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One month is left before the big trip. This weekend was awesome and I had a blast! Friday night was formal which was great, saturday was even better. I had my family bday party and two other parties that i went to and was out till 4 30 am! and sunday i was trying to catch up on my sleep. Today was back to work but I put in my "two weeks". My last day at sports council is the 20th of April. The good news is that they want me to intern again next semester. We'll see how that goes. It sounds like a good idea for now, but you never know what kind of opportunities might pop up. For now I'm thankful that they would like me to return. I just have to get ... read more
Me and the girls
Family Bday Party

The days are going by much too slow, then I think about all that has to be done before the trip... I realize that it may actually be going by much too fast. There is so much to do. Although I have been preparing myself for this new life, I am not by any means REALLY prepared. I am once again selling almost everything I have in a humble yard sale, and hopefully that money will keep me afloat for a few weeks. The amount of time I spend in Europe depends on the amount of money I will be bringing with me. I bought my very first Eurorail ticket last week! At least I have transportation taken care of. I also met up with an extremely pleasant woman in Hollywood, visiting California from Madrid. We ... read more

The Travelodge I stayed in (Denise had already returned to London) was just round the corner from Westwood Village, not a quaint little village as we would understand it in Britain, but built-up, commercialised and with 6-lane highways running through it! Nevertheless it has a lot of character with palm tree-lined avenues, lots of little restaurants, and Mexican-influenced architecture. The houses in the residential sector are all unique, ranging from the small hacienda-style to mock classical collonaded mansions. There's a large Iranian community here, which surprised me (for no good reason other than the effect of listening to George Bush's anti-Iranian vitriol) and there's one main street which is full of Iranian restaurants and shops, interspersed, bizarrely enough, by Jewish artefact shops. The 'village' is also home to some cool art deco cinemas, often with only ... read more
Art-Deco Style Cinema in Westwood
Old picture for sale
Pets parking at rear

Just down the coast a bit from Santa Monica Beach is the more Bohemian, down-at-heel Venice Beach, full of beardy, smoking hippy-types flogging funny hats, telling people's fortunes, playing lanquid jazz melodies or just chillin'.... read more
Venice Beach
House on Venice Beach Boardwalk
Hats for sale on Venice Beach Boardwalk

From: Mum Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005 Subject: Franny Franny Franny - are you out there? Just checking you are okay. Love Momma From: Fran the man Sent: Saturday, 2 April 2005 Subject: RE: Franny Franny Franny - are you out there? Still Alive. The computer in my hostel room wasn’t working yesterday otherwise I would have said hello as soon as I got here. Have been to the La Brea Tar pits and the LACMA - museum of art. You would be proud of me ma they've got some exhibit and folk or handicraft art from Europe and America. When I walked in I went hmmm that looks like a Macintosh chair - sure enough it was. I also recognised plenty of Frank Lloyd Wright stuff too. Sad, sad, sad. Am off to the Getty ... read more
Mammoth Mammoth
Getty Centre
Dr. Suess

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Bel Air March 28th 2005

This is a must see for any visitor to LA! ... read more
Tram Stop
It's all about the Architecture
Plants and more Plants

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Bel Air March 27th 2005

One fine day in L.A. I (Gerry) decided to visit the Getty Center in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. I reckoned it was only 4 or 5 miles away so I set off walking, not always an easy thing to do as most US routes are set up for cars not pedestrians. I didn't pass a single person and on long stretches there wasn't even a pavement, but I had the company of thousands of cars driving along the world's busiest road, the 405 Santa Monica Highway! The Getty Center is a museum and art gallery built over 750 acres by the J.Paul Getty Trust. The building itself is an architectural wonder (although I wasn't overly impressed with it). Most of it is made from a light-coloured stone called travertine, 16,000 tons of it! ... read more
Getty Center
Bird of Paradise plant
A woman bowing down to read about a saint

Los Angeles is on target for having the rainiest winter since records began in the 1800s! And here I am in Santa Monica by myself (Denise returned home a bit earlier). To cheer myself up I bought a new camera (my other one got soaked on the Cook Islands) for a great price. Cameras are so much cheaper than in the UK. The sun even deigned to come out to assist my photography! Sorry don't have time to write anymore at the moment.... read more
My Travelodge!
Statue of Santa Monica
L.A. County Cemetry with the Getty Center in background

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