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June 11th 2018
Published: January 19th 2019
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What I loved about Traveling to Mongolia? Food, Culture, Religion, Buddhism, etc. all sum up Mongolia's Adventure. I'm going back there in October 26th,2018!

I think this would be an interesting trip just because you can see that many people are Buddhist and the history of the country is very interesting to learn. They have a Giagantic Statue of Genghis Khan,etc.

In fact I was in Mongolia this year! I loved Mogolia! The weather was snowy because it was during Fall Season. October-End of April they get snow a lot. Luckily, I got Hostel for only $10 dollars a night when I was in Mongolia. I got to see the towns and saw the Monasteries. You know what I saw was interesting? I saw Monks and Buddhas that I saw in Tibet,etc. Such a fun time. I took pictures with them and the monks look cute. Mongolia was far the best. I walked around the city all by myself. THis was like my Nurse Adventure Trip! A lucky trip to go to! I booked this trip to Mongolia a year in advance prior to this trip to reserve the best price. I like MIAT Airlines!

So awesome to see actual monks like Dalai Lama!

Food was not too expensive but I got Fast Food to keep my travel on a budget


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