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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 22nd 2014

This was a really tough week! It was the first full week with the kids and the camp was almost full. I had a group of 11-14 year old girls so it was very different from last week where the girls were 8-9. One of the girls arrived a day late which made it hard for all of us as we had gotten to know each other well in that first day. She was also the oldest in the cabin and had a rough upbringing so was a negative influence on the other girls and she didn't really want to be at camp. This week I took arts and crafts in the mornings and swimming in the afternoons. They were awesome activities to take and such fun! we have a giant inflatable trampoline in the lake ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 13th 2014

The first set of kids arrived today! They call it a sampler week as the kids are only here until Wednesday and a traditional camp goes to Friday. Each counsellor gets paired up with another counsellor and we sleep in the same cabins as the kids. I got paired up with Hannah and Ellyn and we were with 7 girls aged between 8-11. We were put in a cabin called Blackfoot (number 13) and is apparently haunted but we didn't seen anything. The girls were mostly well behaved. We woke up every morning at 6.15 to get ourselves ready and then wake the kids at 6.30 so they can get ready. We then went for a run and jumped in the lake each morning before breakfast which is served at 8am. I ran and jumped in ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 12th 2014

Last night Emily had a house party which was super fun! After the kids left camp on Wednesday, Hannah and Morgan drove me to there houses where I showered and met there parents. Everyone is super nice! It was also so nice to have a proper shower in a house as opposed to the camp showers. We then went to Emily's for drinks and then crashed at Alex's house (AP). The next day Kara picked myself Kris and Khoa up from camp and picked Lauren up from her house and they took us around Minneapolis. We started at an art museum which was really nice. I'm not much of an art or museum person but it's good to see these things when travelling. We looked at a gorgeous cathedral and had a picnic at the outdoor ... read more
Staff on the doc
Waterfront doc
Myself and Morgan on the doc

The rest of the staff (other camp counsellors like myself) arrived on Friday and it was nice to be at camp with other people who hadn't been here before either. I got put in a different cabin with five other girls which I really liked because I wasn't so lonely at night anymore. Staff training started that week and we played a big game of four cones which we play every Sunday night when campers arrive. We then had a campfire and sang songs and did some skits. Steve from Australia arrived today and it reminded me of home a lot! Staff training week involved a whole bunch of team building/bonding activities. It made us all get to know each other really quick which is nice and also important as the first round of campers arrive ... read more
Group photo after four cones
Another group photo
Another staff photo

I arrived in Minneapolis today and was greeted by Josh Cobb and Kelley at the airport. It was nice to finally talk to people as I hasn't really spoken to anyone since leaving New Zealand. A helpful man sitting next to me on the plane helped me find the carousel and my luggage. Josh and Kelley drove me to camp which is situated just outside of a small town called Loretto. Once at camp, I met some of the support staff and then Josh gave me a cabin to sleep. I had a cabin all to myself for the first two days which was pretty scary because the camp is in the middle of woods and forest. The first two days were hard and I was homesick a lot especially at night, I think because I ... read more
Welcome to camp Ihduhapi
Got our flags up

North America » United States » Minnesota » Alexandria May 10th 2014

Spent our fourth night in Alexandria, Minnesota just west of the Twin Cities. Interesting fact is we all know St. Paul and Minneapolis as the twin cities but actually, there are many in this region. For example, the twin city to Green Bay is DePere and the twin city to Fargo is Mandan. They are all separated by large rivers. We managed to miss the tornados which hit Minnesota on Thursday, not my favorite part of the trip so far. Unfortunately, it is really hard to do any sightseeing while dodging the lightening and Bill trying to keep the car going straight with the high winds! Friday, the 9th was a much better day. Arrived in Fargo early in the morning, yah. Do you know that Fargo is still capitalizing on the movie. Everywhere you go ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 12th 2014

Five years ago, a lonely dog with no place to call home appeared in the front courtyard of my parents' new house in Phoenix, Arizona. They had just moved in a couple of months prior and everything in the house still carried that new home smell. The counters gleamed. The tile sparkled. The carpet was without blemish. And, suddenly, here was a homeless creature with perky ears and earnest eyes who was asking for a chance. They didn't know his background, where he had come from, what circumstances may have led to his current state of affairs. They quibbled over what to do, especially in light of his likely breed: a pit bull. Stray dogs were an epidemic in Phoenix, which was the likely reason for why the animal control officer never arrived. The dog was ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis February 8th 2014

It's finally happened. I've reached the age when all of my high school friends are engaged, married, have children, or are expecting. Every single one of them. I recently visited one of the old gang to meet her new daughter. Watching my friend with her baby was bizarre and yet completely normal at the same time. We're long past the point of being impressed with ourselves for being gainfully employed (although it is pretty fantastic that none of us are living with our parents in this tough economy). Being in a relationship is no longer a big topic of conversation; instead, we discuss wedding dresses, maternity clothes, engagement rings, and gift registries. Well, I should clarify--they discuss those things. I mainly listen and nod. I'm the odd one out. Still single, no prospects in sight. At ... read more
Monastery, Thailand
Marketplace, Vietnam
Venice, Italy

North America » United States » Minnesota » Bloomington October 24th 2013

This morning we continued our drive up the Mississippi River on the Great River Road. We stopped in Red Wing, Minnesota for a latte. It is the home of Red Wing Shoes which are still being made here. We crossed over to the Wisconsin side once more and stopped in the town of Prescott where the Saint Croix River flows into the Mississippi. You can see the distinction between the two rivers for some distance downstream of their confluence because the clear water of the Saint Croix doesn't immediately mix with the muddy Mississippi. ( I admit that this is a little difficult to discern in the photo, but trust me, it's true.) After that we drove into the Twin Cities, or more precisely, we drove to Bloomington. We wanted to see the Mall of America, ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Duluth October 10th 2013

The sun was just rising over Crooked Lake as we were leaving the house and the sky had beautiful red colours and as we had a three hour journey a head of us we were on the road early. It was Fall and the trees were coloured along the highway making it a pretty journey. We were headed to Duluth on the shore of Lake Superior. Duluth is is a seaport city in the state of Minnesota and is the county seat of St Louis County. It's the fourth largest city in Minnesota and at the last census had a population of 86,265. Once we arrived at Duluth, Susan knew that I have a passion for lighthouses and suggested that go visit the lighthouse before we take a walk along waterfront in Duluth. Hence we bypassed ... read more
Civilian Conservation Corps Worker Statue
Middle Falls, Gooseberry Falls Park
Middle falls

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