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North America » United States » Nebraska » Chadron June 26th 2011

Today, I explored Fort Robinson State Park. The park is known for both natural beauty and history, so I spent a day on each. Today is nature. The park is located in the middle of the White River Valley. The valley is the first on the trip that appears like the stereotype of a western landscape, towering bluffs covered in pine trees surrounding a wide open valley. In many ways, it is an appetizer for what is to come. My main activity was a hike to and through the bluffs closest to the actual fort. I used it as a warm up. The landscape is like the ones I will encounter later on a smaller scale. The trail starts by passing through a wide open field with the bluffs in the distance. It’s very tempting to ... read more
Fort Robinson Bluffs
Cookout area
Fort Robinson from the bluffs

North America » United States » Nebraska » Broken Bow June 25th 2011

Nebraska Sandhills Today, I crossed one of the most evocative regions of the entire trip so far, the url= Sandhills. This region is a place for visitors to lose themselves, and possibly find themselves. Here the farms of the Great Plains turn into the wide open spaces of the west. The road starts with a premonition of what is to come. It’s located next to a big rail yard. The rail yard is filled with coal trains. In the relatively flat plains, trains are miles long. The road runs next to a busy rail line, so those trains were passing by on a regular basis. The first part of the road looks like the Nebraska I knew already, flat and covered with farms. Things changed soon enough. The plants disappeared ... read more
Mason City
Sandhills River
Sandhills high football field

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln June 24th 2011

I woke up today in Lincoln Nebraska. The capitol of the state and home of the University of Nebraska, it was not high on my initial itinerary. I stopped here because I needed a place to sleep. Now that I am here, I might as well find things to see. The first item every guide book mentions is the Nebraska state house. One look at the building and the reason is obvious. The building is a combination of Classical and Art Deco design elements. It consists of a narrow central shaft flanked by two wings. The central section has a small dome on top. The remarkable similarity between this building and a particular part of human anatomy has been noted since the building was completed, and R rated jokes based on that similarity have been around ... read more
Nebraska Pioneers sculpture
Sheldon Museum of Art
Sheldon Museum lobby

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln June 22nd 2011

Well, after months of pondering my summer To Do List, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and book a flight to Bangkok! I'll be traveling with a UNL student who will be interning for Sapahn (a micro-enterprise organization that connects Thai artisans to western consumers). And I'm going to throw in a good mix of scouting out sites for possible research collaboration and study abroad experiences, too! This time I am hoping that things will be much calmer on the political front and that I can get in some good blogging time. Besides, this time I'm staying for a whole month! So I promise I'll be a better blogger this time! My flight leaves in the wee hours of the morning on July 7. Stay tuned for my adventures... ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln June 10th 2011

The road to Amerivespa begins on Sunday as Molly, Paul, Audrey, Mike, Audra and I begin our epic 1,100 adventure from Lincoln, Nebraska to New Orleans, Louisiana. Last night we gathered with the group making the journey to discuss our final plans, share a meal and practice getting our Vespas loaded on the trailer that will haul all of our scooters back from our epic riding journey. Noah, a friend who owns Great Plains Cycle, a fabulous shop in Lincoln, Nebraska was gracious enough to loan us ol' Red, his trusty three bike trailer. Our plan was to load two Vespas forward facing and one rear facing. We found out last night that Vespas are a bit wider than three Ducatis - doh! Snag number one. However, consultations between Paul and Noah began and they have ... read more
Best Tacos in Town
Paul and Mike Contemplating

Yes, literally in the footsteps - or wagon tracks as it were - of the America pioneers, expanding across the Great Plains and deserts to the valleys of the west, all in the name of Manifest Destiny. We were, naturally, doing things backwards, having started (both in terms of this trip and of life) in the Northwestern corner of the country and traversing eastward, relocating much of our stuff from Seattle back to Kentucky. "Hold on just a moment," you say. "Weren't you living in New York? And didn't you join Travelblog in the first place because you were making an epic cross-country move from Kentucky to Seattle?" How very astute of you, good reader. Yes. We were and we did. But life, just like a neatly planned itinerary, rarely goes as planned. If we're lucky, ... read more
Where to?
Register Cliff
North Platte River

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha May 26th 2011

By the time I arrived at Lauritzen Gardens the clouds had mostly cleared and the sun was beginning to warm everything up. Lauritzen Gardens is, as their website says, an “urban oasis.” Your senses are flooded with the vivid colors and architectural arrangements throughout the park. From the Peony Garden to the Sunpu Castle Gate and Mt. Fuji replica, the gardens are an absolute Eden to walk through. The Victorian Garden, bordered by red brick walls and ornamental iron, are lined by perennial flowers, vines, and accents that give each section its own appeal. The aroma drifting through the air is sweet; the aura of the garden is such that it is impossible not to relax as you are walking through. The reflecting pool in the center serves to enhance the atmosphere. The Peony Garden and ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha May 21st 2011

It was nice being able to leave the house at 6:20am and not need a jacket. The driveway showed signs of a rain sometime during the night but the forecast was not calling for rain. The cooler was filled with cheese, mayo, onion, 12-grain whole wheat bread, mustard, and a couple of jugs of Nestle iced tea. The sun was already up when I left the house and drove to the highway and headed north to Omaha. For personal reasons I had cancelled my appointment with the Henry Doorly Zoo but the issues had been resolved late Friday night and I decided to continue with the trip. About an hour south of Council Bluffs, IA, I realized that in my haste of getting everything ready to go, I had neglected to pack the deli cuts in ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska May 9th 2011

April 29, 2011 Friday North Platte, NE. Weather clear, 56 degrees and very windy. Mileage 4379; got gas at $3.789 per gal. Buffalo Bill Cody had a ranch in this town, which was a surprise to us. We expected Montana or Wyoming, but not Nebraska! One of the biggest freight yards for the Union Pacific Railroad is located here. Drove interstate 80 to Brule (not to be confused with Buhl, which we go through later), and then on Highway 30 (which seems to be THE old Oregon Trail road) to a dirt road to see the California Hill ruts. This was the typical directions that we were following. “Drive west through Brule on US 30 for about 4 miles. Watch for a granite 1912 Neb. State Historical monument for the Oregon Trail on the north side ... read more
OT72 Ap29 Our footprints on the Trail
OT73 Ap29 roads to the ruts
OT74 Ap29 Ash Hollow looking down on the N. Platte

North America » United States » Nebraska May 6th 2011

Headed for the Rock Creek visitors’ center to tour the exhibits and see the outside buildings. It was closed, so we wasted a morning waiting around for it to be open at the posted time. Looked over the ranch buildings from the top of the hill and at the ruts and swales. Fortunately we had a little brochure that showed the layout of the buildings. This station made famous by the penny novels of the day. Wild Bill Hickok was a hired stock tender at this pony express/wagon trails station and murdered the owner and two other men, but it was written such that he was a hero and killed 3 bandits—thus began his career as gunfighter extraordinaire. Drove on to Fairbury and looked at a city mural of a visiting circus passing down main street ... read more
OT62 Ap28 Rock Creek Station
OT63 Ap28 Fairbury mural
OT64 Ap28 Fort Kearney blacksmith shop

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