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North America » United States » California » Monterey March 11th 2007

Now we are headed south down California 1 - the Coastal Highway - and have stopped at Monterey. Last night we went to the liveliest bar in town - it was the English pub - but we met some friendly locals. This morning we visited the huge aquarium with sharks and 300 lb tuna and 1500lb sun fish. But our best memories are the sea lions and the really cute sea otters at Fisherman’s Warf.... read more
The sea otter in the harbour casually breaking open shellfish on his tummy with a rock
One of the big Calafornia Sea Lions in the bay

North America » United States » California » Monterey February 1st 2007

After being at Pt. Lobos for only a short period of time, one quickly realizes the beauty and character of this place is found nowhere else on earth. Endemic species abound in California, and Pt. Lobos is no exception. Like a microcosm of the unique character that comprises the California Floristic Province, this biological hotspot is teeming with diversity. Speckeled Granite cliffs inhabited by Cormorants; Lichens that cover the conifer forest like icing; Harbor Seals swimming through a kelp forest. We find three keystone species here that are cherished throughout the world- The Monterey Pine, Southern Sea Otter and Monterey Cypress. Lets start with the Monterey Pine, Pinus radiata. What could possibly make this pine stand out over all the others 115 species of Pine? After all, there is a lot of competition: The 4000 year ... read more
Rainbow over Carmel Beach
Harbor Seals Resting on the Rocks
The Most Beautiful Meeting of Land and Sea?

North America » United States » California » Monterey January 14th 2007

I just got back from 4 days off. They were great days off, but that last one was one of those where you realize at 10pm that you are still in your pajama pants and haven't gone outside......I got a lot done, just never left the house. I opened the door just so I could say I SAW outside. Needless to say, my brain was a bit fuzzy when I got to work. You know how I could tell? I had trouble counting to 50.....not normally a major deal, but I am flying on a 50-seat airplane and one of my first responsibilities before we can takeoff is to count the passengers. When you fly, do us all a favor and stay out of the bathroom until you are in the air!! The thing I hate ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 30th 2006

One never has a bad day in Monterey Bay.... read more
Ocean Beach sunset
Going going gone

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 22nd 2006

We drown south on the Pacific Coast Highway and the scenes were super. Monterey is a neat little town so we biked around and visited some historic spots. On the way to Big Sur we took the drive around Pebble Beach Golf Course and just enjoyed in the ocean views. For some reason the ocean just mesmerizes me... read more
Monterey Drive
Nice little home on the beach!
You can almost hear those waves crashing

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 13th 2006

Next it was the bit I was really looking forward to, the drive down the Pacific Highway from San Francisco to San Diego. We went to drop off the Purple Milk Van at Sacramento Airport and ended up keeping it!! It looks like a stunted Hurst, but it only had 16 miles on the clock when we picked it up and we had sort of got used to it. The only change that happened was Jo being put on as an additional driver…… : s The first stop was going to be somewhere along Monteray Bay, which goes from Santa Cruz to Monteray itself. It was a long drive from Tahoe and being a bit tied, the busy San Fran traffic resulted in us hitting the Monteray Bay area half way down instead of at the ... read more
Jo's new wheels
Aussie Firefly
Curtis P45

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 25th 2006

As soon as we got out of the car in Monterey we got a temperature shock! The temperature had dropped a good 25-30 F. It was about 50F or 15C. We had to go to a store and buy a fleece jacket each. Monterey is a quaint fishing town. We had a lot of fun walking around and sightseeing there. It used to be one of the biggest sardine canning towns 60 years ago until the sardines were depleted...... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey July 29th 2006

Hello Children of the Corn!!!! (and anyone else who may be reading this blog) well... First of all, we've added tons of Pictures to the Blog. I highly recomed opening up the entry "Bali Bali Oh My!!!" for fabulous pics from Indo... However, the pictures start in our last Thailand entry and those aren't too shabby either!.... I know we're missing a few entries-worth of pictures, but they're currently in the mail somewhere between here and Australia, so we'll put those on the Blog when we can :-) Benji and I are doing great. We've been in California for almost a month now...time flys!!! We spent a week or so at my parents house in the OC before cruzin' up north to Monterey... our old stomping ground. Benji when to the channel Islands on a camping ... read more
Hiking at Point Lobos
Abby's 25th in San Francisco
Julia and Mackey in the river

North America » United States » California » Monterey June 30th 2006

Yesterday we traveled from San Luis Obispo to Monterrey along the Big Sur route. Traveling with us was Simon Laufer of Heidelberg, a Lutheran theology student whom we met in San Luis. Highlights included Morro Rock, Hearst Castle, the redwoods and the waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer State Park. Today, before leaving the hostel on Hawthorne Street in Monterrey, we had an interesting chat with an ethnic German from Temesvar in the Rumanian Banat region. He is studing medical technology in Zuerich, but is now travelling on holiday to visit his aunt in Sacramento. We exchanged some pessimistic observations on the European Union's style of governance. Meanwhile, Simon had headed out to a local bar to catch the World Cup. We made some flapjacks, along with a hippy family from Nevada City, CA. Then the kids and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey June 11th 2006

The first weekend after we arrived here, me and Svein decided to go diving in Monterey. After getting the equipment together, we headed off to Monterey. This was my first dive with the new P-Valve installed, but I decided not to test it, but rather check if it was waterproof. Armin(local guy), had given us a few alternatives, he suggested we do the Coast Guard Pier first and then find something else, for instance the Mertridium field. It wasn't to hard to find the Coast Guard Pier, as there were approximately a million divers there. Finding a parking lot was much harder. Well, we finally found one, and started to rig our equipment. I went in to the water first, Svein came a few minutes later. Diving conditions were good, except for the crowd. We soon ... read more
Coast Guard Pier
Lovers Point

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