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September 7th 2009
Published: September 12th 2009
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry but I wrote the previous 2 blogs a while ago but only saved them and forgot to click on publish. That explains why you haven't seen any photos! Anyway back on track now.

I have completed my first week of work which was hard but great. I really enjoyed it, it's very physical and by Friday I felt like I had run a marathon but it's very rewarding and the crew are all lovely. We have been digging a trail in a place called Heavenly near Lake Tahoe. This means moving big rocks, pulling up roots and evening out the ground so the thousands of people who visit will be able to follow a trail and not get lost or step on lots of plants and wildlife. It is located in Western Nevada on the border of California so we have been camping in CA.

Camping has also been fun but very cold in the mornings. I saw my first bear which was very exciting. 4 of us were sat chatting around the camp fire when we heard someone shout "Go away bear", as we turned we realized this rather large brown bear was sat on a log just behind us. They're quite scared of people and noise so it soon scarpered but every night in the tent we could hear them walking around. There were also coyotes about who liked to howl every night.

This weekend I stayed around Reno due to not being able to make the Burning Man Festival (long story but just to say public transport is rubbish)! Anyway, I'm over it.... On Saturday a group of us went to a massive casino an did some go-carting and bowling. We then went to Sparks (a nearby town) for the annual Rib Cook-Off. It was all very American but good fun. We then went out on Saturday night and I spent yesterday recovering.

Last night I went to my first baseball game, Reno Aces vs Frenzo Grizzlies. Reno won 8-6 and seeing as it only cost $7 it was worth while entertainment.

Hope you are all well and will finally get to check out the pictures.

Love Collette x

p.s Sorry for any American spelling, it changes it automatically though I am starting to say little Americanisms. Trash can, gas station and cell phone have to be

Me and Emma in our lovely uniforms. Take note of the whiteness of the t-shirts. They are starting to turn a nice brown colour
said else I get laughed at!

Additional photos below
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Lunch time

Emma moving a big rock (though this is a small one compared to some of the others)

After work!


Luce munching on some ribs

13th September 2009

Hi Collette I now understand why I could not see your photos thought I was missing something I should of cliked on and gave up. Photos look good. Sounds like hard work but you seem to be able to have some fun at the same time Love Marilyn and Peter

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