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North America » United States » California » Monterey December 8th 2008

We've finally managed to swim out of our sea of boxes, paper, and loads of useless junk that at some point we found necessary. We have a 2-car garage, although Ash's car would never have fit. For those of you that remember, my '06 Honda Civic BARELY fits into this garage. I've almost mastered the art of backing out of it slowly, but let's just say I'd need some strong coffee before going to work and attempting this. The layout's odd but like this: Main - Garage, Media Room/Bar area, entryway, Sunroom (Ash's study room), small backyard, bathroom 2nd - Bedrooms, bathrooms and balcony Top - Kitchen, Living Room and Dining room, another bathroom Place has 2 bedrooms, sunroom, media room, 2 full and 2 half baths. It's huge. But you know what - just because ... read more
Media Room

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 6th 2008

Limekiln State Park, campground. 06-11-2002. In that magic moment between sunset and total darkness a bobcat walked right by my campsite last night giving me a curious look before stretching his limps, preparing himself, no doubt, for the nighttime hunt. Now this is the sort of sight to cherish, the sort of thing I might never see again in this life. I mean where in burning hell and cloudy paradise is a Amsterdam city dweller like me ever gonna see a bobcat again. Can't even remember ever having seen one of his species in a zoo. Only on TV. I consider it a real prize, a reward from Mother Nature, Lord Buddha and Lady Fortuna - some of the devine powers of this earth I've dedicated my life too - for my hard work on the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 5th 2008

San Simeon State Park, Campground, 05-11-2002. Coming back from my little day excursion to Cayucos late afternoon yesterday, I found "my owl" gone from his usual roosting spot in the cypress tree behind my tent. With this big winged predator out of the way, smaller birds had become bold invading the campground in huge swarms. They were the size of a black bird though more slender and with intence yellow eyes that kept a wary look on me while checking out the wooden camping tables for bread crumbs. Their feathers a shiny black. Even the numerous ground squirrels had become bolder running across the campground frantically. I left the campground early this morning, my old tent and unwashed sleeping bag tied to the back of my steel lady. Actually my bicycle is becoming a bit of ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 30th 2008

Morro Bay, Morro Strand State Beach, Campground. 01-11-2002. Morro Bay's Embarcadero despite its bling-bling facade, is bustling with activity. Fish and chips restaurants abound, displaying the day's catch from the many fishing boats on tables outside reminding me off my empty belly. The crews of small boats are busy unloading plastic crates full with crabs, cod, salmon and lobster, shell fish and even small sharks. My appetite is growing by the minute. Local buyers check out the day's catch haggling over prices with fishing boats crews. Allthough I'm ravenously hungry after my day on the bike, I'm not yet ready for food. I wanna check out this weirdly shaped big mass of stone and rock called Morro's Rock right at the end of the embarcadero. In the last rays of a setting sun I see peregrine ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 28th 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! The last leg of our route consisted of Pacific Coast Highway and entering the Monterey Bay area. Nothing like seeing miles of campers lined up against PCH and not having a boring moment; I-95 don't have nothing on PCH! We had our first family Thanksgiving in Monterey and although we aren't situated in our new home yet, we had an excellent turkey buffet dinner at a great restaurant downtown. Sitting outside in 60 degree weather, sipping on cranberry champagne and relaxing by an outside fire pit was what turned out to be an excellent day. We've been driving around, having fun and getting lost and picking up household items along the way. I did brave the crowd at Old Navy to get the pair of jeans for $14.25, and we found the barstools that ... read more
Lover's Point

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 26th 2008

Ik vrees dat dit de laatste entry wordt in deze Travelblog. Heel spijtig want dat betekent dat we al weer rond zijn. Ondanks het min of meer miezerige weer (nog altijd maar wat motregen en dichtere mist in de bergen) beginnen we de laatste rit, naar een hotel in S.F. vlak bij de luchthaven (ik hoor de vliegtuigen hier passeren terwijl ik dit tik). Onerweg houden we nog enkele vermeldenswaardige haltes: Salmon Creek, Elephant Seal Beach en Monterey bay. Salmon creek in een inham tussen de rotsen langs de kust, een mini-fjord of canyon als je wil. We gaan in de vrije natuur op zoek naar de waterval aan de oorsprong van het riviertje en proberen de schoonste lapjes op foto vast te leggen. Daarna rijden we door en onderweg zien we een bord naar Elephant ... read more
Kleinere koe
Salmon Creek

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 25th 2008

Millerton Lake, 29-10-2002. I've breakfast in the restaurant of the Wawona Hotel which is near the campground. The hotel is elegance all over, a Victorian dining room in bright colors, a covered porch with old-fashioned deck chairs and the grounds surrounding the hotel are well taken care of with short cut bright green grass full ground squirrels and small birds. I'm in the company of a middle-age couple from Baltimore who are on their pension and discovering their own country with the inevitable mobile home. I'm not really surprised they insist on paying my bill. If I ever publish these travel stories in some unfathomable future I should dedicate them to all the people who have payed my beers, invited me for dinner, who encourage me from the open windows of passing cars, to all the ... read more
Road Runner

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 22nd 2008

It was an extraordinary trip to Monterey, California for I went to attend an ocean side wedding of my brother, Vance. He is physician assistant at Turlock, California where he met her bride and now his sweet wife, Alise. I didn't expect Monterey to be a sightly, ocean side locus. Coming from a 3 hour trip from Santa Rosa where my mom now lived, I was greeted with a view of the peninsula, its beach, the coast and the fresh scent of sea air. Excited, I immediately left my luggage at our hotel room at Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa. The wedding was scheduled at 2pm and I wasn't yet prepared! I walked two blocks from the hotel and was glad to see a salon where I had my hair made up. It was a lovely ... read more
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 11th 2008

So Vegas then.. What a crazy place! New York is known as the city that never sleeps. . . Vegas is the city that only sleeps during the day! The place only starts to get going at midnight at the earliest + they do breakfast up to 10 at night most places.. some with 24 hour breakfasts! Lunacy. A place unlike any other we've seen so far. Between $1 Margaritas (for Gareth) and $2 beers (for Lynsey), you could still go drinking on the cheap if you want to without gambling your years budget away for free drinks in the casino. The strip is so frickin long we wore ourselves out walking the length of it! And to make it worse we did it again.. and again DESPITE a bus that ran from our motel down ... read more
Copy (2) of Las Vegas Oct 31 to Nov 4 024
Copy (2) of Las Vegas Oct 31 to Nov 4 027
Copy (2) of Las Vegas Oct 31 to Nov 4 029

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 25th 2008

Well first things first, Wayne has left ICU and has his own room so we will leave first thing in the morning, (Sat). Kathy wanted to make sure he was stable before leaving. Carmel was just wonderful. You cannot believe all of the beautiful plantings, pots full of glorious colors, blooming vines, every little shop has multiple plantings, dutch doors, there don’t seem to be any insects out here. Every little back alley holds a treasure, restaurants tucked away, galleries, the finest stores, and the glorious ocean. It is wonderful what flowers add for such a little expense, we really really need to pay attention to this in our little downtown.The homes here look like they came out of a fairy tale. The people are so California…..everyone has a dog that is cuddled and, believe it ... read more

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