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RUN with Us!! Help bring water to Karagwe. read more

Day 6: Latitude 44.91, Longitude -93.63. Finally, some seasonable weather 81 degrees and sunny. Perfect for what my friend, Brad Etherington, had in store for us. It was great to catch up after about six years. First Tracey, Luc, Alec and I want to thank Brad for his unparalleled hospitality. We met Brad down at the dock and our evening adventure began. Brad had prepared a smorgasbord of appetizers and beers and some much needed fresh vegetables we were lacking. (Why is it so hard to find healthy food while you are on the road?) His mom's homemade pumpkin butter and rhubarb relish were out of this world. Brad shuttled us on a tour of Lake Minnetonka that was described in detail that brought the history to life of the old amusement parks and grand hotels ... read more

Well the trip has come to a end we went to 5 states Massachusetts, Rhode Island,New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. we were out exploring about 7 hours a day and most of it was walking. We had so much fun a learned a lot. Below everyone shared what their favorite food was we ate and what they learned and what was their favorite thing we did. WE THANK YOU LISA for taking us on this amazing trip. Dakota,the thing that I learned was that bunker hill monument had 294 steps , the thing I had most fun was going to time square and six flags. My favorite thing to eat was philly cheese steak. Anna, one of the things that I learned was that caption Malcolm has bulltes in his grave, i LikEd most was ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska July 1st 2015

Freedom is important. And the links between poverty and lack of freedom are well known. For example, it is difficult to feel free when your family is hungry, needs water or medicine and your entire waking hours are spent getting these things. For many of you reading this from a chair in the developed world, this is probably an unknown. However, this is the day-to-day, moment-by-moment lack of freedom among the families of subsistence farmers in Karagwe, Tanzania. Our Tanzanian partner – Dr. Benson K. Bagonza – and his management team are changing that. Dr. Bagonza, Bishop, Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania and KARUCO Founder – has called for a vanguard approach to “development”. In fact, Dr. Bagonza challenges the use of the word development and instead, outlines a crosscutting plan using ... read more
Dr. Bagonza's book

North America » United States » Minnesota June 20th 2015

It's been some time since I posted on here. A friend has created blogs for all of his travels, past and present, which I would love to do at some point. Today is not the day. Today was the first day of a 30-day trip. I desperately need the time away, but I've been dreading it for a while. I don't actually like to be gone from home that long. I'm going to miss our puppies, even though we have caring people staying with them. I'm worried about some of my patients, not that my partners and their specialists aren't perfectly capable of caring for them while I'm gone. I'm worried about my boss, Jen. And yet . . . Rather than leave yesterday as planned, our eldest requested we leave today, after a birthday party ... read more

Join the ETI family at its next event in Minnesota! Victory Lutheran Church has chosen Educate Tanzania to be the recipient of all proceeds from the "Running for Victory" 5K (run, walk or virtual). All monies will be used to support the water harvesting program in Karagwe, Tanzania. Once the harvesting system is in place, the university will be able to collect and store rain water and be set to open in October 2016. Once open, the water storage system will provide for daily uses such as cooking and cleaning, and will allow students to focus on their studies in agribusiness instead of fetching water for daily needs. Please register today as we're "Running for Victory". All registrations accepted - RUN / WALK / VIRTUAL!... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Prior Lake June 17th 2015

Hey! We will begin this trip on June 23rd. We are going to Bosten MA, New Port RI, New York City NY, Philadelphia PA.... read more

It was as if we were home being woken up early by Coby like every other Saturday morning. Why can't we sleep in on vacation? While eating breakfast David decided to come up with some Indian jokes. A few examples below: Where do Indians put their dirty clothes? laundry bindian Why did the Indians get out of the ocean? They saw a shark findian Indians don't have ancestors, they have kindians. Who is an Indian's favorite basketball player? Jeremy Lindian Okay, okay, that's all for now... :) After breakfast we needed to take a slight detour to a minute clinic. My eyes were itching like crazy and swollen. A half hour and $50 later I'm told it's probably allergies. Funny, since I've never had allergies. -_- Finally, we are on our way. This leg of the ... read more
Sissie the Cow
FAST Graveyard
Pinkie 2

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska May 1st 2015

For many of us, it's not that far. 1900 Hazeltine Drive / Chaska, MN / USA. For most, the location is not an 8 and 1/2 hour airplane ride to a layover spot and then another 8 and 1/2 hour airplane ride to the nearest airport, and then another 8 hour Land Rover ride to the real destination. (I'm thinking Minneapolis to Karagwe in this case.) In fact, 1900 Hazeltine Drive is right here in the "Metro" - third ring suburb just outside of the Twin Cities - just on the margins of the beautiful Minneapolis/St. Paul urban lake region and smack dab in the middle of the Chaska, Chan, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Victoria suburban lake region. Those of you in Minnesota - You can easily join us. Those of you in Tanzania - please join ... read more
Dr. Katabaro 'Teaches' ETI

North America » United States » Minnesota » Bloomington April 18th 2015

Oliver loves LEGO. He builds nearly all day, every day, and he's gotten really good. He does chores sometimes to earn money, and he saves up for sets. He's only 5.5, but he can build LEGO sets himself now--even big sets! We didn't tell him about the giant LEGO store in the Mall of America until we arrived. He was thrilled! And when he found out his Grandma and Grandpa would let him pick out a LEGO set, he asked if he could get Emmet's Construct-o-Mech. He looked at every set in the whole store, but he knew what he wanted! Jo was happy to pick out a Frozen LEGO set (Elsa's sparkling ice castle). She builds little things out of LEGO blocks, too, but obviously she can't do LEGO sets on her own yet. After ... read more
"The Snowman"
Oliver's new LEGO set
Posing with their new LEGO sets

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