Ralf R Odent


Ralf R Odent

Deb on a 2006 R1200GS and Charlie on a 2005 R1200GS traveling across the US in search of BMW Rallies, BBQ, and Bucket List check offs. Accompanied by Ralf, who manages to stay out of the eye of the camera (claims he is in witness protection) we attempt to chronicle some of the high and low points of our travels.

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney August 13th 2016

Loaded up, gassed up and headed for Killarney and the famous Ring of Kerry. Made a stop at the Drumberg Stones also known as Druids Alter. The site is over 3200 years old and it is rather amazing what was done before modern instruments. In the winter solstice the sun shines between the 2 large stones in the circle and onto the alter. Made a miscue on the trip planning and discovered that a I road can be like a farm path with grass growing up in the center. I found that out. It is 145 miles on this leg and I only took up 8 hours. Passing is not going to happen often and there are car drivers out there that like me are not comfortable on the wrong side of the road. Oh well, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny August 11th 2016

Got an early start and headed by taxi to Celtic Rider. By the time all the paper work was done,orientation and clothes repacked it was after 1. We were given 2 BMW 700GS's like new. Paul took us on a ride to get us accustomed to the roads and the bikes. The first several miles made the Dragon look tame. Had about 900 curves. Supposedly following the Garmin would get us to our next hotel. Well, I could NOT get it to talk to me and driving on the wrong side of the road inhibited my looking at it...soo...a side trip or 2..may have been the first but not the last! We were going to stop at the Kilkenny Castle but it was closed when we arrived. Parked the bikes at the hotel and headed for ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 10th 2016

Woke up today to rain or should I say a realheavy mist that lasted till 7pm and then out came the sun. One thing that became rather apparent was that nothing really starts before 10 or 11. Banks open at 10 and all attractions at 10 or 11 and they close at 5. This can make for short tour day, We had a 2 hour lecture and skit on the 1918 revolution and went to see the Book of Kells and the LARGE library at Trinity University and then on to the Museum of Archaeology,Natural History,etc. No trip to would be complete without the visit to Brazen Head Pub...the oldest pub in Dublin. Only thing I can say that of all the pubs I have between in here it was the only one with a Coors ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 10th 2016

No pictures yet. Spent yesterday recovering from the flight and today trying to catch up with all we did not do yesterday. Went the Guinness Brewery and Deb got to pour her own pint. While Dublin is rather compact there can be a LOT of walking. Tomorrow will be the museum tours and then on Thursday to the motorbikes. The streets here are rather small. A duelly would not make it! I have seen 2 busses close enough reach out and touch your hands across and have a bicycle rider go between then at speed. Not only that they drive on the wrong side of the road. The good thing is that the driving we will be doing will be in lesser populated areas. Our hotel is right in the middle of the Temple Bar district ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas August 7th 2016

Well here we go. Wonderful news yesterday as my hotel in Dublin was CANCELED. Seems they sent me an email and I did not respond. Checked my emails....nope not a one in spam or email folder. Hmmm Euro has changed since March, maybe they wanted more funds. Rebooked at a higher price but hopefully there will be a room or we will adding to the Irish homeless quantity. Ralf has run off the bartender but hopefully he will be back before the 2:45 departure. Dallas has a small Skyclub and limited alcohol selection but they are plentiful with what they have in stock. NO Boonesfarm! And they took Ralf's away thru the TSA Check! For those of you who followed before....I can't seem to get this on the right blog. Soooo.....Sorry...I an not technilogicly inclined' I ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth August 5th 2016

Waiting for Sunday for the plane departure to Atlanta in order to go to Dublin. Plan on being there Monday morning and after recovering from jet lag check out the pubs! I am hoping this blog post works as I have forgot how I did it 4 years ago.... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Jonesboro July 31st 2013

Well, we are home now. Welcome to the heat and humidity that keeps us locked in our AC edifices. I really want to go back to the West Coast. It is the most beautiful coastline and I was blessed to ride it. Funny how when you ride a motorcycle people come and talk with you. They don't do that when you drive in a car, do they? I have met some incredibly interesting people through my motorcycle travels. I guess you could say looking at America through a face shield gives it a certain beauty not found in a "cage". As we passed fields of fragrant lavender and such you can smell more vividly than enclosed in a 'cage". We had incredible weather but it did not snow on us this time. Since I crossed the ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Salina July 28th 2013

Left Dillon at 7 am and 49 degrees, light rain. Kept the light rain all day and the temps stayed VERY unnormal. I expected coolness at 11K feet in Colorado but Salina, Kansas at 62 at 3 pm???? Last time I was thru here the end of July it was 103!! Needless to say the heated grips and Gerbings came in usefui this trip. Also had fog that was similar to the Western Coast. Stopped here for the night at the Ramada which has an Irish bar, It is recommended. They are very reasonable and also have a hot tub and sauna. Obeserved a bunch of riders along the way heading for Sturgis(I would assume). I am just not tiough enough to ride in 50 to 60 degree temps and rain wearing leathers and "do rags". ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Dillon July 28th 2013

Now begins the 1200 mile trip back to Arkansas. Mother Nature seems to have us in the temperature temperate zone. Will just have to see if the forcast is real.The road from Paonia hwy 133 wound around to I-70. Passing through a very high pass at Vail Colorado. 10,600 ft and very chilly! Hooray! Stopped in Dillon for night and recommend Super 8. However, there is no elevator. People here just walk more I guess. One can get winded at 9000 feet if not careful, I figured I would have to do cpr on Charlie once or twice! We recommend the mexican restaurant across from the hotel. The rally at Paonia was pretty uneventful so no posts were made. Travel tip: when changing altitudes many times it is a good idea to put your lotions in ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Twin Falls July 24th 2013

Well today was only 550 miles and it was HOT. After being on the coast for 3 weeks it is kinda a shock. Hope to make Paonia tomorrow but then there is no set schedule. Some pictures from yesterday and before are attached today... read more
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