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October 23rd 2008
Published: October 23rd 2008
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Kathy is back on her exercise kick….I am trying to keep up. She had me walk to our lunch spot, which, by the way ,was delicious. We ate at Fisherman’s Grotto on the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and recommend this for anyone in the area. On our loooonnnng walk to the restaurant, we strolled through the Coast Guard pier. Y’all can’t believe how close we got to the sea lions, have we mentioned that it is mating season for them? They are “hollering” all night like cats do……Anyway they were resting up today after their adventurous night and we loved looking at them. Kathy did snap some pictures before the battery died. Shout out to Tony….your mom had “flat tire” for lunch.
As Kathy did her family duty at the hospital today, I went to the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium. I loved it…and can now talk intelligently about Kelp forests, sea otters, rock fish, sharks, and their feeding habits, you name it and I can tell you about the sea life around here. Kathy doesn’t believe how quickly I am catching up with Bob on the fact spouting. I just learned that the sea lion who was waving at us at lunch was actually giving us a warning to stay away…..Part of one of the exhibits is actually a real sea wave coming in to make a tidal pool that is glassed in…I can’t explain how truly amazing this experience is.
It seems that everyone loves us and is taking good care of us, example, Pearl had a low oil light on. Kathy went to the Laundromat (she had to wash because she didn’t bring 10 hanging bags) and noticed Pearl’s dire situation. She discovered a real old fashioned service station, not the usual food store that sells gas. The 76 station, led by our hero BK, who not only checked Pearl for oil, but, gave her a complete physical and assured Kath that we are safe for our trip onward. BK even gave his blessing for Kathy’s brother as she left.
Kathy has this incredible gift to of giving happiness and joy to those who encounter her. She believes that what you give out to the world comes back and I can vouch for all the smiles she gives away. She gathers people to her all along the way and that is my gift to watch.
We are now back from dinner, an overpriced restaurant that we do not recommend, the Whaling Station Inn. We did walk to and fro so I have gotten in more than my usual “no exercise” today and I am grateful. The clam chowder out here is wonderful so hopefully some of these steps equalizes the calories. Oh my weight watcher friends, I will surely need you and our meetings when I return home! We’ve decided we will rate places with the “pearl system” 5 pearls equaling 5 stars. We will do this as a wrap up blog.
Tomorrow Dody will come and pick up Kathy and they will spend the day with Wayne at the hospital as I guiltily head to Carmel. I have been with Tommy on two occasions; this is where the famed Pebble Beach is. We came for one of our early anniversaries, and then brought my folks back for their 50th. It is one of the most charming places I have ever been and I’m getting rested up tonight so I can be energized for the square mile of shopping...... some the of most beautiful stores in the world. Lots of stars live and visit here so it will be fun to see all the things offered to them. At least I can window shop…….
Ok, some shout outs to:
Sniggy, Susan, Cindy, my mom, the Thomson girls, Lee, Ryan, Nonie......more tomorrow.
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23rd October 2008

Blog On - Blog On
I'm enjoying every entry! Also, preparing a test about sea creature when you return.
23rd October 2008

I hope that you had FUN in Carmel..... The high lite of one of our trips there was when we stop for a drink at THE BOARS HEAD.. owned my Clint Eastwood and he came in and spoke with us.......... Oh no, there weas no class in my reaction to seeing him. (public drooling never is). love you both.. We off to hear Three Dog Night and the Augusta Symphony..... Sniggy
24th October 2008

too much fun!
Sounds like you ladies are having a wonderful time. I know what the scenery is like out there, so i'm pretty jealous right now. Do you think there is room in pearl to fit a six pack of Fat Tire? Wait, maybe not with all those hanging bags and quarters i've been hearing about. Drive safe.

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