Matters of the heart

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February 26th 2016
Published: April 28th 2016
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Is the heart proof of eternal life? We always have to slow right down to interpret it correctly, I believe it knows more than our mind as the overwhelming message that I receive, when I'm receptive enough, is that everything is ok. I've never had my heart broken in the typical sense, like a home of light, safety and comfort being gutted with just the frame remaining. No, my home started out like they all do, inviting and full of joy. It's simply just suffered from neglect and a few rocks thrown through its windows, also from never feeling part of any neighborhood. For the most part it wants the same things I want though. Adventure, exploration, safety, love. It is my guide through all the rough seas and we are becoming reacquainted which is like coming home, the heart is where the home is.


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