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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood November 7th 2003

A short 4 day stop on the way to New Zealand. Myke travelled all the way to LA to do the All Tomorrow's Parties festival with me in Long Beach! Best festival ever!!!! Lots of really great bands were there like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Danielson Famile (a christian band), Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop! The festival is still in its growing stages so there weren't millions of people there and you could easily see the stage for all the shows without fighting to get to the front or fearing for your life if a mosh pit started up. After the festival we made our way (via a very long bus ride and a very expensive cab ride) to Hollywood where we checked out the walk... read more
Hollywood 2

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 17th 2003

"You never get things when you want them... only when you need them the most." -- After battling with the Australian Embassy for my visa to come in on time, Erin and I ended up staying in Los Angeles a littler longer than expected... I changed my flight to Fiji for 2 days later, had my visa overnighted to L.A. once approved, and toured L.A. in the meantime. Having never been there before, we rode the bus everywhere trying to get around the massive city. I never realized how huge L.A. was before we ended up lost in the heart of the "ghetto." An Oprah-look alike became our saving grace, offering to give us a ride to Hollywood and Beverly Hills ... "Anything to get out of here," we thought. So, Kelly took us around the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 12th 2003

I was sitting outside of the subway on our last day in LA, thinking our adventure had already begun and we hadn't even got to Fiji yet.... 1 day of LA turned into 3 days and then 4 days. I've seen more than I wanted of Los Angeles, including the very heart of "the ghetto." But seriously, surviving LA was fun meeting many interesting people along the way. Coming into LA was a breeze and easy to find my "travel partner," Brie. We stayed near the hotel and visited Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica Beach the first day. Thinking we were pretty damn good at riding the bus, we hit it up the next day and ended up in an area we wanted to get out of ASAP! Talking over our options, we finally ... read more
L.A. Coast

After the bustle and excitement of Mexico City, I traveled to LA. This time I cheated and bought an Airline ticket. Areo California, a small Mexican Airline. Arriving at Mexico City Airport at 6.30am was one of the most confusing experiences yet. despite speaking some Spanish I could understand very little, as with all public places the public announcements were completely muffled, unintelligible and spoken in the bored tones of someone who doesn't really care anyway. Eventually I made it to the one monitor that actually had my flight details on it, and caught the flight. On the flight, no meal, no movie, not many other passengers, but I was given a small bag of pretzels. I decided that this time I would stay at Venice Beach, hopefully meet someone or some people that would want ... read more
Cool Beach Front Architecture
Ali With Cool Shades

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim October 7th 2002

It's was our second year in Singapore (year 2002) and things have been good. Coming back from Hong Kong/Macau trip, we had to prepare for another trip - the US (Oct 7-21). We were really not much prepared for this because Mark's trip was like finalize last minute! Although we already knew he might be sent to US for a business trip, getting a visa and doing all the bookings were not yet arranged. When we finally got all the details prepared (flight bookings, hotel bookings) there was no more time to list down the places to visit and plan our itinerary. Although we really cannot arrange the itinerary as we want to cause we won't be driving. Anyway, we left October 7 (my birthday!) so it was a special trip for us. We flew with ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 22nd 2002

moved to LA for school... read more

My first travel to the US was when I accompanied my mother who was a first time immigrant. My Mama was petitioned by my brother who have been in the US for 13 years. We are still looking where she can stay and our first stop was Los Angeles. Aaah.. Los Angeles. We got the non-stop flight to Los Angeles from Manila and arrived in early evening and saw that the sun was still up???..weird..for a was my first time to visit, remember. I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles with her family (Derick and Ivy Equiza). I requested Derick to pick us up from the airport and it was already 8pm when Mama was finished in the immigration. I was so excited to see them since it been years since we saw ... read more

I drove the PT Cruiser into Los Angeles - along some of the maddest roads I have ever been on. The highways stretch out over 6 lanes each side, people overtake on all sides and the signs are crap, one thing the UK does a lot better than the US is road signs. In the US signs just indicate the very next exit with maybe 1/2 a mile notice. Matt managed to revert to UK driving - on the left - at a truck stop - which could have been very nasty, and I nearly side swiped a cop car on a weird intersection - we got away with both, we are very lucky guys. We dropped the bike off and checked into a USA International hostel - very nice facilities, ensuite dorms - only 4 ... read more
The PT Cruiser

The Evening It was going to be a long night. We were returning home to Canberra from England on a Air NZ flight via LA and Auckland after being on the road for five weeks. Two legs were over nine hours, and they other two would add another five hours. Almost a complete day in the air! Our seats were quite close to the front of the aircraft, just forward of the door we boarded through, and several seats around us were unoccupied for the London to LA leg, so we were expecting a quiet time. It was not to be. At first we didn't notice the woman in the centre seats just in front of us. There was nothing obviously unusual about her, even when she was escorted back from the front cabin by ... read more

After a tough game of beach soccer, it is customary to go for a post-game analysis at the closest place that serves beer. Ok, maybe not, but that's the outcome of this particular game of Swedes versus locals. One local joins our little group of Scandinavians. He's not from California. Moved out there to catch a break. Pretty much like everyone else in LA. "So what do you do for a living?". "I'm a professional bum" is his rehearsed and completely unshy answer. It's almost with a sense of pride he tells that he used to sleep on the beach or wherever he could, before finding (and being able to afford) an apartment. He's waiting to catch the big break as an actor - duh! He's had a few minor roles, the "biggest" one being in ... read more

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