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North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz August 15th 2020

Remember when John Belushi called, "Road trip, road trip!" in Animal House? Freedom of the road calls, louder than ever: According to a AAA forecast from late June, Americans will take 683 million road trips between July 1 and Sept. 30. The number is down 3 percent from the previous year, a fraction of the nearly 75 percent decline the association projected for air travel. For once, there might be some rules to follow: AAA says: Check state government websites, such as the ones run by their health departments and tourism offices. The states have created covid-19-specific pages that include rules about quarantining and masks, plus details about their reopening plans. North Carolina’s tourism office, for instance, has links to destinations with restrictions, such as... read more
Some vacation!
Love those road trips.

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz August 15th 2016

Santa Cruz can be chilly in the summer. Our first day was going to be the warmest day so we decided to go to the beach. We had lunch first at Tacos Moreno, 1053 Water Street, Santa Cruz. This is a small local spot and there was a line out the door but it moved quickly. Despite it's name the place is known for their burritos. We bought beer at the gas station across the street and headed to Seabright Beach. There is no parking but we found street parking nearby. This is not a great beach if you have children because the beach drops off. The beach has a bathroom but no other amenities. We enjoyed our lunch, read, napped and our adult kids and girlfriends enjoyed the cold water. Mark and I walked 1.7 ... read more
Wilder Ranch
Rustic Ales
Henry Cowell Redwoods

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 25th 2016

Geo: 36.974, -122.031We woke again to another chill morning the next day. It was cooling off day by day, and it wasn't going to be nearly as hot today as that first day had been. We cooked our breakfast burritos again, did the dishes and then began packing up camp. By 10am, we were out of our campsite and headed down the mountain to Santa Cruz.We stopped Downtown to get some Verve coffee, one of our "must always stop" places in Santa Cruz. Then walked down a few shops to the bookstore, one of my favorite bookstores in area. As much as I love to cheaply by books off, there's something about non-chain bookstores that I absolutely fall in love with. I wanted to hunt down some more books because I was seriously about to ... read more
Rocking out at Santa Cruz Bookshop
Chillin at the Beach

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 12th 2016

Geo: 36.974, -122.031Today was pretty much a rest from traveling day. We stayed a 2nd night at the hostel in Santa Cruz and had no real plans for the day. Alex slept in a while I wondered down to the waterfront. As I sipped a coffee I scored from a local deli, i heard the bark of what reminded me of a seal at one of those Sea World shows. I immediately headed out to the pier towards the sound. I quickly found the noisemaker, a sea lion hanging out on a floating dock with a buddy. After watching in amusement for a little while, I headed back towards our hostel stopping to watch the locals arriving at the volleyball courts for some early morning practice. Being a relaxing day, I decided i would try to ... read more
Play time
Artichoke Capitol of the US

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 11th 2016

Geo: 36.974, -122.031Today I am going to give myself a bit of a break from the blogging and keep this one short. It is probably a good day to do that anyway, since it is really hard to describe in words, at least for me, the beauty of nature and each perception of what is being seen. Leaving San Francisco, we headed South on the famous Highway 1 down the coast of California. We really did not have much of a plan at this point. Leaving the city, we soon started seeing the beauty of the coast. Large cliffs dropping from the roadside for hundreds of feet to the sea below. Hidden beaches cloaked with rocks, only visible once you stopped and hiked down. Surfers, boogie boarders, kite surfers, and windsurfers all enjoying the big waves. ... read more
The lighthouse
Elephant Seals
Another Beach

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz August 27th 2015

La Highway 1 est un classique aux Etats-Unis ! Cette route suit le littoral entre San Francisco et Los Angeles, et offre des paysages sublimes. Au départ de San Francisco, on longe de belles plages californiennes. Plusieurs spots de surf y sont très réputés. Plus loin, la route parcourt de hautes falaises qui surplombent la mer. Le panorama est saisissant. Il est difficile de ne pas s'arrêter tous les quarts d'heure pour admirer la vue. D'ailleurs de nombreuses publicités de voiture sont tournées à cet endroit. Du haut des falaises, nous avons pu observer des baleines et des otaries qui s'approchaient des côtes. C'est une zone encore sauvage où la nature a tous ses droits ; et où l'homme n'a pas (encore) bétonné les côtes. Beau souvenir de la Californie. * QUELQUES PHOTOS SUIVENT PLUS BAS ... read more
La route monte brusquement de hautes falaises
Santa Cruz, station balnéaire très connue...
... et son petit parc d'attraction en bord de mer

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz February 5th 2015

Day 4: Our plans for the 4th day are split between Santa Cruz and San Jose. We have neither been to either of these places before so excited to explore! Santa Cruz: We have been reliably advised to explore the Santa Cruz mountains as much as possible when we're in the region and from what I've read this is quite a popular tourist thing to do! However, if that isn't your thing there seems to be plenty of other interesting and fun activities. > Natural Bridges State Park looks like a great place to get lost for a little while and definitely something on our list > Wharf > Boardwalk > The Giant Dipper - a wooden roller coaster located at the boardwalk at the beach > Mystery Spot > Big Basin Redwoods > West Cliff ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz December 11th 2014

Rained on arrival and pretty much remained rainy throughout our stay in Santa Cruz. On the last day we finally got to explore and saw that Santa Cruz seems to be a relaxed and friendly town of surfers and strollers in their 30s and 40s. We were told this was the "Silicon Valley money" so house prices were high. Lots of dogs being walked along the promenades along the coast after two days of rain. best part was the redwood forest just north of town... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz September 14th 2014

13 septembre : Butano State Park - New Brighton State Beach Départ du camping Ben Ides vers 8:45. La journée commence avec un horaire serré à la toilette et deux miles de gravel (route en réparation) jusqu'à la 1. Une heure trente plus tard, on prend la 1 qui a aussi besoin de réparation et juste au coin, nous arrivons plus tôt que nous pensions à la Hiway 1 Micro Brewery. Et si nous attendions l'ouverture (30 minutes) !!!! Nous faisons le ravitaillement et dînons. À notre surprise, nous n'étions pas les premiers clients. Ils servaient aussi des dîners. Nous goûtons 7 de leurs bières (2$/petit verre). Nous avons eu des préférences, mais rien d'extraordinaire. Néanmoins bel arrêt. Nous reprenons la route et l'asphalte devient neuve un mile plus loin… et cela jusqu'à la frontière avec ... read more
Guys that host us un New Brighton SB

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz August 11th 2014

We are heading Santa Cruz beach. Justin wants to do some surfing and maybe the rest of us will try some swimming.... read more
An amusement park on the beach?
We finally see seals.
OK guys, another picture

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