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North America » United States » Nevada » Reno January 2nd 2008

Talla kertaa en varannut vuokra-autoa etukateen vaan menin lentokentalla Dollar vuokraamon tiskille kyselemaan mita autoja loytyy ja mihin hintaan. Ford Mustang kuulosti oikein sopivalta joten sellainen siis alle ja liikkeelle. Koska olin viimein selvittanyt itselleni craps -nopanheittopelin saannot niin pelia piti paasta kaytannossa kokeilemaan eli casinoita piti loytya. Sopivimmalta siis vaikutti Nevadan casinokaupunki numero 2, Reno joka oli varsin kohtuullisen ajomatkan paassa San Franciscosta. Toki casinoita lahempaakin loytyisi koska intiaaniheimoilla on lupa kyseista rahantekotoimintaa harjoittaa mutta Reno tarjosi useampia vaihtoehtoja, matalia limitteja seka hotellimajoitusta halvemmalla kuin yksikaan suuren kaupungin hostellipeti oli maksanut. Varsin talvisia maisemia oli matkanvarrella koska Renoon johtava highway kulki Sierra Nevadan vuoriston yli enimmillaan 2,2 kilometrin k... read more
Biggest little city in the world
Sierra Nevada

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno December 8th 2007

Our trip is one week away and we cannot wait. Please check in on us now and then, we will post all the pictures of our amazing adventure. And keep in touch. Even though we'll see something new everyday you still miss home once in a while. Here we go!... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno November 26th 2007

Thanksgiving vacation found us in Western Nevada. Why? There was nowhere else we could go. We'd pretty much covered every place we knew. But like anything unexpected, it turned out to be a great trip. So, here goes the details. 22nd - 24th November 2007 Having ditched off all rental car plans, we had to run our speed machine for a quick service. Thursday, Nov 22nd 2007 Plans to start at 6:00am got delayed by an hour. Finally, we called it "ALL PACKED" & headed N. 7 mi on hwy 237, 3 mi on hwy 880 & a lot more on I 680 later, we stopped for our breakfast in a rest area on I80 near Truckee. A bowl of soup & some stretching later, we were off towards Reno. It was hard not to notice ... read more
Truckee River
Pyramid Lake
California Sunset

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno November 24th 2007

We had a delicious goose dinner with all the trimings on Thanksgiving. Friday, we went with John and Vicki into the California foothills to cut down their Christmas tree. The weather was beautiful -- sunny and "crisp" with no wind. First, we had to stop in Hallelujah Junction, CA, to buy a permit. After paying the $10 fee, we headed for the hills, so to speak. We drove about an hour into the Plumas Forest, stopping a couple of times to look for the "best" tree and eat a tailgate picnic before leaving the road on a logging path up to the top of a ridge where the selection was better. Finding the perfect tree took some time, but we were successful, finding just the right one. Not bad for ten dollars. Today we decorate ... read more
Out of the woods

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 2nd 2007

I made it Reno after dropping Emily to meet up with Jeff in Elko, Nevada. Nice town... Well, actually, I first got hemmed up in Winnemucca, Nevada; another...nice town. Stayed at the only available and sleaziest hotel and slept like a baby to thundering of the 18 wheelers at the truck stop 50 feet away. Drove into Reno this morning and every person I've chatted up is nice as can be! I think, however, if I were to be sent to hell it would look a lot like eastern Nevada. I think the prettiest thing about Nevada is Michelle, who I'll meet up with in just a few hours as she and her fiance make their way from Vegas to Reno. I'll be glad to see Tahoe and then head north. I'm without a laptop and ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno December 10th 2006

Estou viva!!! Depois de mais de 20h de viagem vindo do Rio de Janeiro, conseguimos chegar em Reno! Porem , como nada sem dificuldade e divertido... Passamos por alguns contratempos! So pra comecar, nosso voo saiu do Rio com uma hora de atraso pq estava chovendo muito pelo Amazonas e teriamos que colocar mais combustivel e dar uma volta muito maior pra chegar em Miami! O aviao horroroso, apertadissimoe veio sacolejando a viagem inteira! Chegando em Miami, tivemos que sair correndo pra passar na imigracao, pegar bagagem e ainda enviar pro check in do voo pra Dallas! Ufa! Chegamso no portao em cima da hora do embarque! O voo pra Dallas foi r'apido e tranquilo... O unico que consegui realmente dormir! Mermao, nunca vi um aeroporto tao maneiro... Tem ate monorail! Tivemos que atravessar o aeroporto ... read more
Me & Girls @ Aeroporto de Dallas
Me  @ Aeroporto de Dallas
Karin + Camilinha + Ju + Paty + Eu  @ Aeroporto de Reno

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno October 10th 2005

Well, we're back in the USA. It is obviously growing on us because as we crossed the border we almost experienced a “back home” feeling. Once again we had a very pleasant customs officer and it all went very smoothly. Having crossed the border into Montana we headed to Glacier national park. It is illegal to take a vehicle longer than 28ft through the park so we took a tour on the “going to the sun” road in a very individual vehicle during which you cross the “continental divide”. It is at this point the rivers run either east or west into the oceans. We also saw the wonderful valleys and peaks carved out by glaciers We then headed of to Missoula. They call this “big sky country” and you can see why. After mountains, ... read more
Bus trip
Perfect Glacial valley
My first drive

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 12th 2005

Reno: Sept.12-15 We flew into Reno where we enjoyed a much needed rest after months of working in Nicaragua, getting our rental houses in order and packing everything up. The weather was a lot cooler than the beautiful weather Canada has been enjoying but we could still take advantage of relaxing by the pool, and the $1 margaritas that went with it. Reno’s a bit of a dive full of your stereotypical ignorant, slot-happy Americans. We tried our hand at a bit of gambling- breaking even in the end after Justin had a few last minute lucky hands. I had trouble staying on the casino floor as no one believed I was 27, pegging me as no more than 17… so much for the bit of age I thought I had adquired as a mother. ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 26th 2004

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812Drove out to Reno to meet with a client, who was attending the AEA conference. Reno is surprisingly dead, even though fall should be the nicest time of year. There's something very sad about its abandoned hotels and deserted casinos. And the Riverwalk is short and a little creepy. Didn't make a good impression on anyone, I'm afraid.... read more

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