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North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha May 28th 2017

I can't answer that from the perspective of the athlete, but I can and will answer it from my perspective as the wife. Carl trains 4-5 days a week for 2-3 hours minimum. He rarely, if ever, misses a training. Some days he will change his training schedule to accommodate the family needs but most of the time lifting is his priority. It has to be to compete against the top lifters of the world in his age and weight class. This is a lifestyle, not a hobby. He will try to convince me and other otherwise, but it's a lifestyle. He will say, "I'm going to work out, but it will be quick, I'm just deadlifting (or insert any other lift) today." That means in 2-3 hours he will come in from his gym, AKA ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha May 7th 2017

Tickets are purchased, reservations are made and plans are being fined tuned and Carl's training is going well. Trip overview: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Minsk, Belarus; Krakow, Poland Total of 18 days and 8 flights. We will be driving the 3 youngest and our dog to stay with my parents in Montana. Then Carl and I fly out of Helena on Saturday, the 9th, with an overnight layover in Seattle. Sunday we have a direct flight to Amsterdam arriving there at 8:30 Monday morning . We'll have 48 hours in Amsterdam and then a 2 hour flight to Minsk, Belarus. We'll arrive in Belarus Wed evening and Carl will compete in the 2017 IPF Raw World Championship on Friday morning! We will spend 4 nights in Minsk and will then take a short flight to Warsaw with a ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska September 29th 2016

Good Morning! We spent the night in Big Springs, Nebraska at McGreer Camper Park which was advertised as a working farm as well as an RV campground. Joyce thought this would be fun for Marc because he is a farmer at heart, but she was not prepared for a cattle farm that lies right alongside of the route I-80 West! The flies were the first clue that this was a working farm! The pics don't really do it justice. But, as we are discovering, there are always positives when you are RVing! The farmer's wife, Nita, was lovely and tried to find every possible way to provide us a discount! Also, she talked to us a bit about their farm and the industry as a whole. Since we had passed a stockyard down the interstate, it ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska September 28th 2016

Greetings from the Cornhusker State! Nebraska is 430 miles across so we will be staying in Nebraska again tonight, even after driving over 4 hours today! Lots of corn and lots of windmills. Last night we stayed at Camp A Way in Lincoln, Nebraska, a quant little campground nestled between I-80 and several other major interstate highways! Needless to say, Marc was not impressed, but it was nice and clean and the people we meet everywhere are wonderful. It is amazing how many "full timers" we have met. These are couples who have sold everything and now live in their mega RV's! We are headed to Big Springs, Nebraska today, population 400 according to Wikipedia and our good friend Lynn! She asked me, "What will you do there? Well, maybe they have a saloon." Please check ... read more
Windmills are plentiful!
A huge windmill propeller moving down the highway.

North America » United States » Nebraska July 31st 2016

Geo: 40.1783, -96.0964Sunday morning, Glenn and I had to finish cleaning the Lazy Bear Lodge. We went to bed at midnight, so we needed to do the vacuuming if the den and bedrooms early in the morning. We finished up cleaning the house around 6am and left for Nebraska.Glenn drove from Frisco down I 70. We saw the sunrise. Beautiful.We stopped on the other side of Denver at a hotel there, for me to go to the bathroom. Glenn got a cup of coffee and a muffin, and then I started driving.For lunch we ate at Lincoln Hiway Diner in North Platte, NE. It was about 15 minutes off of the interstate. The food was ok. The place was kinda ratty however there were lots of "locals" there. We shared a "chicken fried steak dinner" plate. ... read more
Tomb Stone
Back Tomb Stone
Table Rock Cemetery Gate

North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff July 29th 2016

Bonjour à tous, A Rapid City, j'étais content d'avoir trouvé un hôtel en plein centre ville, ce matin un peu moins. Hier c'était la fête, ça dansait à Rapid City, un orchestre à joué jusqu'à environ 1heure du matin. Hier je vous parlais de train immense, et la voie de chemin de fer doit passer tout proche du centre, et j'ai entendu le premier train, à 2h30 avant il y avait la musique, klaxonné, parce qu'il n'y a pas de passage à niveau, et ainsi de suite toutes les heures. Je suis quand même parti tôt , pour le Mount Rushmore, pour éviter la foule. Avant 8 heure J'étais à l'entrée et fait mes 50 km. Le Mount Rushmore c'est ces statuts monumentales, sculptées dans le granit de la montagne, à 1745 mètres d'altitude. Elles mesurent ... read more
mount Rushmore
Cazy Horse
les bisons

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln July 27th 2016

At first it appears ordinary. The grass blowing in the breeze is like the rest. But as those places with natural and/or historical relevance often do upon closer examination, the plants and animals on the grounds of the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center begin to tell their tale. When walking down the unpaved slope from the parking area to the visitor’s center, the first thing one appreciates is the waist-high and sometimes shoulder-high grass on either side of the path. There is an immediate sense of unfamiliarity, regardless of how rural or cultured an upbringing someone might possess. The space inside the visitor center, which is largely constructed of recycled material, is open and pleasantly simple, much like the rest of the property. There are hands-on exhibits inside that include a full size buffalo and a ... read more
Native Prairie Grass
Spring Creek Pond
Spring Creek Pond (2)

North America » United States » Nebraska » Wayne July 12th 2016

DAY 13 - Saturday, July 9, 2016 Hampton, IL and the Mighty Mississip to West Branch, IA to Des Moines, IA to Wayne, NE Rise and shine - time to cross the Mighty Mississippi River! Big driving day - again! And it promises to be a hot one. We had the unexpected blessing of following the sign to the Herbert Hoover Museum in West Branch, IA (just east 10 minutes from Iowa City). In addition to getting a good dose of presidential history, Pearl started her Junior Ranger career - answering questions about the National Park/Historic site and getting sworn in by a Park Ranger, and she even earned a badge! It pinned quite nicely on to her Creation Museum Park Ranger pink vest. I had another “Music Man” moment too. The town of West Branch ... read more
the Blacksmith at West Branch
Ya got trouble in River City (West Branch, IA)
Junior Ranger being sworn in.

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ainsworth July 3rd 2016

Woke up to 60 degrees and overcast. Grabbed a bite to eat of the free breakfast that the hotel offered. Not so sure free is the greatest but it will do. Left Sioux City and headed out across Nebraska on Rt 20. Again great roads. Bob thought 60 was chilly but I loved it. We were under overcast skies till the Wyoming border. Soon as we hit Wyoming sun came out and temps were in the 80's. Just across the border we stopped or gas and talked to some other bikers who also were heading to Casper WY. Nice friendly people as I find most bikers are they wished us well as we left before them. When Bob and I ride I usually lead as I have a GPS on my bike that makes routing easy. ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska February 3rd 2016

Amy: We stopped to rest when we reached Hyannis, Nebraska. After resting for a few minutes, me Jason and Jennifer decided to go play tag in the forest because it felt too cold just sitting down. While I was trying to catch my sister she tripped over a fallen tree and screamed really loud. Jason went to tell mom while I stayed with her. When my parents came mom seemed really mad at me, which made me mad because I didn’t do anything. We took her to a nearby hospital and they said that she just twisted her ankle. While we were there, my mom started yelling at me because she thought it was my fault that Jennifer had to go the hospital. She kept telling that I should be more careful and that I should ... read more

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