Days 7 and 8, answered prayers, Wayne is doing well

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October 22nd 2008
Published: October 22nd 2008
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Tuesday day 7
I will go backwards. First and most important, Wayne, Kathy’s brother has come through his open heart surgery with flying colors. So…we consider that the biggest gift of the whole trip. He is still in ICU but expected to go to a regular room tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers.
Sunday night:
Wayne greets us at the Monterey Bay Inn and introduces us to the staff here. They are all very welcoming and we feel so special, especially as we see our fabulous room that he has booked. It is decorated beautifully, lush bed with down comforter, pillows, and wave sound machine that comes on automatically. It took us until the second day to figure out the ocean sounds weren’t coming from outside. Now most importantly, we have a huge closet, huge bathroom with double sinks so we can get ready side by side, lots of room. This is a romantic place, if only Tommy and Bob were with us. There is a roof top hot tub that we just don’t feel quite right about using, you know? It has a beautiful view directly on the bay…..fabulous.
Please google the Monterey Bay Inn so that you get an idea of what a special place this is. Our room is looking out over a lovely garden and a fabulous water sculpture and is directly on the bay. Yesterday as we got up, we stepped out on to our balcony to discover a huge cruise ship had arrived. All of those travelers enjoyed Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf along with us. However, a special treat was in store as Wayne delivered on his promise of an extraordinary dining experience. He proudly introduces us to Tess, his sweetheart and we decide they should be enjoying that rooftop hot tub. Anway we walk along Cannery Row to the most famous restaurant in Monterey, the Sardine Factory….we now have joined many, many famous patrons of this place. Wayne even sprung for Dom Perignon (I am so unsophisticated I can’t even spell it), I can tell you I am loving this…the food was simply wonderful, most impressive however was the sorbet served between courses……. brought to us in our own individual swan ice sculpture. I’m sure I have thoroughly embarrassed Kathy as I kept saying ‘golleee this is awesome” about 100 times. At the end of the evening, I was brought a birthday cake, early by over a week, but it was fun to start celebrating now. The funny thing was that Wayne requested it and he didn’t even know I had a birthday coming up. I reluctantly shared. I cannot tell you how impressed I was by the whole evening……. it was a memory we will treasure.
Monday Kathy goes to the surgeon with Wayne as I set out on foot to explore Monterey, it is just spectacular weather, I can’t say it enough. Of course I am interested in galleries and I’ve got to say even out here, I haven’t come up with anything better than the artists that Gallery LaPlace represented! Another thing that we are enjoying is the fresh ingredients of the salads and other foods that are grown not twenty miles from here. Mmmmmmm.
Have you noticed we are really interested in the food? Monday night is no different. We go with Wayne and Tess to the Chart House, just a short walk from the hotel. Kathy and I remember fondly our meal with the girls at the Chart House in Daytona so we decide to see if this one lives up to it. We are not disappointed…….shrimp scampi, lobster bisque, steak and lobster…..we all sample each others orders….and guess what…Wayne has had special menus with our names on them and ANOTHER birthday dessert for me ….molten chocolate cake…..a girl just can’t celebrate that birthday with too much cake. We have met the nicest folks along the way of this trip and tonight is no exception, our waiter, Ryan Dean is a cuter, younger look alike of Will Ferrell. We discover he is from Sante Fe and Kathy immediately pounces on him for good places to eat … since we are spending 2 days there on our return trip. He tells us his dad is the editor of the paper and so we think once he gets ahold of this blog he will certainly recommend we go professional with it. Thanks Ryan, for helping make our evening fun! We waddle back to the hotel, bid Wayne and Tess goodnight, and fall into bed. We get up very early to go to the hospital, as Wayne’s surgery begins at 6am and Kathy wants to see him before. We are distressed that the cafeteria doesn’t open until 8:30. This is the longest we have gone without food. Dody, who is a nurse at Stanford, tells us that the Monterey Community Hospital is really the Cadillac of area hospitals and we are glad to see her smiling face this morning. Wayne comes through surgery fine, we have gathered Dody and Tess together for what else, lunch, and we go to Whole Foods for the freshest salad, soups, and sandwiches you could ask for. It seems that everyone in this area has the same idea, it is beyond crowded but worth the wait. I head back to the room to nap and Kathy goes back to the hospital. She is truly exhausted when she returns, so tired in fact, that we decide eating peanut butter, crackers, and cheese in the room sounds like the best plan. Surprised aren’t you? We plan to make up for this simple meal tomorrow, don’t worry we are already planning the next eating experience so we can report exciting things then. We sleep for 12 hours.
Day 8 early AM
Kathy has gone to the hospital this morning, Wayne is doing well as of last night, planning for him to be in ICU until tomorrow probably. I feel guilty in this luxurious room with the whole day stretched out in front of me, I mean the ocean is right under me 4 stories down. In fact, a sea gull sat on our balcony and shared the view with me, amazing! I am planning another day of walking around Monterey, there is so much to see and do that a whole week wouldn’t be enough time. I will leave off here as the 8th day begins, already we are thankful for Wayne’s successful surgery, paradise to be explored and enjoyed and for all our friends and family back


22nd October 2008

What a praise!
So thankful to hear of Wayne's successful surgery!! I rejoice with Kathy, and the family and will keep him in my prayers in the coming weeks. Your messages are the highlight of my day!! Love this trip! Just wish I could taste the food and wine! love and hugs and prayers
23rd October 2008

Have fun
Gee, I'm glad Wayne's surgery is behind him and it went well. All that talk of food and wine makes me want to be there. Keep us posted each day. I'm enjoying the blog!

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