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North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff August 16th 2021

We started out our day today with a homemade breakfast of fried eggs, toast, coffee, juice, and fruit compliments of the Willa Cather Foundation that operates the Airbnb. After loading we drove around the town to visit some more of the Willa Cather sites. We visited her original home, her home church, and the Milner family home upon which she based her book “My Antonio”. We drove by the foundation home in the old opera house, but it wasn’t open yet. Our goal today was Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff, both in Nebraska. Ultimately we were headed to Chadron, NE to spend the night on our way to Mt Rushmore and Rapid City. We drove across Nebraska on several two lane roads. We met little traffic…..many times thinking we were the only ones on the road. After ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska April 29th 2021

Let the adventure begin!!! The first official day of the trip starting at my brother Jeff’s house in Carmel, IN and driving to York, NE. We feel like the first pioneers riding west in their covered wagons, except that we have a comfortable truck with all the luxuries, sleeping in hotels and eating in restaurants. Ok so we are nothing like the first pioneers except enjoying the scenery. I have always felt that the journey to our destination is as exciting as the destination itself. There is so much to see in our beautiful country and you just need to slow down to see. Once while traveling to Alabama, Kevin, Nathan (my cousin) and I stopped at a rest area in Elkmont. They have a Saturn rocket, lots of info about space travel and a Korean ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Doniphan June 27th 2019

June 27 We are so grateful the storm went north of us last night and we had a quiet night. This morning we need to find a sewer dump, there isn’t one in this park but we can use one in a nearby campground on the dam side. Looking for a dump with a trailer behind us didn’t sound appealing so we closed up the trailer and got it ready to hook up and then just took the truck to checkout the dump. Good thing we did too because we took the wrong road first thing. So after we located it we drove back but we stopped briefly to take pictures of spillway at the dam. The pipe coming out of the dam is really to aerate the lake for the fish. It was amazing to ... read more
Kearney Nebraska Archway which spans I-80.
Our spot in Grand Island KOA
Mike turns on our new 16 KW solar system.

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ogallala June 26th 2019

June 26 This morning we had another fun walk down the road and thankfully most of the mud had dried up from yesterday’s hot weather. We met two ladies on the walk with two dogs and two young girls, one about 8-9 was bawling her eyes out complaining of having to walk. Seems mother’s remedy was to walk off and leave the bawling child behind about 100 ft. We were sympathetic to the mother and glad to see her generation letting her daughter understand the harsh realities of life. Yes it is hot outside! Since we had to put Red and Dottie back on leash it was a shorter walk than normal, just too noisy. LOL. It was a quiet afternoon, took a nap and did some chores. Late afternoon we started fishing. Yesterday, we only ... read more
My fishing buddy!
Nice Channel Cat!

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ogallala June 25th 2019

June 25 This morning it was another beautiful day! We wanted to take the dogs down a hiking trail that goes along the lake. It’s basically a dirt road next to the lake bounded by a pasture full of angus cattle on the other side. Last time we were here is was a great place to take the dogs and go off leash because it is rare to find other people on the path. We had meant to bring the the e-collars just to ensure we’d have some way to control the dogs. We certainly weren’t going back for them so we decided we’d hope the dogs would stay with us. There is no shade along the path and by 10:30 this morning it was really hot going down the path. Red immediately ran ahead and ... read more
David waving for help as Red and Dottie take a mud bath!
David has a quiet evening fishing.
Roasting jumbo marshmallows.

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ogallala June 24th 2019

June 24 Oh the dogs woke us up early this morning 6:30. I could hear Dottie scratching at her crate. She rarely gets up before Red but then he went out about midnight last night. I got up and put my robe on telling both the dogs and David I’m going to go back to bed. It was a quick trip for them and I had Dot go right back to her crate. Red followed as did David shortly thereafter. I was asleep I’m sure by 6:45. When I finally woke up it was 8:16 and everyone was still asleep. I got the dogs and just put my cloths on and closed the bedroom door as David was still fast asleep. The dogs and I went outside and there it was, the most glorious, warm sunshiny ... read more
Red enjoying the sunshine.
View of our campground from the Dam.
Sunset over Lake Ogallala.

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ogallala June 23rd 2019

June 23 Oh wow what a morning, I was woke up by David rustling around in his rain jacket waking the dogs. My first thought was what the heck is going on. David then said he wanted to get the dogs out and then get sewer and water disconnected before it started raining again. Our son’s camper was next door and I could see he was up and disconnecting too. Everyone leaves today, us, our son, and my brother but 7:30???? Begrudgingly both Dottie and I got out of bed and she went to David for a quick trip out. I got dressed and noticed how bad the weather outside was and how damn cold it was in the trailer. I beelined for the furnace to turn it on and the electric fireplace too! It was ... read more
Trucks and us were doing ok!
Fog warning!
Our spot at Lake Ogallala

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha April 12th 2019

INSTAGRAM- @vangogh50states Weather: Sunny and 30s States: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska Miles: 747 Hours: 10 hours and 22 minutes Capitals: Drove through Lansing University Campus:Creighton University Omaha Restaurant: Cottage Inn Pizza Hotel/Home: Springhill Suites Marriott Movies: Audible: A Phone call from Heaven by Mitch Albom Paul and I began the last hour before our departure with the usual scramble of gathering, shoving, remembering forgotten things, consoling shaking dogs that think we are abandoning them and cleaning up the house. Kind of like when you are moving to a new house. Except, our new (but temporary) home has four wheels, captain chairs with Sparty printed on the headrests and a 26 inch tv. We raced to grab a pizza (cheese pizza of course-Lent) on the way to pick the kids up at school. I had ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln June 4th 2018

Well.....Its only a matter of hours till we leave for our 10 day vacation and I think it’s about time I introduce myself!!!! Im the adorable little girl from the past blogs(Aka.Shayla) all grown up kinda. Im almost 16 and ready to take over our vacation blog!!!! We have the car and camper all packed. We are trying to not to forget anything but I know we will whether its as simple as a tooth brush or a person!!Lol!!!! :) In this new blog to come you will see new and old faces like Tim, Maria, Ashton, Mike, DeeDee, Bernie and Shayla!!! There are also some new faces Bob, Carlos(Catloaf, long story dont ask), Rihanna and Laila. We have lost a few people in the years but they are never forgoten of Donovan and Juan ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska June 4th 2018

Mileage: 240 miles Des Moines, IA – Lincoln NE Last night’s hotel (Hyatt Place) was using Claire’s Hyatt points. Another free hotel. Susan had a rough night sleeping, she slept in the black hole bed. It sunk into the middle from all directions and she said it was like sleeping in a hammock and Pam noticed that the fitted sheets had also come up off her bed. I’m glad Susan didn’t pass thru the event horizon. Susan and Claire also had really weird dreams. After we got up, Pam had to primp. She did her nails and ironed her shorts. Susan and Claire told her no one would care. We couldn’t take our suitcases down before breakfast (remember we had to valet last night). At breakfast, Pam tried to get hot water and it had coffee ... read more

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