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North America » United States » California » Monterey February 6th 2009

(Excerpted from my book Our Summer in Carmel, In what the Spanish called Alta California, there was not the relentless effort to colonize, proselytize and claim territory that there had been in Mexico, Peru and the Eastern coasts of the new world. But change was coming, none the less. Perhaps the first Spaniard to see the Monterey area was Juan Rodriguez Carbrillo. The records are sparse and historians are uncertain. Carbrllo had come to Mexico in 1519 as part of an expedition to reprimand Hernan Cortes for exceeding his authority in dealing with the Aztecs. Rather than reprimanding Cortes, he instead joined him, and was instrumental in Cortes' defeat of the Aztecs. Twenty years later, Cabrillo, then a prosperous landowner, a founder of Guatemala City, and a settled married man was asked by the Governor ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey January 24th 2009

(Excerpt from my book, Our Summer In Carmel, available at I like history. I begin my photo/travel journal with a brief amateur overview of the Monterey Peninsula. Providing some historical context helps to better understand a place today. This short historical discourse is divided into three phases. Prehistory, Spanish/Mexican governance, and lastly the arrival of the Yankee. For thousands of years, anthropologists don't know exactly how long, but well before the first arrival of "modern" man the Spanish, the Monterey area was inhabited by three native tribes. One tribe, The Coastanoan, were named by the Spanish because they resided on the from Carmel to Big Sur and into parts of the Salinas Valley. They were friendly and approachable. The other two tribes, with similar friendly dispositions, were the Esselan, who mainly inhabited the mountains, and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey January 6th 2009

Tuesday 14th October (Day 50) Reno - Monterey We woke up in the morning with the beautiful town of Monterey on our agenda, although we knew that it was the final destination of our amazing trip (which was a little sad). We headed out of Reno for the drive, basically heading back to Sacramento and then on towards San Francisco on the I-80 (the same freeway we had visited the big truck stop, all the way across the country in Iowa). We passed loads of small towns and made it up into the mountains before coming back out into a more desert-like area. After some time we could see what looked like a lake up ahead. We still felt like we were in the middle of the desert, so it was really bizarre. There were loads ... read more
Sand Dunes, Sand City, Monterey
Moon Rise over the Dunes, from Monterey, California
Fishing Boats at the Marina, Monterey, California

North America » United States » California » Monterey January 3rd 2009

DAY 16 Ocean Mesa to Oceano Beach to Monterey We stayed Friday night at the same RV park we liked on our way down to Disneyland, Ocean Mesa, just north of Santa Barbara. The swimming pool was still warm and we got 2 loads of laundry done and scrubbed up 3 kids. What a joy to have a hot shower and floss teeth - the simple things of life. I’m seeing that there’s different types of RVer personalities. There’s the true leisurely sort - the retired, “I’ve got nothing but time” mentality; the pitstop guy - “I’m just passing through, leaving as quick as I can at sun up”; the “I’m getting my money’s worth out of this joint” family, like us :) and plenty of others. We aimed at getting to Pismo Beach today but ... read more
loving the sand
loving the surf
Spirit at home on the beach

North America » United States » California » Monterey January 3rd 2009

I decided to drive the two hours down to Monterey to look for places to stay next month for the Pebble Beach Pro Am, and just check out the area a little. I didn't make it out to the farthest point into the Pacific on the Monterey Peninsula, but wish I had.... read more
Looking back East toward the Aquarium
Seal Haulout/Beach
Cannery Row

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 23rd 2008

Let me take a moment to share about the little nuances of RV travel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, really. But there are little funky things that happen when one is living in a Recreational Vehicle. Take for instance LITTLE NOISES. I can hear the heat turn on and off in our Spokane home, but rarely think twice about it. In the RV it sounds like someone just announced, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” and the big race is on, then off then on again all through the night. They tell me “You’ll get used to it.” When the softly falling rain outside hit our roof, inside it sounds like someone playing a solo with their maracas in my ears. “You’ll get used to it.” Rings through my head keeping time with the maracan beat. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 23rd 2008

We made it to our cousins beautiful new home in Los Gatos. Had a great time with Jan, Nicola, Eric and Tia Marisa. Thanks for all the food and laughs and magic tricks - the best in the land! It's great to see God has you exactly where you're meant to be! Thanks for all the love! Our boys loved running crazy with Eric 'round and 'round. And making sock puppets and taking pictures over and over and over again. The offer of a real bed tempted me but the kids keep insisting on sleeping in the motorhome - I guess that's why we got it, right?! We were all extra cozy in our new pjs and slippers, thank you Grammy and Grampster! We were way excited to get a load of laundry washed - thanks, ... read more
Family in Los Gatos
Monterey Bay Aquarium

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 10th 2008

Monterey, 08-11-2002. I wake up to a persistent knocking on my motel door. There is another serious knocking in my head, the sort of knocking caused by hard boozing. Sh*t, if this is that good for nothing indian receptionist with a cup of that dark brown brakkish hot water he's the nerves to call coffee I'll certainly loose my already tested to the limit patience with him. But no, it is Charly The Truck Guy beaming enormous smiles at me. He seems less affected by all the big martinis he and Louise, his brittish girlfriend, drank with me last night at their house. He wants to know if I'm ready for breakfast, ready for a ride through Monterey in his truck... seems fair enough...a good way to start the day...I seem to remember they promised me ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 9th 2008

Monterey, late afternoon. Once Charly The Truck Guy has left the motel he brought me too, I leave my room and walk over to the reception which is manned by an indian. I've a certain principle to settle here. Every time on this trip I slept in a motel I had to pay 10/15 green backs more as the sign outside would advertise, or at the very least in these motels manned by indians. Their free coffee is sh*t and the service sloppy, noicy neighbors that seem to rent the rooms by the hour. And then on top of that I get ripped off by the indian way!!! "Sign old, mister. Not 29.95 dollar but 39.95 dollar now, sahip" the desk clerk tells me with his old colonial indian english. "F*ck it, phone the sherriff ... read more
Seals in ...

North America » United States » California » Monterey December 8th 2008

Monterey, 07-11-2002. After yesterday's two flats I straddle my steel grand mother, my cr*ppy old bicycle - remember? - with mounting fears and a strong ominous feeling in the front of my head. I feel very convinced my relationship with this rusty old lady is fast coming to an premature end. I still have a shimmer of hope I'll make it to my goal, that I'll cycle this old gal to San Fransisco and hand her over to some homeless person before boarding my plane back to my beloved Amsterdam. Following the californian coast line I'm slowly entering the so-called Big Sur, an area of raw impressive beauty with spectacular coastal scenery, small coves full with seals, rotting kelp covered in countless little balk flies, from the famous kelp forests out at sea, small little hamlets ... read more

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