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North America » United States » Nebraska February 3rd 2016

Melissa: Amy and I got in a major argument due to Jennifer’s injury. At first I was only trying to talk to her about being more careful and watching out for her siblings instead of just herself. When I told her this she started raising her voice and it turned into a huge argument. She told me that she had nothing to do with the injury, that all they were doing was playing and she tripped. I felt really hurt when she told me that she hated me and that I was always against her. She’s been ignoring me since we left the hospital. I just wish she wouldn’t be so rude and careless.... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha January 27th 2016

Jason: We finally began our journey to Oregon and Amy could not be worse. She’s been whining ever since we left the house. She says that she’ll miss her friend Elisa’s birthday, that she won’t be able to talk to her friends for months, and she’ll miss out on a lot. She keeps whining about the wagon being uncomfortable and she wishes that we’ll stop to places with wifi. This is going to be a long ride.... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff October 14th 2015

I'm back in Nebraska for what I hope is the last time on this trip. I came here to see a couple of really cool geological sights before I head back up north into Wyoming and South Dakota tomorrow. The two places I visited, Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock, were exceptional. One of the things that surprised me today was the sun. The temperature never got over 75 F, but the sun was brutal. I felt like I was in Texas again with 100+ degree temperatures, shading my arms and bare skin in the car as I rode around. And when I got to the top of Scotts Bluff for the fantastic views, I felt quite unprotected. I brought bug spray on this trip, but I didn't think sunscreen would be necessary in October, this far ... read more
Cool signage in Laramie, Wyoming
Wyoming was the 1st state to allow women to vote
Wyoming State Capitol

North America » United States » Nebraska » North Platte October 11th 2015

I wasn't sure where I was going to stop when I started this day, but I decided on staying in Nebraska for a couple of reasons. First was the fatigue and work factor: yesterday was the least driving I had done on this trip, but being in the sun and in a College Football atmosphere for several hours takes its toll, not to mention the excitement of the game itself. The other factor is money. Hotels in Colorado (my next stop) are expensive! Denver, you would imagine; but 1.5 hours outside Denver and still twice what I'm paying here in North Platte, Nebraska. There's a magical line at the border called taxes and cost of living, I guess. I'll pass on paying for those things. My hotel in Kansas was certainly not the Ritz, but it ... read more
Welcome to Nebraska!
Nebraska State Capitol, in the art deco style
Entrance to Memorial Stadium at University of Nebraska, in the art deco style

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln September 8th 2015

After thoroughly enjoying a week at the Farm Island Recreation Area in Pierre SD, I headed for the Lincoln NE area to, ta-dah, visit the state capitol among other attractions. The drive was longer than I was willing to make in a single day (457 miles and almost 10 hours with the Pilgrim in tow and stops for fuel, food and necessary breaks), so I made an overnight reservation at Wacky West Travel Park in Valentine NE. The manager had a spot long enough for the Ram with the Pilgrim attached (so I would be spared from uncoupling the trailer from the truck) and also had travel information about the Valentine area which I found appealing. I just might stop for 3 or 4 nights my next time through the area. Resuming my journey on Thursday, ... read more
This Minneapolis Ford 8-16 Also Has Large Front Tires And Front Wheel Drive – Exaggerated Claims About This Tractor Were The Driving Force Behind The Passage Of The Nebraska Tractor Test Law In 1919
Some Specimens Have Been Retrofitted With Rubber “Tires” For Parade Duty
The Sprague Dynamometer Tested The Power From The Belt Drive

North America » United States » Nebraska » Grand Island August 15th 2015

THE BASICS Really, we have driven from Indiana to Nebraska through a lot of rolling hills and flat fields. We spent a warm day in Chicago, and have enjoyed college towns in Iowa - Iowa City and Grinnell. It has been quite hot, up to the 90's, but breezes during the days and air conditioning indulgence at night have helped us be relatively comfortable. We should get to our target of Fort Collins, CO, by Tuesday, as planned. THE FLUFF John began his birthday celebration with an extended internet session. We motored to the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. They have a huge collection of very old RV's, which are very rustic and made us appreciate ours even more. They have the first Fleetwood Bounder ever made - quite different from our model. We ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha July 11th 2015

This will be a relatively short post as our recent trip to Omaha was just a short one to visit the zoo. However, I’ll post plenty of photos which will probably show what we did better than I can describe it. As I mentioned, there was really only one reason that took us to Omaha – it’s zoo. It has a reputation for being the best in the world which is a massive call for a zoo that sits in pretty much in the middle of nowhere. However, we’d heard nothing but good stories about it, and it’s only just over two hours drive away so decided to head up for the weekend. We made the short drive up and checked into the hotel before ducking into Omaha to explore. The first thing that struck us ... read more
The Dancing Fountain
Riding the Camel

North America » United States » Nebraska June 14th 2015

Day 5: Left the CG in Ogallala, NE just before 9 AM. Made a quick stop at Walmart for ice, some meds, and a replacement daylight running light for the Trailblazer. Headed west on US 26. Stopped first at Chimney Rock National Monument which has a very nice visitors center. Second stop was Scotts Bluff NE - - another nice visitors center. The bluff is quite spectacular when viewed from the visitors center. Both of these NE really emphasize what an ordeal the pioneers went through to open the west. They also clearly pointed out the impact on the native American Indians. Last visit was to Agate Fossil Bed NE about half way between Mitchell, NE and Harrison, NE (population 251). What a neat place Agate is! Really nice displays of some of the fossils (whole ... read more
Chimney Rock NM
Scotts Bluff NM
Agate Fossil Beds NM

North America » United States » Nebraska » Chadron June 14th 2015

Saturday, 13 June, 2015 We had heavy fog this morning at ye olde truck stop, but the skies cleared quickly. It was a quiet night for a truck stop campground, but got busy fairly early this morning. We drove a few miles west from Beatrice to Homestead National Monument. The visitor center has wonderful displays of the life of the homesteaders who settled in Nebraska and elsewhere after the Homestead Act of 1862. The Homestead Act offered 160 acre tracts of land free to people who were willing to live and work the land. There were displays of tools, furniture, clothing, and farm and home implements. They also had a cabin that belonged to the Freeman family, that owned the 160 acres where the park now sits. Jenna got her first Jr. Ranger badge there. From ... read more
Jenna, Jr. Ranger
Early farm equipment
Freeman Cabin

North America » United States » Nebraska June 13th 2015

Day 4: Got up to a foggy but sunny morning. The sun raised the fog and it turned into a mostly cloudy day BUT NOT WET!. We drove over to the Homestead National Monument of America. It is a very nice and interesting facility and I was surprised at the number of people visiting the facility. We spent a couple hours there going through the exhibits. Jena (Magee’s grand daughter) completed her Junior Ranger tasks for the monument and earned a badge. We then drove all the way to North Platte where we stopped for fuel. I was so mad at the guy in front of me, that I forgot to pick up my receipt - - the guys had parked at the front gas pump then both went inside to to get burgers before they ... read more
Early Homestead home

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