Ralf R Odent


Ralf R Odent

Deb on a 2006 R1200GS and Charlie on a 2005 R1200GS traveling across the US in search of BMW Rallies, BBQ, and Bucket List check offs. Accompanied by Ralf, who manages to stay out of the eye of the camera (claims he is in witness protection) we attempt to chronicle some of the high and low points of our travels.

North America » United States » Arkansas » Jonesboro July 31st 2013

Well, we are home now. Welcome to the heat and humidity that keeps us locked in our AC edifices. I really want to go back to the West Coast. It is the most beautiful coastline and I was blessed to ride it. Funny how when you ride a motorcycle people come and talk with you. They don't do that when you drive in a car, do they? I have met some incredibly interesting people through my motorcycle travels. I guess you could say looking at America through a face shield gives it a certain beauty not found in a "cage". As we passed fields of fragrant lavender and such you can smell more vividly than enclosed in a 'cage". We had incredible weather but it did not snow on us this time. Since I crossed the ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Salina July 28th 2013

Left Dillon at 7 am and 49 degrees, light rain. Kept the light rain all day and the temps stayed VERY unnormal. I expected coolness at 11K feet in Colorado but Salina, Kansas at 62 at 3 pm???? Last time I was thru here the end of July it was 103!! Needless to say the heated grips and Gerbings came in usefui this trip. Also had fog that was similar to the Western Coast. Stopped here for the night at the Ramada which has an Irish bar, It is recommended. They are very reasonable and also have a hot tub and sauna. Obeserved a bunch of riders along the way heading for Sturgis(I would assume). I am just not tiough enough to ride in 50 to 60 degree temps and rain wearing leathers and "do rags". ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Dillon July 28th 2013

Now begins the 1200 mile trip back to Arkansas. Mother Nature seems to have us in the temperature temperate zone. Will just have to see if the forcast is real.The road from Paonia hwy 133 wound around to I-70. Passing through a very high pass at Vail Colorado. 10,600 ft and very chilly! Hooray! Stopped in Dillon for night and recommend Super 8. However, there is no elevator. People here just walk more I guess. One can get winded at 9000 feet if not careful, I figured I would have to do cpr on Charlie once or twice! We recommend the mexican restaurant across from the hotel. The rally at Paonia was pretty uneventful so no posts were made. Travel tip: when changing altitudes many times it is a good idea to put your lotions in ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Twin Falls July 24th 2013

Well today was only 550 miles and it was HOT. After being on the coast for 3 weeks it is kinda a shock. Hope to make Paonia tomorrow but then there is no set schedule. Some pictures from yesterday and before are attached today... read more
Deborah and Paul Thorn
V2 Rocket
Water Slide

North America July 22nd 2013

Well, the rally has ended. After 6 days of 5 hours of sleep, this old fart is exhausted. We left the rally site Sunday at noon after packing up all the coffee stuff and getting it ready to load on the truck back to St. Louis. Just a short drive to the Red Lion for some R and R before hiting the road to Paonia, CO. Had a couple of malt beverages with Mad Dog at the bar during happy hour and then to bed for about 10 hours' Up this morning to send off extra sh** that wiould not fit in the bike. Shipping is not cheap and quite possibly I have spent more than the items cost originally.Met a really nice Irish guy who is the owner of Celtic Rider. He invited us to ... read more

Charlie's Day I took off for San Francisco about 8 AM in order to miss (?) the morning traffic into the big city. It really was not too bad until about 15 miles out. As I approached the Golden Gate Bridge fog was observed in large amounts. Stopped at the observation point and could not see San Francisco. Well, I had come this far so decided to press onward to Fisherman's Wharf. Parking is a premium, however there is space in the public parking for motorcycles that is free. Four wheeled vehicles get hit with a $3 for 20 min or $30 for all day. There is a National Park area that includes a walk thru tour of several vintage sailing ships and a maritime museum. While there is a charge, it is free to those ... read more
Tall Ship
Coal bucket

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa July 10th 2013

Deb's Day No reports of great roads today. I did a guided tour of 4 wineries with Platypus tours. They pick you up at your motel and cart you around. After 4 wineries with 5 samples at each one it seemed like a good idea. We went to smaller boutique wineries and not commercial ones. The settings were positively lush and edenistic with all the vines and flowers. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable of all aspects of history of the area and wine production. Because I was on a private tour ,I was able to go into areas not open to the public. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had trouble figuring out how I was going to get my wine home. Hooray for UPS! We walked to a restaurant for a nice dinner with my ... read more
Wine Cave
Robert Young Winery
VML Winery

North America » United States » California » Calistoga July 8th 2013

Today we went to Calistoga to do the touristy thing. Selected a route that looked interesting and yes, it included a bit of road construction. I discovered that California had a "Petrified Forest" and stopped by for a viewing. It seems that an volcanic eruption 3.4 million years ago created the onlyredwood petrified forest. There is a short, winding trail on a hillside where you can view the trees. I have been to the Petrified Forest N.P. and this is quite different. There is shade on the walk! Then on to Calistoga in search of a local brewery and other interesting sights. Right off the start I found the brewery closed for remodeling after a fire. So much for the first plan. Right across the street was the Vermiel wine shop. Familiar name, and yes, it ... read more
Redwood Revival

A day of leisure and a visit to the Charles Schultz Museum. It was only 3 miles from our motel so a short trip was in order. I wasted space bringing mesh jackets as the temps here are rather moderate...or downright cool. 53 when I got up this am. The Schultz Museum is rather interesting as it chronicles his work from childhood. Also next door is an ice rink where Senior Hockey contests are played. In the ice rink is located the Warm Puppy, a snack area for the skaters. We came back by the area for the BBQ contest and it is not an easy place to find. I can only imagine the BBQ Rigs pulling thru the quiet neighborhoods to get to the site. I considered moving motels that would be closer but we ... read more
Kite eating tree
Warm Puppy
Schultz's Office

It was a lovely sunny cool day on the Coastal Highway, not a g and p day, hallelujah. There is a nice organic cafe called Queenie's Cafe. It is located in Elk,CA and the food is awesome. The coffee in California makes me itch it is so strong. I still think that is what makes the drivers so crazy here. They are constantly wired! Drink more wine for heavens sake... Then onto the seal beach vista point where we met a BMW F800 rider. He was having chain problems so we gave him the Santa Rosa dealer's number. When we stopped by to visit the dealership later, they were still there and we visited some more. He was impressed about the anonymous book for our riders organization that lists numbers of dealers and riders all over ... read more
View from ELK
Elk Store
Sea Lion beach

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