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North America » United States » Nebraska » Beatrice April 24th 2018

Chautauqua Park, Beatrice, NE After the day before, yesterday was unremarkable. And, well, that’s just fine. We started the day by enjoying an hour or two in our own private campground. Since we were the only campers, miles from anything, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with the birds singing in the background. Joan and I both did a 15-minute workout in the open air, which was invigorating. As part of our changed travel routine, we try to get a short but vigorous workout in before we get in the car for a driving day. It virtually eliminates the back and leg pains I sometimes get driving long distances. Joan does a yoga thing, I have a HIIT routine I do, trying to restore some of my long-gone muscle mass. Meanwhile, the girls kept our morale up ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln September 14th 2017

We continued our back roads trip through the Nebraska Sandhills this morning, passing through several small towns, then stopped for lunch in Grand Island, Nebraska. We started east on I-80 from there but in the afternoon the wind picked up, and with all the passing trucks on the interstate it made for difficult driving, so we checked into a campground a little earlier than we planned. ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Thedford September 13th 2017

This morning we pulled out of Wall, South Dakota. We didn't much care for the town but we sure do like Badlands National Park. We cruised through part of the park on our way out and stopped for a while at the visitor center, then continued east and south through the Pine Ridge reservation and the Rosebud reservation. I read some time ago that these were two of the most poverty stricken reservations. I don't know if that is still the case but the small Native towns that we passed through looked pretty run down. Continuing down the back roads we crossed into northern Nebraska and on through the Nebraska Sandhills. The Sandhills are grasslands with endless mounds and hills that are like 10-20 feet high. Somewhere along the way we crossed into the Central Time ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska September 7th 2017

Tuesday, 5 September, 2017 From Dubois we drove southeast through the Wind River Valley; through hills and meadows, some filled with sage, others cultivated, irrigated and green with alfalfa. This is hay and cattle country, though horses are plentiful, too, and we spotted quite a few pronghorn antelope. We followed the Chief Washakie Trail to Lander. Then we paralleled the Oregon, Mormon and California Trails, as well as the Overland Stage Route and the Original Pony Express. We crossed the Continental Divide again at South Pass, elevation 7600+ feet. Seeing these hills, valleys and mountains makes you realize just how tough those early settlers were. After stopping for a few groceries in Rock Springs, we drove south to Firehole Canyon campground in Flaming Gorge NRA. We do love this campground. Wed, 6 Sept. We have decided ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln August 21st 2017

Blog 08-21-17 Solar Eclipse Ginnie and I made it to Lincoln Sunday afternoon after a really tiring drive. There was traffic then the last hour was grueling with a strong side wind. It is a struggle to keep the camper on the road and between the lines so by the time we got to the campground, we set up and callapsed. Dave and Lisa (my son and daughter-in-law) were in Lincoln for the eclipse and they came to the campground and brought us dinner. We had a great meal and visiting time then it was get down to planning how we were going to be able to best see the eclipse. The weather forcast was iffy for mid-day so we had to plot out a possible road trip. We agreed to meet at 7:45am on Monday ... read more
little bigger bite

North America » United States » Nebraska August 18th 2017

This was the second moving day in a row. We are trying to make it back to the Mississippi River and we had a lot of ground to cover. We left at 7:27 AM and 64 degrees and headed out to cover 550 miles. Fortunately, the entire drive was on interstate highways, so we made good time and arrived at our hotel by 4 PM. Today we drove through South Dakota and Iowa, and ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. The drive began in the Black Hills, where the topography is hilly and rocky. It seemed like we were riding though an ancient dried-up riverbed. The land was flat surrounded by hills with smoothed-out vertical ridges, all running up to the rounded top. The grass was a tannish yellow and punctuated by dark green bushed and small ... read more
South Dakota
South Dakota

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln August 10th 2017

August 8, 2017 Weather: 74 and sunny driving through Wyoming, 70s Nebraska Hours Driving: 12 hours States Drive Thru: Utah and Wyoming and Nebraska Miles: 860 miles Restaurants: Tasty BBQ Movies: Games: Books: Dunkirk (Matt), Bow Wow (Bee), Woof (Ben) Hotel: Fairfiedld inn As we make our way home from Utah, we climb mountain roads and descend into valleys. The landscape changes at every curve causing me to wonder why it is so different yet so close together. Green jagged mountains, strange hill-like mountains with little vegetation, mounds of sandcastle-like formations, piles of broken rock, red rock, layered rock as if we are driving through a dried up ocean floor and rock that makes you wonder how it came to be the odd shape or formation balancing on the precipice of crushing our car. Then, flatlands ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff August 7th 2017

The day started cool and overcast in Colorado Springs. Philip was up first and walked across the street to a Starbucks while I was waking up and getting ready. He enjoyed the short walk and compared the weather to the cool, soft days we often find in Ireland. Just lovely. We finished breakfast in the hotel—only so-so—and got on the road by 10:00. Mist and rain started soon after leaving the hotel and made the drive through the Denver traffic more stressful than expected. Lots of construction and stop-and-go traffic made the ride slower than expected, too. The drive was north on I-25 to the southern edge of Cheyenne, Wyoming, then east on I-80 before taking off on the smaller roads leading north to Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and the sights for today. We drove to Chimney Rock ... read more
2017-08-07 00 Driving to Nebraska (2)
2017-08-07 00 Driving to Nebraska (3)
2017-08-07 00 Driving to Nebraska (4)

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha June 7th 2017

The last pre-trip post! Bags are packed, well at least mine are. 2 members of our household don't think you need to pack until you are walking out the front door!! Our journey begins with 3 kids, an 11 year old Golden (best family member ever!!), and Carl and I. Thankfully the kids are all old enough to pack for themselves and have spent enough time with my parents in Montana, that they know what they will need. However, Katie is concerned because of her 11 pairs of shoes, none of them are very good for hiking and she is pretty sure our last minute prep should include a trip to a shoe store. I am pretty sure they have good hiking shoes in Montana and a trip to the shoe store would be a lot ... read more

As our trip was winding down our site seeing became shorter. It was a mad rush to get home and Izzy replied this trip should of ended yesterday. I got up early as always to enjoy a run/walk with Hannah through the mountains of Colorado. The view was extraordinary and it was pretty warm out still. I had told the kids we needed to leave early, but was wrong. I though we were staying in Lincoln Nebraska, but actually it was closer to Colorado in North Platte. The difference was 4 hours, so it would make this our easiest and quickest drive of the whole trip. It would also make the last day very long, not good when your kids were already wanting home. Our drive was through the mountains and even tunnels. The Colorado river ... read more

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