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Came here for some of the best sushi this side of Japan!... read more
Snow Crab

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 20th 2005

The countdown for the end of the semester and my voyage is now at 6 weeks. I can't believe that I'll be gone in a month and a half! I have so much stuff to do still regarding school. Lord please help me get it all done. Maybe I am having way too much fun... hmmm i might need to re-prioritize. Oh well, you only live once eh... I had a wonderful time with my parents this weekend and celebrated my mom and brother's bday at Macaronni Grill... It was really good. It's funny, everytime I see my mom she always gives me that extra long hug as if she is not sure when she'll see me next. But I still have six whole weeks! I got a travel backpack to go around the cities with ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 17th 2005

Hi! Okay, so there are less than 6 weeks to go before I embark on a crazy journey with my roommate Amy to: Italy, France then to Spain. We both have never travelled to Europe and we are ready for anything and everything.... We'll start our new european life in Rome, spend a few nights there, then train it to Venice. We will probably stay for a couple nights in Venice, on account that its the most romantic place on earth and both Amy and I are two beautiful single ladies ( and proud of it!) we probably will get tired f seeing all the sappy lovey -dovely couples.. ;) Then Paris, Barcelona and settle in Madrid. Towards the end of May, I will start school in Canterburty English and hopefully be setted enough to study, ... read more

This is my first entry! Why am I travel blogging already? Because I want everyone to know where it is so that no one can get mad at me for not emailing and letting them know about my journey since it's all here! Last night, Jesse and I bought our tickets... WAY COOL!. I will be traveling April 30 at 9:30 pm. No worries guys, I am going to be at graduation to see all my senior friends get their diploma! Because of the time change and long as flight, we will be arriving Monday May 2 at 10:10 in Milan where we will chill with my aunt (My Aunt Janet lives in Milan for those who didnt know). We are not exactly sure of all the details but it's gonna be something like Milan to ... read more

Well, we've started travelling - up at 4am (although Mum and I managed to get up at 3am by mistake!!) for the 6.30 flight to Heathrow. Both of our first flights landed early and we cleared customs and immigration at LAX in record time. (Around half an hour - unheard of on any of my previous US flights). We had an overnight site at the airport - the thought of driving after travelling for the best part of 24 hours was not particularly appealing. We collected the SUV - now affectionally known as Chuck the Truck, and tried to leave Los Angeles. Thankfully as we were not in any real hurry the unintentional diversions that we took through Santa Monica, Malibu and Beverly Hills didn't matter. Found the right road and started to climb through mountains, ... read more
The start of a beautiful friendship.
First double black run
Honestly - that's Gill!!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood February 25th 2005

Wouldn’t you know it, we happen to be in Los Angeles while they are getting the most rain they have received in recorded history. We made the best of it and yes, there were a few breaks in the downpours. During our stay we went to Disneyland, the new Disney park California Adventure, and much more. It was interesting (and a little scary) to drive along some of the roads that are having mudslides. Another cool place to visit right in downtown LA is the La Brea Tar Pits which has more Ice Age mammal bones discovered there than anywhere else on earth. Saber toothed cats, Columbian mammoths, giant sloth’s, the American lion (about 4 times the size of the African lion), condors etc where found by the hundreds in the quick-sand like slurry of tar. ... read more
Disney California Adventure
Upcoming Event

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles February 25th 2005

Welcome to our first journal! We decided to have a stopover in LA on our way to Rarotonga as we only had 1.5 hours between our flight arriving and our next flight leaving - with the new immigration & security procedures in the states we expected a long wait to be allowed in and we didn't want to risk missing our onward flight as the next one was 2 days later! As it happens, our flight arrived an hour early (can you believe it?!) and we would easily have made the flight. Mind you, we had no regrets about stopping over as we were knackered when we arrived and thought of another 10 hour flight straight away was less than appealing. We checked into the Raddison Hotel at LAX, showered, had some quick room service and ... read more
The Venice Canals
Where's your credit card, Angus?
Clark Gable's prints and signature

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood February 18th 2005

I'm back from all my adventures (I'm not so sure about this -20 business that awaited me in Edmonton) but I did promise an entry from the glamerous world of LA/Hollywood. The flight back from Kuala Lumpur/Taipai to Los Angeles was plagued by delays. The most memorable part of that plane ride was being told to exit the plane in Taipai with all my carry on luggage and that my gate was A4. After coming back from the bathroom, I tried to enter the lounge the same way I came despite a curious no entry sign. Well, it turns out that I was breaching U.S. Federal Aviation Security Measurements so I had to go down the hall, have my things passed through security, go up the stairs, back up the hall, and down the stairs to ... read more
Need a journey?

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood February 3rd 2005

Hey folks, Here we are - our final spot in the 2 weeks of the US of A. We opted for the money saving option of travelling overnight on the greyhound from San Francisco to Hollywood. Fortunately this time we foudn a seat by the emergency exit, which meant extra leg room...and that was about it really. The journey took a dooable 8 hours, during which we had a stop at a Burger King, in the middle of nowhere. Had to make a loo stop so followed the other bus dwellers into the BK and foudn the restrooms. And then I went back to the bus. Some people, on the other hand, thought it a good plan to have a BK whopper meal at 3am in the morning. Now, I was hungry at this time, but ... read more
One of the stars of Tinseltown
The view from Mulholland Drive
Venice Beach

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena February 1st 2005

So, I'm about to buy a car. Actually, I don't even have a driverslicense yet. I did my DMV test last wednesday, but I failed. My last driving lesson that I had, I was driving when it was dark outside. At one point when I was making a right turn, I drove up on the curb with my rear tire. I couldn't see the goddamn curb, there was no lights there so I couldn't see anything in the mirror. So anyway, my instructor told me that if I did that at the DMV, they would fail me immediately. But she said she wasn't worried because I'd never done that before. So, we went to the DMV on wednesday. I me the guy that was going to test me. And the first thing I do, is drive ... read more

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