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North America » United States » California » Monterey June 2nd 2006

Notre périple continue à Monterey, petite ville balnéaire très sympathique...décors de plage magnifiques, le dépaysement est total !... read more
Forest Gump ?
Faune et Flore

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 31st 2006

We went to Carmel to smell the money - sweet little town full of art galleries, jewellers, pretty little shops v. up market and boy did it smell sweet, swear they sieved the sand on the beach it was so soft. They had a sculpture exhibition which had a few really good pieces. Arrived at friends who decided we should be eased back to the real world of responsibility. Hence we have a sweet gentle dog, Bear, and a bunch of very adorable cats. Horror of horrors we have to change our own bed linen! They couldn’t stand watching us flail around so have left home for a week. Lucky we have a laptop and can google how to cope when your friends leave town. Well she says very upmarket, but that’s mainly the prices. Among ... read more
Shop window 1
Open air 'art'
More open air 'art'

Postdistriktet hedder Monterey, men downtown er Carmel. Vi bor et stykke udenfor byen på en Campingplads "off the beaten track"i et lille sjovt samfund. Pladsen ligger ud til Carmel River og vi regner med at blive lullet i søvn af masser af frøers kvækken. I alle fald bærer pladsen her præg af, at værterne må være behjertede "frog-fans". Referencerne til det kendte bysbarn, der også findes i "frø-form" på billedet, er iøvrigt ikke få. Vi var inde i byen og kigge os omkring og spiste på hans restaurant i dag. Hogs Breath Inn. De byder bl.a. på glimrende "Dirty Harry Slider Burger". ;-) Stedet er iøvrigt rigtigt hyggeligt med en gårdhave med ildsteder og træbeklædte mure. Byen er spøjs. På amerikansk skulle vi nok sige "quaint", eller hvordan man nu staver det. En lille by med ... read more
...and those who eat!
Make my day - wave!
Langs Big Sur - Hwy 1

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 28th 2006

Monterey is one of the most diverse and beautiful areas in Northern California. Its colorful cities and historic locations make it an ideal getaway. ... read more
Sakura ???
Del Monte Shopping Center
Monterey Transit Plaza

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 1st 2006

Take me away to Monterey Bay After a fantastic week in San Francisco we hired our (budget?) car from Alamo! It's a brand new silver Crysler PT Cruiser with blacked out windows, allows, and leather seats!! Sierra Nevada, Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, we come!!!!!! Our first stop in the 'beast of bristol' is Monterey Bay, which is South of San Fran down the famous and scenic Route 1 - which usually is a fantastic drive though California's golden costal roads, Pacific on the right, stunning mountains and valleys on the left...thing is...California happening to be suffereing from the worst rain downfall in 20 years!!...*%#$@!!!! Nevertheless, we were excited to be out on the road with a cool itinerey in mind! We were travelling with an Ozzy bloke called Grant who we met in Green ... read more
The TANK!!
'Squirt' in the dome
The Kelp forest!!

North America » United States » California » Monterey February 25th 2006

The bus for our Carmel/Monterey tour showed up - on time - at 0830 and delivered us to Fisherman’s Wharf for the 0900 departure. Our tour guide was Michael and he spoke of the areas we visited with a true passion and a good sense of humour. As we drove out of the San Francisco area he showed us the exact location of the San Andreas Fault and briefly went through the history of the counties south of San Francisco. We arrived in Monterey at midday and were dropped just outside the aquarium. We were only given 2 hours off the bus so we knew things were going to be tight. One of the few advantages of bus tours (and there aren’t many) is that you often get to cut the queues and we were lucky ... read more
Cannery Row
Jo in Carmel

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 6th 2005

Hello Out there. I wanted you all to find a message when you checked out our blog for the first time so here I go. Yesterday we had an awesome yard sale where we parted with the majority of our possesions. It sure does feel nice to lighten the load and fill those pockets. Oddly enough in our effort to get rid of stuff we ended up upgrading our flat screen monitor. What more could you ask for? For those who are interested in our upcoming travel itinerary here is what you need to know: *Nov. 8th Evening we are leaving Monterey for Irvine, CA *Nov. 11th - 17th we will be on the East Coast with family and friends *Nov. 18th - 22nd last few days in Irvine, CA. *Nov. 22nd Depart for Auckland, New ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey November 5th 2005

This was a much needed trip to the woods for me - a chance to take my mind away from daily life, commune with nature, and even be pensive about my life's direction ... awww who am I kidding... I heard a bunch of chicks were going to some hot springs, so I thought I'd go see if I could get some recruits for my harem. Just to make a long story short, the harem part didn't quite work out. It seems the fact that I can barely support myself financially coupled with a lack of plush harem pillows might have had something to do with it. Oh, well, at least I came away with a lot of fun and better friends (but coming away with a harem would've made a better cocktail party story). The ... read more
Breakfast crew
This was my idea?

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 6th 2005

We'd had enough of National Parks by now so we decided to head for the coast at Monterey a few hours drive south of San Francisco. This was probably the nicest town/city we visited in the US. We camped for three nights at the town's campsite up the hill 45 mins walk from the Marina. Sara- We explored the small seaside resort and the highlight was the Monterey Aquarium. All the critters were mainly local and they had a thing for jelly fish (although we're not entirely sure that most of the 'tanks' weren't just monitors with groovy screensavers). We got down with the kids and watched feeding time at penguin central and otter island. However our favourite interactive activity was stroking the Bat Rays who seemed to like it. (Although later in the cafe my ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 9th 2005

this is practice for our trip to South America- will add a picture as soon as I can. Monterey was beautiful and easy to travel in by foot. They have trolleys that go to all the tourist destinations-- Fisherman's wharf, Aquarium, plaza, etc. Gary and I are busy getting things ready to leave on April 28th. House sitter fell through, so we're working on plan B. maybe plan c. We're shopping today for 'thinsulate' clothing to wear under the other stuff. Hard for me to imagine packing lite, but after pulling around the suitcases in Monterey, I got a taste of what I'm in for. ... read more

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