Im Off!!! Hollywood Here I come!

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Baywatch KiwiBaywatch KiwiBaywatch Kiwi

This one's just for you katey!
From: Mum
Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005
Subject: Franny Franny Franny - are you out there?

Just checking you are okay.

Love Momma

From: Fran the man
Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005
Subject: RE: Franny Franny Franny - are you out there?

Still Alive.
The computer in my hostel room wasn’t working yesterday otherwise I would have said hello as soon as I got here. Have been to the La Brea Tar pits and the LACMA - museum of art. You would be proud of me ma they've got some exhibit and folk or handicraft art from Europe and America. When I walked in I went hmmm that looks like a Macintosh chair - sure enough it was. I also recognised plenty of Frank Lloyd Wright stuff too. Sad, sad, sad. Am off to the Getty tomorrow! Yeah! And hopefully the day after that ill have a car to drive to San Fran

From: Ol Man Wilson
Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005
To: 'fran the man'
Subject: RE: Franny Franny Franny - are you out there?


You should know that I have had an extremely stressful time with your mother, she (because
Mammoth MammothMammoth MammothMammoth Mammoth

Hate to run into one of these guy's in a dark alley
she had not heard from you) was convinced you had been kidnapped by the mooneys. I am assuming you know who the mooneys are, if not you are in just the right place to find out. Have fun at the Getty, it's one of those places that makes you feel good to be alive!

Old man Wilson

From: Fran the man
Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005
To: everyone
Subject: LA

Well i made it to La and have survived a day and a half of touristyness.
Went to the La Brea Tar pits today and the La county museum.
At the Tar pits they excavate the bones of ice age animals like the sabre toothed Cat - it’s not a tiger it’s a cat. And the woolly mammoth, as well as extinct species of California Camel and horse.

Venice beach is where I’m staying at the moment and its pretty cool all baywatchy and that, but not as nice as a NZ beach I’m afraid. I said that my phone should be working and that id be able to get texts but vodafone don't seem to have come to the party, never mind says
Getty CentreGetty CentreGetty Centre

Th Ol man was right - the getty is one of those places that make you feel good to be alive.
I. Ill just have to communicate with home the old fashioned way - by email.
hope your all fine and happy
love fran

ps - Rach - my mums sending some stuff of mine to your address if thats alright

ps - mum - Can you call vodafone for me and find out whats going on with my phone.

From: fran the man
Sent: Monday, 4 April 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: texts are a gogo

Hiya all
Well I’ve managed to get my phone working again - thanks mum
On the tourist front I went to the Getty centre yesterday which was amazing! I spent the whole day there and still didn’t see everything. Also had My one and only celebrit spot on the way there. The Guy from the matrix - you know the one who's Anothy Ray Parkers Brother in the film - he gets shot but lives, Tank. He was on my bus to the Getty Centre, In socks and sandels. Thats a scandel that is.
today was spent getting a train ticket to San Francisco and a walk down Hollywood blvd. Which I must say is highly overrated and very cheesy. I
Dr. SuessDr. SuessDr. Suess

Yurtle the Turtle, Green Eggs and Ham. The man was a genius!
spent most of the walk reading the names of the stars and then id looking up thinking I was missing something really important - and I wasn’t.
Mann’s Chinese theatre doesn’t have as many hand prints as I thought, but most of them are really small - Bruce Willis has the same size hands as me. Which with my mans hands isn’t saying much. Am off to San Fran on the train tomorrow. Sent barb an email last night but haven’t heard back so ill be staying in a back packers at a guess.

hope you guys are all right
missing you


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