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September 18th 2009
Published: September 18th 2009
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Here is South Lake Tahoe, where I'm working. There's lots of mountains, massive trees and dust.

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. How is the weather back in England? Well it's been pretty hot here, 36c the other day. Hahahaha. Sorry but I have to rub it in.

So I have now completed 3 weeks of work - time is flying by! To fill you in... we have been working on the Tahoe Rim Trail re-route which is South Lake Tahoe in a place called Stateline. It's right on the border of Nevada and California. In the last 2 weeks weather has been very hot. The work is still hard but really enjoyable - I like working outside so much more than I thought.

We have seen some more interesting wildlife. I've encountered 2 scorpions, both were very small but it was quite exciting to see them. We have also seen some eagles flying around above us and many more chipmunks. We passed a skunk the other day and I've also seen raccoons wondering the streets looking for trash. We haven't seen anymore bears at the campsite though there were a couple at the cabin the other day which was exciting so we might plan a midnight walk to try and spot them again.

Last Wednesday I injured my back doing probably the most simple job on the trail. I was snipping back some bushes with a light pair of loppers and somehow managed to injure the muscle and nerve. I was taken to the doctor (who by the way was the funniest doctor I have ever met). He kept calling me doll and gave me lots of free medicine and a back brace. He has also put me on light duty at work for 7 days so I am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds or bend over. This means I will spend next week bossing everyone around and ensuring they are working extremely hard!!!! haha. The medicine is quite strong and spaces me out, all my muscles turn to jelly and I zone out into my own little world about 4 times a day. It's quite funny but seems to be doing the job!

Tonight I'm off out in Reno which means $2 drinks, cheap casinos, Shooters (an unbelievably stereotypical American rock bar) and up till about 6am! Tomorrow me, Emma and Suzanna are off to the Black Rock Desert and Pyramid Lake. It's a big lake in Northern Nevada with a giant rock in the middle shaped like a pyramid. It should be good fun.

I can't think of much more to say (again this is due to the medication - it's making me incredibly forgetful) but I will keep you all posted. No pictures this week as I've left my hard drive at the cabin! Sorry, like I said, forgetful!

Thanks for all your messages, I love reading them and sorry I haven't replied. Internet time is always so short and hectic.

Lots of love x x x


19th September 2009

Sorry to hear about your back hope you are pain free soon. Had a visit from your mum and dad today. They had been to Sophie's wedding. It was good to see them and for once the weather in Plympton was dry. We were able to sit out the back in the sun and chat. Take care and enjoy your time. Love Marilyn and Peter
26th September 2009

Hi Collette, I went back an entry incase I'd missed you scorpions but I haven't seen any, I also didn't see you video, on the next entry, I'm useless at finding my way around different sites. I'm sorry to hear about you back, just the time you don't want anything to happen and it happens!! shit isn't it. (sorry language). Is it the first time you've had problems? I expect American Doctors will do more for you over there than here!. Look after yourself X

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