Mathew Robertson


Mathew Robertson

The reason we travel is the reason for life itself, no matter even if we do it to escape lifes bigger questions the nature of traversing the world is that the mystery becomes a better lens to see reality through as we become mysterious even to ourselves. When you have left your home, family and old life behind and set a course with destiny as your guide you open yourself to the new and the old will inevitably drop away and we can wonder if as human beings we are meant for one place, one tribe, one way of doing things. What happens when you start identifying with people from the opposite side of the planet?

I've never technically been free as I don't even know what that means, anything that is does what it does based on it's makeup, it's form. The wind could be seen as free, but if the wind could talk would it agree with you on that notion? It has to do what it does in order for it to keep being what it is. For me to do what I'm doing now, typing this in a country far from my own I had to first go through all of the ups and downs of my own perception and a big part of the turns I took at certain junctions was that I didn't like what was in the other direction. The same psychological process follows me in the ways I travel now, I'm not fundamentally different if I did feel completely satisfied I probably wouldn't be putting myself through what can be uncomfortable days with no one but yourself to support you and unfamiliarity at every turn. There is always more to see and question marks lay around so many corners that the excitement far outweighs any adversity encountered, this life for whatever reason has so many entreched into it's gravity and we cannot deny it's pull on our lives any more than planets leaving the orbit of a star.

I can't say that I have travelled a lot, not in a typical sense of looking at the global picture as I have probably only seen a small percentage of the world but I have changed homes around a dozen times in the last decade and have basically gotten into the flow of constant change. I understand the rhythm now and how often the things we get attached to during the time we put roots down can be found elsewhere so I don't stress it or worry about real world stuff. All my furniture from Australia was given to a family member with some additional things in storage that I haven't needed in years so it's stuff that probably doesn't matter too much. My priority now is to serve my heart and I believe that is the road to fulfillment and the greatest reward, travel gives us the opportunity to see our own deepest yearnings and imaginative ideals reflected in life even if only for a moment and those moments are each chapters of the journey that one day we can look back on and be happy, the only way for us to prove to ourselves that life is after all ok is to get out and see it.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby February 26th 2016

When I want something in particular, that means there's a lot of things that I don't want. Me moving further toward that want, pulls me further from those other things, like going to a particular color on the spectrum we can only be in one place at once. When I became stressed out today due to an issue with my car insurance I had only just learned about that's caused it to skyrocket in price I wanted to be somewhere else, I wanted to be someone else and I wanted to know why this had happened. It got to that point of stress inside me because I wondered how then it was best to deal with my future, this huge increase of price will adversely affect my plans for here in Canada and I honestly started ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver February 26th 2016

Is the heart proof of eternal life? We always have to slow right down to interpret it correctly, I believe it knows more than our mind as the overwhelming message that I receive, when I'm receptive enough, is that everything is ok. I've never had my heart broken in the typical sense, like a home of light, safety and comfort being gutted with just the frame remaining. No, my home started out like they all do, inviting and full of joy. It's simply just suffered from neglect and a few rocks thrown through its windows, also from never feeling part of any neighborhood. For the most part it wants the same things I want though. Adventure, exploration, safety, love. It is my guide through all the rough seas and we are becoming reacquainted which is like ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » El Rosario January 1st 2016

I slept in until 9 which I would regret later, I kind of mused about my upcoming travel and procrastinated and somewhere around 1030 in the morning I got going after topping up with even more food and filtered water. I was probably riding about 8 kilos heavier than I had previous but it didn't turn out to be too much of a big deal, I made some really good distance in short time and was tackling the hills with no problem. Days like this were just fun, compared to the times where you just struggle and strain and moan to yourself about how tough it is there are times where your body is 100% into it. I still had some pains in my left knee that I was taking note of, but my seat was ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 22nd 2015

That first day with LA in my rear view I cycled through a steady stream of cool beach towns hugging the coastline. I ventured into one clothing shop that had a closing down sale, the guy behind the counter had started the business with a friend who had designed the art displayed on the array of t-shirts and hoodies. I bought one for $10 and he told me in his voice that was a lot like one of the singers from Blink 182, the one that sings "turn all the lights down now", that he had another business renting bicycles and wasn't too worried about the close, though he did seem a little sad. We chatted about life for a little while and he thought what I was doing was awesome, but advised me not to ... read more
San Diego
My first night in Mexico with Alex my host

North America » United States » California » Big Sur December 7th 2015

I was back on the road, everything was simple again. Cycle to the next sleeping spot, set up camp, eat. This was what I was doing this trip for, the challenge and the opportunity that the unknown can give. My Garmin GPS those first few days came in very handy indeed. Making my way over to Santa Cruz was ridiculously complicated, I must have had to make 20 turns in 15km that would have required constant stops had I just been relying on my phone. Still, after making it the 60 miles or so to the campsite just past town and starting again the next day the ride became simple as it hugged the coast. I'd been wondering about the Pacific Coast trail, made famous by the movie with Reese Witherspoon called 'Wild'. In the movie ... read more
Flooded road, had to turn back but I got to see this pond full of ducks
Big Sur

The next morning I checked out of the hostel, said goodbye to my Kiwi room mate and took my bike into the outskirts of the city to get repaired by a company contracted to Fuji who I thought may be able to do a free warranty fix on it. My front bearings were becoming an issue again, as well as my chain which was stretched, my rear axel was coming loose and the bike itself just needed some professional help. I couldn't explain why at the time but I just felt good that morning, excited at something that I couldn't perceive. It was like something good was happening at that moment but I wasn't consciously aware of it. As I rode into the town I saw the true face of San Francisco, all the disaffected people ... read more
Myself, Nicole and Tim
Our engraving on the sand

North America » United States » California » Gualala November 23rd 2015

I messaged a warmshowers host the next day named Judy whom Matt recommended, she responded quickly and said I could come past that night but that her place had a huge hill. She wasn't kidding it was very steep and the temperature was low, by the time I got there I was pretty tired, right on around dinner it had been a 50 mile day that day, the first in almost a month. I was invited into the farmhouse and there were three other people inside, two English cyclists guesting there as well named Kate and Carol and Judy's father who must have been pretty old as Judy was no spring chicken. We ate well and drank beer and then had to listen to Judy's father go on about this story or that from world war ... read more
Notice the birds in this photo

North America » United States » California » Fort Bragg November 16th 2015

As we took another steady day going south, around 40 miles of only a few hills we passed through a town called Garberville which was full of young people looking to work on weed plantations and earn some fast bucks. Some of these plantations had reputations of being run by Mexican gangs and supposedly treated the workers pretty badly, not paying them properly or at all and giving them squalid living conditions, taking advantage of their situation of either being a traveler or destitute. Still, for someone who is one minimum wage the lure is there and people are willing to come from all over the US to chase some fast money. So this town had that reputation, and we being bike tourists were thrown into the same category as the trimmigrants running all over the ... read more
Coolest cat ever

North America » United States » Oregon » Gold Beach November 7th 2015

The next few weeks was spent cycling every day with Matt, something usually going wrong with his bike that slowed him right down. He had lost his bank card he told me so his funds were becoming limited, this changed my perspective of traveling with him. I've been around too many broke people in my life to feel 'ok' with this. Matt was cool and everything and I still believed his stories though some of them began sounding very exaggerated, I even caught him out at one point re telling an important story about him getting hit by a drunken driver in Alabama that was completely different the second time through. We started going to all these Indian casinos that gave you free playing money if you sign up, at one I won $170 which was ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay November 4th 2015

Once we got going I was expecting to have a major difference in pace with Matt due to his cycling experience. His bike had mountain bike tires on it though and he really wasn't that fast of a rider anyway so I was constantly slowing down letting him do the leading. I'm not a physics expert by any means but after watching Matt struggle for a few km's on his bike with its huge, fat tires I could see it was a gigantic disadvantage on the road. It was really fucking logical to see how much harder he had to work to get speed up, I pointed this out which he completely denied, he told me the huge diameter of his wheels meant greater speed, I let it go. It was good to be cycling with ... read more
A zoo we passed through, this was one cute hedgehog
The beach we ended up camping on

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