browns of juniper, pinion, ponderosa. Each range growing more and more aqua as the distance grows, until the furthest mountains are just a pure, deep blue. Some people, ... read more
Washoe Valley
The folks' back yard

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 22nd 2011

50lbs of luggage, escaping the extra fee by a hair And so it Begins....... ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno April 4th 2011

This, my first attempt at blogging, is a work in progress. Uploading photos, sifting through archives in Adobe Photoshop, labeling pictures, and creating a story is time-intensive. Time has been the most costly resource for me of late. There is much that needs to be amended and edited in this blog. It's completion, if that comes to a fruition, may take months or longer. Before you explore this blog, let me warn you that I may still be considered crazy for making this and other trips. Still, you only live once, if you don't suffer some sort of reincarnation. So let me explain the blog title. The "western rectangle" is a path from Reno to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Flagstaff to Reno that roughly, very roughly resembles a rectangle. Rather than simply going in ... read more
Art Student.
The Great Bridge.
Over the Bridge

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno December 18th 2010

We were due to leave to the airport at around 6.30am to pick up the rental car and leave San Jose by 8am. We did not end up leaving San Jose until around 10am, 2 hours behind our very tight schedule. We packed the car thoroughly with enough food to last us 2 weeks including a cooler, we each also had a suitcase and bedding. We packed a first aid kit, car gear for all weather and a lot of energy/caffeinated drinks. Within 90 minutes we had already passed Sacramento, the capital of California and were well on our way to Nevada. As we passed Lake Tahoe from the North side, there was heavy snow, and we were required to use snow chains on the tyres of out car. We were delayed, but arrived in Reno ... read more
Our stash of energy shots.
Snow at Lake Tahoe, California
California near Tahoe

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno October 11th 2010

Monday 4th October San Fran to Reno = 220 miles. California into Nevada State. Reno to Salt Lake = 520 miles. Nevada into Utah State. Went for breakfast at Denny's in Reno & both had a grand slam breakfast then hit the road. The first few hours were quite average freeway driving. We passed a sign on the road which said "You are now entering Mountain time", we wondered if this was a time line but hopefully we'll find out later on. We arrived at the salt lake plains which were absolutely breathtaking. It is easy to understand why they hold the world record land speed records here because not only is it flat but the salt plains can be seen for miles in all directions. Half an hour into driving the salt plains we ... read more
Norris Basin Porcelin basin
Yellowstone Entrance

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 1st 2010

Good Morning July !! I can't believe it's already July..ugh...that means my BIG birthday is just around the corner and I am NOT looking forward to that !! We ended up doing lots of fun stuff yesterday and we were gonna have lots of time today to rest and relax because we had to drive about 8 hours to get to Reno. We rested really good last night thank goodness because the drive across the Great Salt Lake Desert proved to be brutal for both of us. The wind was blowing about 30-40 miles per hour the entire drive and it was just awful. I was getting motion sickness from all the swaying and Tim's poor shoulders and arms were killing him. During our drive across Utah we passed the Morton Salt Company and I got ... read more
Tim talking on the phone at the McDonald's Drive-Thru window for Motorhomes !!
The Morton Salt Factory in Utah
Huge mounds of salt at the Morton Salt Factory

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 14th 2010

Driving through Mammoth Lakes (aimlessly) I see a faux-German lodge that tempts me to google for German cuisine. Unfortunately, the nearest authentic german food is over a hundred miles away, in Reno. Having nothing much else to do, I set out for Reno. I arrive in Reno, but the german restaurant/store - "Bavaria World" is closed, so it has to wait until tomorrow. The next morning I hit the gym to work out in exchange for what I already presume will be a feast. And a feast it is. Arriving at Bavaria World, which has a modest looking storefront in a somewhat seedy part of Reno, I enter and am immediately enraptured by the delectable goodies in the bakery/deli and the authentic items on the menu. This is a lot of stuff I'm going to have ... read more
The restaurant half
A german lunch
Assortment of german pastries

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 5th 2010

The title says it all. After stopping at the Whole Foods Market in Charlottesville to stock up on food, I took the I-64 route through West Virginia. Being springtime, it was very scenic. Though, the steep grades and tight curves pushed the limits of my trailer setup. After West Virginia came Kentucky, where I thought I was going to get jacked at the gas station by some unsavory types, and then Indiana. Indiana was the first night in the truck. This was where I learned my first lesson in finding places to park overnight- do it when it's still light out. After some fruitless searching for a spot I could be confident about, I rolled into some strange town called Santa Claus. It was hard to see much in the dark, but it is obviously some ... read more
Driving through Wyoming
Made it to Reno
Approaching Incline Village

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 4th 2010

Leaving Redwood National Park we had decided that Lassen Volcanic National Park looked about halfway to Lake Tahoe and so would spend the night there. Again we were blessed with glorious weather and this part of California really is beautiful when the sun shines. The wonderful mix of mountains, forests and rivers comes together superbly. The drive to Lassen took a bit longer than expected as the roads were quite twisty and turny (brought back memories of New Zealand) so we had to take it easy and admire the views. The road to Lassen Volcanic National Park slowly but steadily heads upwards and then finally this big, snow capped volcano rises in view. I am not to sure of the status of the volcano but I don’t think it is extinct and so we were probably ... read more
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Our delightful little lunch spot
One of the casinos

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno January 11th 2010

This is indeed the age of the great mental checklist. Shoes, check. Phone, check. Passport, check. Chargers, check. Passport, check. Tickets, check. Passport, check. Hey, maybe I should check to see if those tickets are still there... I look around with a macabre frown, as if to soak in every last scene of this holy American element. Alas, I must wave goodbye to the pink and green glow of the never sleeping casinos, that hearty guttural sound that is the bustle of the English language (like golden honey dripping down a sweet, sugar crusted melon), and, finally, the comfort of chairs. These all are things that I shall miss with a special fondness as I board these great air ships and fall into the darkness, into sunrise and toward end of the world. I wonder if ... read more

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