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North America » United States » Minnesota September 26th 2020

Day 1 Saturday September 26, 2020 We got up at the ungodly hour of 3 am to make our way in time to the Knoxville airport for the 6:15 am flight. I love the Knoxville airport, it is just small enough to be cozy, but still big enough to have all of the amenities to make your trip comfortable. There are rocking chairs facing out the window over looking the airstrips and also in each of the bathrooms (the women's anyway!). The entry way leading up to security is decorated with a lovely flowing stream down the middle of the walkway. It was a relaxing start to a pretty relaxing first day. Our first flight was only 1/3 full at best, so Rob and I were allowed to take an entire row to ourselves. He had ... read more
Train Museum
Great Lakes Aquarium
Inside Hilton TRU

North America » United States » Minnesota August 6th 2020

Since 2020 is the year of modified everything, that's exactly how we spent our week in Minnesota this year. We spent it in a family hunting cabin after a couple days of socially distanced camping at Aunt and Uncle's farm. The hunting cabin consisted of a main cabin to accommodate 4 adults, a bunkhouse which we filled the floor with air mattresses and got up to 6 kids in there for a week, and an outhouse. It was very rustic, but just perfect. We unplugged, we played, we ate, we laughed. We made s'mores over the campfire, and even made pudgy pies. Brought me way back to childhood travels with my grandparents. We did spend one day on the road though, taking a drive along the North Shore from Duluth north to Tettegouche State Park, stopping ... read more
Brighton Beach Park
Brighton Beach Park
Brighton Beach Park

North America » United States » Minnesota » Maple Grove September 18th 2019

We really enjoyed our last couple days in Europe by spending it in Roma. Walking most of the entire city, we viewed the Spanish Steps, Vatican, Trevi fountain, Trastevere, the Jewish Ghetto, along with many neighborhoods. We walked 22,000 steps on Saturday and another 18,500 on Sunday..maybe why Europeans seem to be thinner! We attended two masses, one at the Pantheon on Saturday night , and one at St Peters Basilica on Sunday. Sadly, If you want to enjoy an almost empty church, go during mass! Listening to a local jazz flute player on the rooftop bar of our hotel and a night cap at one of Madie‘s favorite places called 8 milliliter was a great end to the trip. Morning came too soon at 6:45 with our driver and headed to the airport. Landing safely ... read more
Sculpture everywhere you look
Flower stands abound
Jewish “ghetto”- Saturday market

North America » United States » Minnesota August 8th 2019

THE BASICS Our winter trip to the South ended as our RV pulled out of our driveway, when my left hip was smashed, leading to surgery and months of recovery. So we had our first NH late winter in a decade; it was mostly very pretty, which is easy for me to say because I couldn't go outside for weeks. But we haven't given up on our RV. We spent a few pleasant days in Vermont before proceeding to Ottawa, one of our favorite places. There we enjoyed the lovely parks and canal area, with new friends from our river boat trip last fall. And we celebrated my birthday with high tea. From Ottawa, we headed west in Canada to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, then west through Wisconsin to Duluth. It was several days of long ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Rochester August 2nd 2019

Today was a moving day…a big time moving day. We were on the road at 6 AM and 56 degrees and did not land until almost 5 PM (with a time change of one hour). We did not visit anything or take many photos…if you have seen one corn field, you have seen them all. First let me tell you about yesterday and last night. Have you ever heard of Sturgis? It is a small town off I-90 in South Dakota, just 30 minutes west of Rapid City. Every year they have a motorcycle rally that draws upwards of a million riders. It lasts for 10 days and in that time there are activities going on like concerts. There are 2-4 concerts each day for 10 days straight. Now Sturgis has a population of a whopping ... read more
Sun trying to burn through
More fog
Even more fog

North America » United States » Minnesota » Montevideo July 25th 2018

Prairie Waters Region, Montevideo, Minnesota We stayed one more day in Southwestern Minnesota because Joan had one more thing (I call them rebellion items) she wanted to see. At this point, though, as tired as we both are and as overwhelmed by everything we’ve seen, I’m not sure either one of us really had our hearts into this day. The original idea Joan had was to drive up to the Marsh Lake area, known as the Prairie Waters Region, rent a canoe and maybe do some paddling around some of the marshes and streams. She had read an interesting article about the area in our travel magazine and it appealed to her. One of the lakes in the area serves as a bird wildlife refuge. In fact it is, reportedly, the largest pelican rookery in North ... read more

Rainy Lake Visitor Center, Voyageurs National Park, International Falls, Minnesota Ranger-led programs are some of the most important things to participate in when you go to a National Park. They operate on a schedule and, sometimes their schedule doesn’t dovetail with yours, but whenever possible, take advantage of their programs. Even in this day and age, Rangers maintain an infectious level of enthusiasm which helps animate their message. Plus they simply know so much, because they have the opportunity to read and study a particular park full time - something us casual visitors can only hope for on a four or five day visit. In some places, it can become your only way to see the park, as at Voyageurs. If you don’t have a boat of your own, and maybe aren’t interested in renting one ... read more

Ketogama Visitor Center, Voyageurs National Park As I’ve said a couple of times about Voyageurs, without a boat, you are sort of up the creek without a paddle - or a boat, or even maybe not on the creek at all! As a ranger pointed out, you can rent boats from private companies, but if you add in camping equipment, provisions, and maybe a guide, it is going to get expensive. So for most of us, the only way to see this park is by taking advantage of what the park service offers. They have several programs that include both larger tour boat cruises and smaller canoe-based experiences. We’ve taken advantage of both kinds in this park and have enjoyed them immensely. (Warning, though, they fill up quickly, so sign up for these things before you ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Marshall July 24th 2018

Camden State Park, Lynd, Minnesota We broke camp yesterday morning and drove around 380 miles southwest to this State Park in southwestern Minnesota. Our original plan had us spending a couple nights in St. Cloud, but we canceled that stop to add time to our Voyageurs stay. We both think that was a good idea, although it would have been better if we could have been at a better campground - we aren’t very happy with Arnold’s and Joan gave it a pretty poor review. But you don’t know these things when you make early reservations, and there really weren’t too many options available up here anyway. We are now done with Voyageurs and although it was a long drive, we managed it OK. We picked up US 71 right in International Falls and just followed ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Faribault July 20th 2018

We pulled out of camp at 9:30 (after posting last night’s blog up next to the office where they actually had a signal!!) into a gray and cool morning. Happily the longer the day went on, the more sunshine we had and we finally had a very nice afternoon with blue skies. The afternoon temps are starting to be a title warmer every day...REALLY looking forward to the heat and humidity at home?? Our first stop was to take on fuel and then we headed to downtown Minneapolis for our own planned tour of the city thanks to Steve B, Tim D, and Jane and Marv’s suggestions. Thank you, we think! We drove by the Target Center where the Minnesota Twins play. It is right in the downtown area. Parking must be a nightmare. From there ... read more
Target Field
Target Field
Winter “walk overs” in downtown Minneapolis

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