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North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 19th 2022

Travel day form Nashville to home via Louisville. We slept in today. Did not get up until 0830, which for a dairy farmer is sleeping until after the normal second breakfast. Usually there is a breakfast snack before milking and another breakfast after milking. Leo had a walk to the park and then we loaded up the truck. We departed Nashville into a cool cloudy day. We drove for just a bit and then had a quick stop for breakfast. Our first stop of the day was in Louisville at the Evan Williams. Took a look around and Pete picked out a couple of specialty selections of whiskey that are not available at a regular store. We decided we should check out the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory next. It is only a few blocks down ... read more
Christian Yelich Bat
Louisville Slugger Batmobile
Kasie at Louisville Slugger Museum with Babe Ruth

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 20th 2021

We left our Knoxville headquarters today on a very cool and cloudy day. We got everything packed in the car and headed out for the drive home. We stopped for lunch at Sriracha's choice of restaurant "the Chick-fil-A". She won the honor of picking our lunch stop by "picking up the most dog poo" in the yard at our Knoxville headquarters before we left. Yup. Kids will do anything for the right motivation! Our second stop was in Louisville. Leo wanted to take another walk and Pedro wanted to visit the Evan WIlliams Bourbon Experience in downtown Louisville. No samples today, but we did get a bottle to take home. The last stop was for some Chicago deep dish and another walk for Leo. It was a good time to relax and reflect on our latest ... read more
Leaving Knoxville Headquarters

Expanding our horizons to other forms of alcohol, here are some pearls of knowledge: Novel word alert: Bourbonism (noun): An obsession with the classic corn-based Kentucky whiskey. Louisville’s Bourbon District is marketing itself as the birthplace of Bourbonism and is pitching a post-quarantine walkable tasting tour of corn-based and rye spirits from seven distilleries (we’re planning a date with you, Angel’s Envy).TOP 5 BEST SELLING BOURBONS IN THE MARKET... read more
Kentucky Derby pair
Famous mint julep

Back in 2008, we finally got to attend the "most exciting two minutes in sports", the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is always run on the first Saturday in May, until this year. We finally arrived in Louisville around dinner time on Thursday. Our plane to Chicago from Denver was late due to de-icing, so we literally ran from the B concourse to the C. We were the last 2 on the plane, just as they were calling the standbys. We got to our hotel east of Louisville, had some dinner, and met up with the guy we bought the tickets from. He brought the tickets by, and invited us to his big pre-Derby beer party near the track. Anyway, really nice guy and his wife, along with 5 car loads ... read more
Uniquely Derby Day
A floral Derby hat
A feathery hat

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville July 9th 2019

The first thing that we had to get right was the pronunciation of Louisville. It is not as it is written but shortened somewhat to something that sounds like Lureville. It was great to be in a big buzzy city again although the architecture was similar to the small towns we have been in, just higher. We were berthed a long way out of town as there was a large music and food festival downtown so all the berths there were taken. And of course ours was a late booking. We heard there was a hotel that had contemporary art in it. It was easy to pick as there was a huge gold statue of David outside. Even larger than he is in Florence. Rows of large red penguins adorn the pediment above the door as ... read more
Unique Limo with glass beads
You too can have a giant animal
Photo of workers commuting

Hi, How much fun can two people have? We are finding out. Here's more from the Great American Road Trip. Today we had breakfast at our famous hotel, the Jailhouse Inn, in Bardstown, Kentucky. After breakfast, we got a tour of the facility. Turns out, this place was a jail since 1819. It was built with heavy limestone walls and looked impossible to break out. Only, once a couple of guys created a fake gun from soap and got away. We were lucky and just paid and left. We decided to make another unplanned stop on the way to Cincinnati. We drove up to Louisville to the Churchill Downs. Neither of us had been there before and decide to tour the facility. It did not eliminate the race from our bucket list at all. In fact, ... read more
Heaven Hill Heritage Center
Heaven Hill Heritage Center
Churchill Downs

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 22nd 2016

Geo: 38.2549, -85.7664 Weather: Clear and sunny 65 degrees. No rain. Hours: 7 Miles: 443 States: Ohio and Kentucky University of DaytonR estaurant: El Rancho Grande **** Hotel: Courtyard Louisville East Water Bottles: 8 Movies: Shawn the Sheep Car issues: Car shakes when braking. (Ok now. Hmm) We are on the road again. We have 7 hours and 443 miles under our tires. We picked up the kids from school Tuesday at the end of the day. We were hoping for another extra day off Wednesday for Cheerleading Championship win. We didn't get it on Wednesday this year. It is in April sometime. We needed to get on the road as early as possible so we took the chance. Though, I did forget to call Amy McCloud to tell her the kids were going to be ... read more
University of Dayton
El Rancho Grande

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville December 16th 2015

Geo: 38.2549, -85.7664A city like Louisville demands a visit when it is home to the self-proclaimed "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports", the self-proclaimed “Greatest” boxer in history, the self-proclaimed “Number 1 Finger Lickin' Good” fried chicken restaurant chain in the world, and the self-proclaimed “world famous” baseball bat maker. And while you might argue with the “greatest two minutes in sports” since it doesn't involve hockey, it would be difficult to dispute the others. First up for us was the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory.Legend has it that the son of a local woodworking shop owner slipped away from work one afternoon in 1884 to watch Louisville's major league team, the Louisville Eclipse. The team's star, Pete "The Gladiator" Browning, mired in a hitting slump, broke his bat. The... read more
Colonel Sanders Is A "Top Chef"?
Louisville Slugger Walk Of Fame
Louisville Slugger Walk Of Fame

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville May 12th 2015

Following a six-night stay (I truly am losing it!) at T. O. Fuller State Park in Memphis TN, I packed up the Pilgrim and began humming my Willie Nelson anthem. I initially had planned a two-week stop in the Louisville KY area to accommodate the attractions plus the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) activities – most notably The Great Steamboat Race. With one aunt and three cousins also to visit in the area, I knew I would have an action-packed two weeks. When I saw the large number of interesting attractions and then learned that Add-More Campground in Clarksville IN, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, has only daily and monthly rates (I learned that was to discourage gypsies), I decided to pay for the entire month and to add a third week to my stay. ... read more
What Else Would Adorn Louisville Streets But Horses
How Do You Say Louisville???
Many Old, Abandoned Commercial Structures In The Inner City Are Being/Have Been Repurposed Instead Of Demolished

I was Googling a steamboat excursion on the Mississippi River, perhaps Memphis to Saint Louis and back, when I happened upon a steamboat race. Now, this is the kind of unique event that finds its way right onto Uncle Larry’s “A List!” Further examination revealed the Belle of Louisville annually races the Belle of Cincinnati on the Ohio River. It’s not an excursion but an evening trip of a few hours. That works for me! Further research revealed there is a horse race the Saturday following the steamboat race – the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) began, believe it or not, on January 15, 2015 with the Norton Sports Health Training Program. The program was a 14-week conditioning program to ready contestants for the KDF Marathon and miniMarathon. Whew! What a relief to learn ... read more
The Local TV Stations Did Several Live Broadcasts During Their Morning News Programs
The Launch Site Is Very Spacious
There Was A Small Crowd On A Workday Afternoon

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