Why You Should Pursue Travel Nurse and Travel Therapy

Published: June 24th 2018
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I honestly would recommend anyone who has never traveled or may have but not have done traveling enough to satisfy their happiness. I would like to say do it not later or anything. You would regret if you have waited to travel later. But if a job and time off is not enough to support your wanderlust, then consider doing Travel Nurse and Travel Therapy.

Why should anyone do it ? I can ask myself this question all day.

Here are the benefits of doing it.

1.Free Housing-There is no such thing as free housing but when you are a travel nurse or therapist, you would consider be lucky enough to get it. It allows you to travel with a peace of mind without having to worrying about paying the bills, etc.

2.More time off and Money-It gives you a lot more flexibility than a permanent position would give to you. I did Travel CNA Assignment in North Dakota and the Midwest; and I got extra money to go on an extra trip to New Mexico in March 2018 and APril 2018 by bus. I got to see some parts of MO, KS but I got to see the whole state of Oklahome, Arkansas, Tennessee, Northern Texas, Mexico and New Mexico! I enjoyed traveling to New Mexico! It was chilly but worth the trip. I got to see Pueblos as well as explore different buildings that are not the same as Virigina. The buildings are made out of pueblos and you could see Canyon Houses around New Mexico. I got to see Museums in New Mexico! Best part of doing this is you have more flexibility to enjoy yourself and still make money to do that.

3. Explore places whereas not too many careers can do: Therapy and Nursing are the most dominant professions that have the most travel jobs. It allows you to go to places and sightsee while you are working on your days off. I got to drive across Wisconsin, Minnesota and NOrth Dakota roads. I did take a bus to Colorado from Woodbridge, VA for an assignment but I did not like the Colorado route since I liked the route from Woodbridge, VA to North Dakota cross through Minnesota and Wisconsin. I enjoyed taking the road up to the North of US on the Great Plains side. The roads were very calm! I got to do Shooting Games in 3-D in Wisconsin/Minnesota! I had a great time doing htat. I got to tried out bowling as well as going to Madison, Wisconsin's Capital!

Everything was full of snow when I traveled to Wisconsin,North Dakota, Minnesota compare to Colorado State! Montana was also full of snow! I did an assignment in Montana but I did not have as much time compare to Minnesota! I got to see Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park,etc. I got to see bisons, animals, etc!

Wisconsin's/Minnesota's Amazing Bar and Full of Attractions!


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