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North America » United States » California » Monterey October 23rd 2008

Kathy is back on her exercise kick….I am trying to keep up. She had me walk to our lunch spot, which, by the way ,was delicious. We ate at Fisherman’s Grotto on the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and recommend this for anyone in the area. On our loooonnnng walk to the restaurant, we strolled through the Coast Guard pier. Y’all can’t believe how close we got to the sea lions, have we mentioned that it is mating season for them? They are “hollering” all night like cats do……Anyway they were resting up today after their adventurous night and we loved looking at them. Kathy did snap some pictures before the battery died. Shout out to Tony….your mom had “flat tire” for lunch. As Kathy did her family duty at the hospital today, I went to the fabulous ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 22nd 2008

Tuesday day 7 I will go backwards. First and most important, Wayne, Kathy’s brother has come through his open heart surgery with flying colors. So…we consider that the biggest gift of the whole trip. He is still in ICU but expected to go to a regular room tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers. Sunday night: Wayne greets us at the Monterey Bay Inn and introduces us to the staff here. They are all very welcoming and we feel so special, especially as we see our fabulous room that he has booked. It is decorated beautifully, lush bed with down comforter, pillows, and wave sound machine that comes on automatically. It took us until the second day to figure out the ocean sounds weren’t coming from outside. Now most importantly, we have a huge closet, huge bathroom ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey September 22nd 2008

Up early this morning and on the road towards Monterey. Took a rather long detour up to Glacier Point within the National Park and HOLY COW - What a view! From being way down in the valley looking up at all the granite mountains around us, to being on top of the world looking down on the toy village below. Phenomenal! Not for those of us who suffer vertigo - incredible sheer drops of thousands of feet from the lookout to the valley floor. We could also see thru the telescope from up there, to the insanely stupid people standing on top of Half Dome - looking over the edge of that monstrosity without the benefit of a baracade. Back down we drive and then around the hills to the Maroposa Grove - a bunch of ... read more
Half Dome
Get away from the Edge!!

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 29th 2008

Hello folks, Rich here. After the amazing drive up Pacific Coast Highway 1, our next stop was Monterey. The city is located at the top of a peninsula that sticks out into the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its fishing history and by being immortalized by John Steinbeck's Cannery Row. We were staying four blocks from Fisherman's Wharf at the Sand Dollar Inn. This was the place that we had decided to save a few bucks on the rate during our planning. We were not disappointed as we were checked into a room that was already occupied. Also, the hotel had no A/C. The clerk said that 90% of Monterey is unaircondtioned because of its year round temperant climate. Whatever. We just opened all the windows and listened to the sea lions bark out territorial ... read more
monterey 009
monterey 032
monterey 074

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 22nd 2008

Monterey Bay and Pigeon Point Lighthouse: We left San Simeon beach with high hopes of making it to Monterey early enough so that we might be able to spend some time at the aquarium. We were, however, waylaid not five miles north of our campsite where there was a sea lion viewing point. We weren't going to stop, but a bunch of people were there and as I had never seen sea lions before, we decided to pull over and see what we could. At first we were disappointed and couldn't see anything. I got the bright idea to pull out the binoculars that have served us so well along the rest of this trip, and scan the beach. Immediately, the inconspicuous lumps formed themselves into slumbering sea lions. There were a bunch of them just ... read more
Beach drive
Beach drive
Beach drive

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 17th 2008

Sunday 17th August After travelling as far as King City, and with Gra getting stopped for speeding!!, we decided to call it a night. We woke up early, not only to get out of the dodgy motel, but also to get into Monterary. As it felt like we had spend forever in the car, so we hired bikes to do the scenic 17 mile drive around Monteray. This worked out really well because it was a great way to see the sights of the town, and the lovely coastline, while getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. We passed numerous coastal golf courses, and one of them was hosting a car exhibition. As it was on the cycle route, we took time out to view many impressive old and new cars of various make and model. ... read more
A rock for each seal
More seals on rocks
deers fighting on the golf course

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 10th 2008

A whale watching tour seemed ideal for our trip. I've always wanted to see whales. In fact, I've been on several short whale tours but with no sightings. The one at Monterey that lasts five hours and guarantees a whale sighting (or they'll give you a raincheck) seemed like to place to be. So, at 8am this morning, that's where my husband, Andrew, and I were. They offered dramamine at the gift shop. My last experience with dramamine left me passed out for two and a half days, so I decided to skip it. In my mind, a few hours of seasickness was better than a few days of not being able to keep my eyes open. I wish I knew then how wrong I really was. The tour was bitter, bitter cold. I'm guessing 40 ... read more
Donuts on the Wharf
A Local
Fishing Boats

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 9th 2008

Last night, Andrew and I huddled by the bonfire and watched the sun set over the Pacific. The beaches of San Simeon are stunning, and (as we learned this morning) a popular hangout for dolphins, seagulls and pelicans. I'll post the sunset photos in yesterday's post, since they were taken yesterday at San Simeon. We hit the road early (8am) and drove the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) to Monterey. We stopped again to see the elephant seals. They were a bit more active this morning, hollaring and shuffling around. After a few minutes, we climbed back into the convertible to enjoy the scenery. We probably drove one more mile when I looked east into the valley and saw... ...zebras. Exactly. I turned to Andrew and told him there were zebras in the valley. Both ... read more
Dolphins Swimming Near Shore
The Elephant Seals Awaken

North America » United States » California » Monterey July 28th 2008

It was not hard to get ready for another fun trip even though we just got back from Hawaii. We shared with everyone our engagement news and we were both getting calls and e-mails to congratulate us. As the weekend approached, we packed up again for our next destination - Pebble Beach. I had to make an important stop first ... at my local pro shop to pick up a new Titleist driver. Brent, Martin and I prepared this trip about a year ago and it started out as the boys' golf trip. Somewhere along the line, we changed it to a couples' outing to Pebble Beach. And I supported that decision 110%. We had a nice quick flight to Monterey and we were picked up by a van from The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Great ... read more
Great friends together
Ready to tee off
View of Number 6

North America » United States » California » Monterey July 28th 2008

So quite a lot going on since my last update. The day we spent in Yellowstone park we hiked up a mountain which was a tiring just over 4 mile round trip but we saw wolves playing a few metres away which was amazing. Then we went to see some natural geysers and then went for a swim in the Hot Springs which was an experience. The next day we went to Old Faithful, a geyser which erupts hourly (wow) before heading to Jackson Hole driving through the Grand Teton national park on the way (i think I slept the entire journey and missed it all!). Jackson however was amazing! It was like Cody but bigger and at 6 there was a shoot out in the town square with some rather nice cowboys! The next stop ... read more

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