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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minnetonka December 18th 2014

Back home, safe and sound! We really had a good time on our adventure. Thanks to those of you who followed with us, and thanks to those who left comments. Always fun to hear from friends at home. We put some videos on dropbox. They may take a few minutes to load. The first is from Devil's Cauldron in Banos. There is not that much water but it falls so far and you are so close to it, it is impressive. The second is the hummingbirds in Mindo. The hummingbirds are so quick it seems like the video is in fast motion. This is one of about six feeders that have the same action and birds change weekly. I don't know why there are different birds at different times as the climate doesn't change much ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska August 24th 2014

Hello everyone... Sherry and I with Dan and Jane Revsbech will be traveling to Italy September 16 to the 28th. I am testing our travel blog site to make sure it still works. We will be sending out blogs from our trip and pictures from our visit. We found the site a good way to capture our trip and also keep our families updated. If you would like us to remove you from the site, send us response and we will take care of it. Also,if you have a different email you would like us to use, let us know as well. Please send back a confirmation of receipt of this email to confirm we have the correct email. If we do not hear back, we will assume the email is gone. Thanks Doug & Sherry ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 22nd 2014

The last two weeks gave been crazy busy! Our last full week at camp was amazing, I had the oldest girl cabin (aged 12-14) and it was awesome! Our overnight camp was at this island in the middle of lake independence so we had to canoe out there. It was beautiful and had an amazing view of the sunset and sunrise. This was our final week of camp and it was a sampler week which means it runs from Sunday to Wednesday. I has the youngest girls (aged 7-9) and it was full on. I helped at the horse barn and it was awesome! I wish I had a chance to do that more this summer. Each week we have a closing campfire where all the kids and counsellors put a friendship stick into a small ... read more
One week at camp with all the kids
Teaching canoeing

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska August 21st 2014

This is a test for our upcoming trip to Italy....checking to see if emails and posts work... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Ely August 20th 2014

On Monday August 4,2014, Jan, Marsha Brown and yours truly left West Hawk Lake by car at 0700 for our 2014 summer bike trip from Grand Rapids to Embarrass (just north of Giants Ridge). This route is a distance of about 180 kms or about 112 miles. After a brief stop at the Sioux Narrows Gift Shop, we arrived at Fort Frances at 1130 AM. We had an easy entry through customs, and then stopped at good old Border Bob's Souvenir Emporium - their stock of loon and moose stuff hasn't changed in 20 years... The ride to Virginia on highway 53 was uneventful but we did take part in a scheduled shopping event at Menards in Virginia for a new hot water tank for the cabin. After this, our next stop was the Giants Ridge ... read more
Itascan Inn
Typical trail scene
St Louis County Fair

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 12th 2014

This week is our last full week at camp and next week is what we call a sampler week so it finishes on Wednesday instead of the Friday. They always finish on a sampler week as it takes us a full day on Thursday to clean all of camp etc. I'm so excited to finish camp! It's been a great journey and I have met wonderful people but I am ready to explore more of America now! Last week was great! I had one of the youngest cabins so it was tough at times but I was working with one of my best friends with camp (Olivia) We have got along well since week one and we are both so so similar. Each week we take the kids on one overnight camping trip where we make ... read more
Cooking dinner with a beautiful sunset :)

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 12th 2014

Happy Tuesday! Hello friends, I am writing to you to share my love for eating for on-the-go traveling. Grubbing while traveling may seem like a hectic, stressful and expensive add on of your travel. Let me tell you there is plenty of stress free-budget friendly snacks that you can make ahead of time or prepare prior to your travels! One of my personal favorites is mixing up a batch of granola prior to traveling. When I say traveling I mean anything from backpacking, flying, camping, or a road trip up north. Granola is an easy to make health friendly snack for all to enjoy :) This morning, on my day off, thanks to my flexible float teacher job, I whipped up a batch of coconut-mango granola. On my trip to Hawaii this past January I was ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul August 9th 2014

Today marks the first month since tour has officially started. We have traveled to two different states, had pizza 12 times, and the kids are still praying to see snow! :) That time will come but hopefully more later on. The kids are starting to become more comfortable with our culture, foods, and the American busy lifestyle. See for me, I like being on African time. Sometimes it may get me into trouble but the kids don't seem to mind it :) They're favorite foods so far are pizza, hamburgers, and French fries..... Haha welcome to America. They are going to do just fine here. With my schedule being so busy I never have time to catch up on news or anything going on in the outside world because it is like I'm living in a ... read more
Girls :)
Aunties and Uncle

North America » United States » Minnesota August 4th 2014

I'm utterly shocked to realize that it's been nearly two years since I started my first blog. The eleventh graders I taught have now graduated, and the twelfth graders I worked with are well on their way through college. India has stayed close to my heart and mind, although I'm sometimes afraid that I might forget what I learned from the students there. I think of them all often, and am so grateful that I kept this blog so I can remember some of the details--those that I felt most important to me while I was at Shanti Bhavan. I've been pretty busy the last couple of years. When I returned from India, I picked up three part-time jobs and went into full bride-mode (NOT bridezilla...I hope). Things settled down after the wedding, though. I became ... read more
Oh, packing...

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 4th 2014

Finally the end of another week! This was one of my favourites week by far. I worked with Andrea who is one of my good friends at camp and we had a pretty good cabin. one camper was autistic and ADHD so kept us busy And entertained but was a handful. She had an obsession with nature so loved the dragonflies and frogs that are everywhere. On Wednesday night we went down to the field and had big carnival type thing with music, dancing, water balloon fights, soccer etc and the girl with autism and ADHD spent the night collecting frogs at the field and putting them in her water bottle - she kept drinking the water from her bottle and we only found out that she had frogs in her bottle the following morning. Yuck! ... read more

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