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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 21st 2016

We're off! The 'two from Minnesota' are headed to Karagwe. Bags checked, playlists loaded, and farewells made. And don't forget the chapstick. We begin the lengthy trip that always unfolds in predictable and unexpected ways. We tend to meet good-hearted folks on the plane: some who work in Europe or beyond; others visiting family or embarking on a long-planned trip. For me and ETI, this is always a rich time to get to know our travel partner(s) and go over our hopes and goals for the trip. I know you have all memorized the goals of the ETI trip but here they are again for your review: The Educate Tanzania Inc (ETI) team will: · assess progress and articulate plan for KARUCO opening in 10.2016" · collect baseline data for KARUCO impact study. · assess progress ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 18th 2016

Join us virtually – as ETI and UMN head to Karagwe, Tanzania January 21 – 31, 2016 Jan 21 - DEP to Tanzania (via Amsterdam & Uganda) Jan 22 - ARR - Entebbe, Uganda Jan 23 - ARR - Kayanga, Tanzania Jan 24 - Church & Planning Jan 25 - Jan 29 - ETI/KAD Summit; ETI/UMN Baseline Data Collection REAS Agricultural Team from Sweden joins us in Karagwe Jan 30 - DEP Entebbe, Uganda Jan 31 - ARR MSP Jan Hansen (ETI) and Chris Johnstone (UMN) will do their best to blog and keep the ETI family informed of the latest adventures en route to and in Karagwe. And depending upon connection capabilities we may even be able to upload photos. If you have been following us for a while, you know that at tim ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska December 17th 2015

Educate Tanzania At a Glance. Take a look and be part of the story!... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minnetonka December 16th 2015

Wednesday Back home again! We had a great time, saw some beautiful scenery—the rain forest, the mountains, the seashore—and enjoyed some good Costa Rican seafood. But it is always good to be home, even though it is a few degrees colder here! Happy Holidays to all. Bob This is Margie’s blog but I get to add my comments.The people were very nice and very helpful when we had a question. There were a lot of smiles and we had a wonderful time. On the negative side, Costa Rica is very good at sticking it to the tourists. When we first arrive in a country, I find an ATM and get a few hundred dollars worth of the local currency. In the San Jose airport I tried to use the ATM in the baggage area and was ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minnetonka November 17th 2015

Tomorrow early afternoon we leave for our adventure in Costa Rica. We have one stop- over in Dallas, then fly on to San Jose, where we arrive about 9pm. Our first day is just basically travel and getting settled in our first hotel. Then we can get the feel of the city and begin our journey.... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota November 1st 2015

This is a brief description of some of the gear I used and how it performed. Pack: GG Crown 60 – I bought this pack for one reason, because it is light, weighing only two lbs. It is also not that big which prevents me from stuffing in too many last minute items. It always seems if you have room you take along more stuff than you should. For this trip, I did buy a cap for it to store things like maps and the trail guide in to be able to access them without opening the main compartment. This pack doesn't have any secure external pockets. The pack functioned well even though I was carrying more than the recommended 30lb load. I was usually carrying between 35-40lbs. It could have a little longer shoulder strap ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota October 29th 2015

This is the second post about people I met on the trail. After a day on a section of trail that combined flat muddy sections with some rugged hilly terrain, I camped at Horseshoe Ridge. There was a tent set up there when I arrived. After I set up, Jon from Shakopee arrived from his day hike. He had hiked in the day before and was taking the opportunity to cover some miles without a heavy pack. We had dinner around the fire pit and I had gathered some wood for an evening fire. We sat around the cowboy tv and shared our outdoor travel stories. Jon had led a number of trips during his recent college years and had gained some valuable experience. He was currently working at a hospital and applying to med schools. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota October 28th 2015

People I Met on the Trail The one thing I found out from the very first day of my hike is that you will meet some very interesting people along the trail. Everyone has a story of how they enjoy the SHT. Many are on a mission to hike the entire trail whether it’s a through hike or hiking it in smaller sections. The underlying theme is a love of the SHT, the North Shore of Lake Superior and northeastern Minnesota. Also when asked most people said they enjoyed the fall season the most with its spectacular colors, usually more temperate weather and the relative lack of bugs compared to other seasons. Below is a brief account of my interactions with people I met on the trail. I told most of the people I met that ... read more
The Three Cowboys

North America » United States » Minnesota October 22nd 2015

10/10/15 Day 22 Hiking Day 16 The sound of a train horn woke me up early but I went back to sleep until 7:15am. It felt good to sleep in and I didn’t have to be on the trail early because I only had about five miles to get to Hwy 2 and the Reeves Road parking lot. It was an easy walk even though I had to traverse a wet snowmobile trail, which got my boots damp again. I met Maureen just before noon – it was good to see her again. She brought plenty of supplies and a cold beer, which didn’t last long. She also brought lunch and that along with the snack and beer I had already consumed made for a tired sleepy hike in the afternoon. With only 52 miles to ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota October 21st 2015

10/05/15 Day 17 Hiking Day 11 We were up early and had a good breakfast with coffee and tea. With an early start and taking the scenic County Highway 6, we were in Finland before 8am. I was back on the trail with a heavy pack and made good time on a level trail through a maple forest. I passed the biggest glacial erratic I’ve ever seen. It was at least 20ft tall. I put my hiking poles next to it for some scale. At a large beaver pond / meadow, there was a bench with trial log book where I stopped for a snack and left a note. I saw that Andy and Nels had left a note in this trail log. After the trail reaches Section 13 it become very hilly and rugged with ... read more

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