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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 11th 2013

Two words, long day!!! After a 9 hour drive from Nashville to Chicago yesterday, with a pit stop in Hammond, IN at the Horseshoe Casino, Jess & I were ready to eat our Ghirardelli ice-cream and call it a day. We rose with the street sweepers to hail a taxi to taste churros, a Mexican delicacy, at XOCO. Our next stop was a swift 1.5 mile walk to the Bob Newhart statue. What we found was hundreds of sailboats and a ferris wheel at Navy Pier!! After a 30 min search, no Newhart statue was in site! Jess asked a local if he could point us in the right direction, which he in turn replied with “there ain’t no Bob Newhart statue in Chicago. If you find one, let me know”. Sad, but not defeated, Jess ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul August 6th 2013

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA On Saturday, I arrived at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport as scheduled after a smooth flight from Sarasota. My cousin Phil picked me up and took me to his very nice home in West St. Paul where I met his beautiful wife Joanna and his son Steve. They have kindly made their home my home for my four day stay. My cousin and I went to a nice Italian restaurant for a pizza lunch. It was unseasonably cool and drizzling, but we didn’t melt. In appreciation of their hospitality, I took them to dinner at the St. Paul Grill in the St. Paul Hotel. My friends from the London trans Atlantic cruise recommended it highly and their advice was perfect. It was my hosts first time at the Grill for dinner and they enjoyed ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 3rd 2013

Hallo alle miteinander, hier kommt meine nächste Geschichte. Vorab, mir geht es weiterhin gut in den Vereinigten Staaten. So langsam beginne ich ersteinmal zu begreifen, dass ich nicht in Europa bin. Es sieht zwar alles absolut nach Amerika aus, aber der Gedanke, ein Jahr weg zu sein und sich momentan auf einem anderen Kontinent zu befinden, wollte sich in meinem Kopf bisher nicht so ganz setzen. Jetzt hat er zumindest schon mal an einer Stelle angedockt, flattert aber noch ein wenig. Einer der deutlichsten Gründe, warum dieser Gedanke jetzt zumindest nicht mehr wild in meinem Kopf umherschwirrt ist, dass sich mein Englisch DEUTLICH verbessert hat, ich das selbst merke und ich auch immer wieder mehr oder weniger subtil von anderen darauf aufmerksam gemacht werde. Ganz besonders war es so in Minneapolis, wo ich - um es ... read more
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North America » United States » Minnesota » Winona August 2nd 2013

Well, I am back in the US, and have been for over 2 weeks. That seems absolutely crazy, boy does time fly! Despite not having a job, I have managed to keep pretty busy, spending some time at Moon Beach, in Decorah, and in Rice Lake. I have loved having the chance just to spend time with so many awesome people who I have not seen in so long. Everyone has been so welcoming. The title of this blog is home sweet home, but even though I feel back at home, I also feel in many ways that I have left one. Chile for me was much more than a vacation or even a trip, though I may have called it such. It was a small but invaluable part of my life. Though the adjustment has ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota August 1st 2013

Although the photo might look like Asia, we are actually still in Minnesota and this is the two of us preparing for a lot if walking over the next month. My first pedicure. And possibly my last!... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota July 29th 2013

Just four days remain until we leave. Our bags are not even close to being packed and the list of things we have to do before we leave is getting longer every day. Not a good sign! Nonetheless, excitement is really building for our big adventure. When asked yesterday what one thing we're most looking forward to, Nick's answer was the day with elephants in Chiang Mai, Sand's answer was the Asian food (and the looooong 20,000+ miles of flights!), Ben said the fancy electric toilets of Tokyo and Carys is keen to see monkeys in Bali! We have a broad mix of things planned, so hopefully something for everyone. I suspect we're going to need another holiday to get over this one.... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Bemidji July 23rd 2013

What a beautiful morning again! We have been so lucky with the weather - 70s and sunny here in Minneapolis. We haven't been so lucky with Jon's bug bites. He's really had a bad reaction from the mosquitos and we suspect people are starting to avoid us on the street because of his aggravated festering scabby spots. Well, its not actually that bad but the first stop today was the pharmacy for some more ointment. Before heading out of town, we stopped by the Sculpture Gardens for a wander around. It's a bit of a strange place being surrounded by highways into the city. Our two favourite sculptures were the spoon and the mirrors. We actually managed to become one person in those mirrors with Jon's head on my body. A truly horrifying look. We zipped ... read more
"My dirty husband" or "Playing with Perspective"
Lunch. Yum.
Driving along

What a gorgeous morning in Madison. After an evening of thunder and lightning, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining. We got to chatting with Rodney over breakfast (James, this was a continental breakfast of mixed berries, yogurt, granola accompanied by some delicious freshly baked pastries and bagels). Rodney set us up with two bicycles and directions to Picnic Point on Lake Mendota. Who knew Jon was such a fitness god. He was the boss of that bike! It was such a nice ride and such a beautiful place we had capture the moment and snap some photos with the Dress. Rodney was a good sport and even ran to get some local amateur photographer who generally wanders around town taking pics to come along and snap a few of us. Lord knows what ... read more
Picnic Point
Our big break in Madison
The Land of Cheese and Porn

North America » United States » Minnesota » Duluth July 15th 2013

Day 11 - July 7, 2013 After a solid night’s sleep, Palmer greeted us with a fresh breakfast and a sunny day. We packed up and said our goodbyes only to see two ladies walking in the middle of the street. It was Aunt Gladys and her lifelong best friend Laura Mae. They were walking to church. We had to stop for a few hugs and pictures before we left the sleepy, remote hamlet of Enderlin. We headed east and crossed into Minnesota. The road we had intended to take was gravel, so a new plan was formed. We meandered through the countryside on small, but paved, highways. We stayed mostly on Rt. 108 along the lakes. We stopped in Pelican Rapids to visit one of my childhood memories. After all, ... read more
Laura Mae, Jill, and Aunt Gladys
Enderlin, ND
Worlds Largest Pelican

North America » United States » Minnesota July 10th 2013

Well this trip is still in its Infant days, but we are about to learn how to Walk; by making the crossing of the Atlantic ocean. London, UK is the first stop in my journey. It will be the furthest I have ever been away from the City of trees(Boise). Im not quite sure how I feel about that yet. Im a man on a mission to find myself and break down the walls that society and Myself have put up. When we flew out of Boise (a flight I have made many times) I could not help but feel different as I watched things I know fade away as the plane made its major turn in direction to the East. I recognized West Jr High, Southeast Boise, Vista ave, and even my own Neighborhood! I ... read more
Idaho wilderness
Twin Clouds

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