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North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 13th 2012

Carla: Since the last blog we’ve packed quite a bit in! Feeling a little weary now but the RV (motorhome / campervan thingy) takes the strain rather well. We started in Anaheim, CA on Sunday 3rd June (our second Sunday 3rd June after crossing the dateline) and spent 3 days there relaxing, being annoyed by the unsustainability of some Americans’ lifestyles and marvelling at the horrendous food and such gargantuan portions. We visited Disneyland on Tuesday and on Wednesday we guiltily scurried to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana for something a bit more educational. On Thursday we drove through the Mohave Desert towards Arizona and Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Grand Canyon. (Aching calves aside it was one of my trip highlights so far). Being in a National Park at the ... read more
Disneyland (5)
Discovery Science Center Santa Ana (6)
Cartoon of the RV

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 9th 2012

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812... read more
Peppermill Casino + Resort
Peppermill Casino + Resort
Peppermill Casino + Resort

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno April 5th 2012

My footsteps are making inroads into the field of white land that’s before me. I am in the mountains and less than half an hour away from the biggest little city in the world. It maybe a poor second to Las Vegas but what Vegas has Reno can match it with other activities that surround in multiple directions. That could be the nice problem with Reno. There are too many other things to do and see to worry about gambling. I came here for cheap, nice accommodation to just relax a bit, have a game of ten pin bowling and maybe explore a little of the edges. With this Reno can leave you questioning whether it’s crap or actually quite a nice stopover? Casinos weren’t around much until the early 1960’s when the resorts came in. ... read more
2 - Lake Tahoe
3 - Mt Rose
4 - me making the most of the powder

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 10th 2011

It’s 4am, it’s dark as we drive into the wide open spaces of the field. We are being guided by lighted wands that look like light sabers from Star Wars. We are directed to park our car at the end of the line. It’s early, we are still waking up and we’re tramping down a dirt path following others, kindred spirits who seek the balloon lift-off at Rancho San Rafael Park. We are promised picture perfect weather this morning for the balloon launch. Our excitement builds as we enter the park, a place where there’s some light and booths set up to sell many things, including coffee for those of us who have braved the pre-dawn light to be here for the festivities. We immediately grab some coffee and head to a place on the hill, ... read more
Away we go!
The colors
A day at the races

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 6th 2011

Today for me is a very important day. With Burning Man over, I now have space to process that I have just passed an important milestone. My age once again has a zero at the end. Within the Burner community, oddly enough, most people prescribe little meaning to this. The rest of the world cares quite a bit. Reno Hotels Post Burn Burning Man also marks the symbolic halfway point of this journey. I planned on it being the biggest high point (which it is, so far). Until now, the trip has been an ever expanding journey into points unknown. From now on, it will feel like a slow approach to the end as the amount of the United States that I’ve never seen steadily shrinks. All veteran Burners I talked to warned about the need ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 30th 2011

Picked up the hire car and set off on the drive to Reno. Enroute we visited the Lassen Volcanic Park, the scenery was fantastic and once again very different to anything we had so far seen, there was lots of snow about, mountain peaks and high altitudes. Eventually we got to Reno and found the Eldorado Casino for our 2 night 'holiday' – thanks to Groupon! (£20 for the 2 nights woo hoo!). It seemed like the height of luxury big plush bed, all the trimmings!! When I say I lost it all in the Eldorado Casino in Reno I actually mean about $7 over the 2 nights, but great fun down to the last few cents and then you win again etc kept us occupied for a good few hours I can tell you. There ... read more
Lassen Volcanic Park
Lassen Volcanic Park
Lassen Volcanic Park

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 15th 2011

Moving south from Eureka we continue enjoying the redwoods, especially as we traverse old US 101 – The Avenue of the Giants. There were times when our 36 foot motorhome seemed to squeeze between the “giants” and we wondered how the trucks, etc of old managed to travel this major north-south highway in years past. The new 101 is a four lane marvel paralleling the Eel River and various meetings of the old and new allow you to stay long enough to visit the wonderful Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center and then escape to the new highway. We were fortunate up the coast to be able to walk a short trail through an especially preserved grove. Our overnight RV park turns out to be on the floor of the valley retirement ranch home of the ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 1st 2011

I arrive in Reno.... and immediately check in and go to sleep. I pray for swift death... Shit... ill start at the night before. My good mate Klausy had alerted me that Soundgarden were playing at the Hard Rock hotel whilst i was in Sin City. sweet!! along with prog rock genuii the Mars Volta playing support this was no brainer. sadly i missed the $65 seats and had to fork out $150 for the VIP seats... totally worth it. Sadly due to a severe lack of intelligence on my part my credit card and linked eftpos card had expired whilst on this north amercian gambling sojourn... im sure the new one is sitting patiently on the kitchen bench... anyway while waiting for a bridging loan from the bank of jonno i was down to $6 ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 24th 2011

I never thought I would enjoy myself so much as I did in a city devoted to sin, avarice and gluttony. Kris and I drove to Reno in the afternoon after my last class at Sacramento State University. We stopped for lunch less than an hour later in Roseville. By 3pm we were heading up into the Sierra Mountains through the Donner Pass. By train this route takes hours at it winds up utilizing many switchbacks, whereas Interstate 80 just muscles its way directly up and over the mountains. The Donner Party came through in the winter of 1846-1847 and got delayed by a variety of mishaps. Ironic that they ended up dining on each other so close in distance to the Sunday buffet at a Reno Casino, though they missed the party by 150 years. ... read more
The Atlantis Casino Resort
Kayak on the Truckee
Kayak on the Truckee

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 10th 2011

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812I have been without permanent residence since May 1. For the first month, I just bummed from couch to couch, mostly in Denver and Boulder. I didn't truly hit the road until June 1, and have probably spent about half the nights since then sleeping in the bed of my truck (other nights were various couches, beds, futons, or whatever dark alley I happened to finally stumble through and collapse in).I had a decent amount of padding - a piece of egg-carton-like foam folded a few layers thick, and a good foam pad that I picked up from Sports Authority. I actually got it for free - had a $20 off card and the pad was $19.99. Now that's a good deal! Even though I had plenty of padding, everything else was just kind ... read more

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