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North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg August 2nd 2016

Jak tu jest pięknie! Musze nadrobić kilka dni bloga i w sumie mogłabym tylko zachwycać sie dzikim oceanem, podniebnymi sekwojami i przestrzenią. Chyba nigdy jeszcze tak bardzo nie podobało mi sie w Ameryce i absolutnie zachwycona jestem pomysłem tych wakacji i trasy na północ Kaliforni, gdzie nie ma palm ani filmowych gwiazd. A ze dzieci chwilowo ozdrowiały, o czym za chwile, to mogę sie rozkoszować. Mijamy po drodze dziesiątki camperów we wszystkich wielkościach, tzn od XL do XXXXL, pickupów z komicznie podniesionym zawieszeniem, harleyów z przyczepkami. Amerykanie przemieszczają sie razem z całym swoim dobytkiem. Wielkość pojazdów wydaje sie byc dostosowana do wielkości kraju. Samochód, podobnie jak koszulka, czapka, torba, czy dom ("Bernie!" albo "make America great again!") tez może stac sie nosicielm przeslania. Ze właściciel lubi broń "i l like coffe... read more
Glass beach
Skunk Train

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg November 16th 2015

As we took another steady day going south, around 40 miles of only a few hills we passed through a town called Garberville which was full of young people looking to work on weed plantations and earn some fast bucks. Some of these plantations had reputations of being run by Mexican gangs and supposedly treated the workers pretty badly, not paying them properly or at all and giving them squalid living conditions, taking advantage of their situation of either being a traveler or destitute. Still, for someone who is one minimum wage the lure is there and people are willing to come from all over the US to chase some fast money. So this town had that reputation, and we being bike tourists were thrown into the same category as the trimmigrants running all over the ... read more
Coolest cat ever

I had a pretty good sleep. It started sort of rough with the sound of snoring from the person beneath me drifting up through the floor, but my earplugs took care of that. I woke up at 6 in the morning because I wanted to get on the road early, but I was so tired that I drifted back to sleep. When I woke up around 7:15 I was annoyed that I hadn’t got an early start. I then found out it had been pouring with rain until about 7:10, so starting early wouldn’t have worked. Today I drove down Highway 101 to Legett where I then took the old Highway 1 toward the coast. This was one of the slowest highways I have ever been on as it wound its way over two mountain ranges ... read more
Mendocino Coastal Bluffs and a passing flock of pelicans
More Coastline
My Luncheon Tablecloth

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg November 13th 2013

It’s day 73 of our road trip. I feel like we’ve done and seen so much already. I’m losing track of weekdays and weekends, losing track of hours and meal times, I guess that’s a good sign. On November 1st we took the ferry from Victoria, British Columbia to Port Angles, Washington, and right away we got mugged. That’s right, at the very borders, the border patrol stole our lamb kebabs, an apple and our house plant which was a gift from my grandma. We tried to fight over the plant but there was nothing we could do without the plant’s certificate. I knew I needed specific papers for my dog (which they didn’t even ask to see) but a certificate for my little houseplant? Once the border mugging was done, we started driving down the ... read more
View from Harris Beach, Oregon
View from South Beach, Oregon

Departed Eureka KOA after saying goodbye to Bea and Virginia(the dog) as they were headed off to the redwoods and we were going south. Took the Lost Coast Highway and it proved rather challenging..especially fully loaded. If you decide to try it then do it as light as possible. It is rather difficult to pick up a fully loaded bike from a downhill incline. I missed a shift on a hairpin uphill curve and dropped the bike. Deb followed suit to keep from hitting me. Sorta took the fun out of the rest of the day and the curves to follow. I was worried about an instant replay and also a tad sore from the drop and roll. The scenery from the coast highway is beautiful. Of course the 4th of July weekend is not the ... read more
Lost Coast Hwy
Humbolt Redwood Forrest

Geo: 39.4458, -123.804 It was another day of sunshine and we decided to go do a little exploring of the northern California coast. We decided we would go to MacKerricher State Park north of Ft. Bragg. it has a nice boardwalk and they say it is a good place to view marine life.When we arrived at the park, we were pleasantly surprised to see that there was no cost to enter the hiking area. The lady of the entrance told us to watch for whales because some of the strays had been seen.The boardwalk winds down the coastline with informational signs as you go. There are places you can go down and explore the tide pools or sit if you prefer. We saw people doing both.We got out to the area where there was a large ... read more
MacKerricher State Park
Heron rookery on the Albion river
Heron rookery on the Albion river

The Rand McNally atlas of the U.S. we are using as our main guide on this trip is very, very good in many respects. One of the few areas it falls down on is giving the names of smaller highways and roads, which are depicted in light gray. We knew we wanted to go Clear Lake State Park, and we knew there was a highway heading there, we just didn't know what highway. We stopped to ask for directions at a Chase Bank in Woodland, and the extremely kind tellers there printed up a Google Map for us. We wanted Route 16, it turned out, which proved to be a scenic drive through golden fields and farms filled with heritage cattle. We stopped for lunch along Cache Creek, and ate outside, enjoying the warm weather. Swallows ... read more
Its white?!

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg March 9th 2012

Careless contemplation occurs when in awe of something beautiful, such as a sunset, with so many thoughts there are none left for writing later. One would think by now I would actually remember to bring my laptop with me when in this kind of awe and contemplative moment. I don't though. Yesterday, another kind of awe occurred and careless contemplation followed...I have no idea what I wanted to say about the giants along the road as I drove. What I can remember is the giants seemed to reach beyond the sky, as I could not see their tops and they blocked the sunlight to the floor of this old forest. The Redwoods remind me of Paul Bunyon and his blue ox Babe; only a lumberjack so legendary could pull a tree from these woods. Winding 34 ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg August 31st 2010

August 20-21: Heading south along the Pacific coast, we tried to get good shots of the ocean front, but were hampered by - FOG. THE fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. --by Carl Sandburg This was one of the few poems I remember from 4th grade—maybe, in fact, there were only a few. I just didn't get it. For one thing, it didn't rhyme--like "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Secondly, having grown up on the North Atlantic coast, I knew about fog, and in my mind it wasn't silent at all because it was always accompanied by the baleful sound of the fog horn. When it was there, it was all around us—we didn't see it as a finite thing but a ... read more
Pacific Coast at last
Moving south along Highway 1
MacKerricher State Park

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg June 23rd 2010

Should be a great trip to Glass Beach. We are trying to prepare the trailer. We need propane, mop the floor and all that good stuff. I hate packing but I need to air up the tires on the trailer.... read more

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