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I find that over 1 year has passed since my last blog. I suppose that most have been like us, holed up at home, living our lives in a new strange way. We had 2 trips planned to Europe and several where we started out for Canada but found that we had to postpone each one and then postpone again. We started to forget what we’d originally planned. We delayed plans that involved flying, started driving for destinations only to return home mid-route. My mom came to stay then went back to my brother’s house, returned to our house and then passed away, fortunately not from Covid. For the trip on which we are embarking on now, Trip 1, we had planned to go to Italy and stay for a month. I wanted to stay 2 ... read more
Ready to hit it

Now our dilemma was that the girls had a grandkids trip to look forward to while the boys had nothing. Besides Fynn made it very clear that he was going to Yellowstone. We’d planned to head for Canada from Yellowstone so presented the plan that we could just take the 4 grandkids with us. But just as we settled everything, Justin found that the boys would be free during the week we would go to Yellowstone. Here we go again! After lots of going back and forth with texts and emails we settled on a new plan: we will go to Nate’s for a few days and do a little backpacking in the Warner Mountains. We will then take Zaya on Saturday and drive to where we will pick up the boys, Lucian and Sequoia. We ... read more

Gestern habe ich Las Vegas verlassen und bin wieder zurueck nach Kalifornien und zwar nach Bakersfield gefahren. Das verlief wieder relativ problemlos. Es war aber wieder eine lange Fahrt durch die Wueste, bevor wieder gruene Vegetation gekommen ist. In der Stadt habe ich mein Hotel gut gefunden und eingecheckt. Ich habe auf dem Zimmer Kaffee getrunken und bin mit dem Smartphone ins Internet. Meinen Laptop habe ich geschohnt, damit er noch nicht ganz kaputt geht. Die Verbindung zwischen Monitor und Tastatur ist defekt und wird mit jedem Oeffnen schlimmer. Vom Hotel bin ich dann ins Zentrum der Stadt und habe wieder einmal Getraenke gekauft. Danach habe ich gegessen und wieder CNN gekuckt. Bei diesem Sender ist aber mindestens die Haelfte Trump-Bashing, wie in den deutschen Medien. Informationen zur boomenden Wirtschaft oder Chinas unfairen Handelspraktiken oder Kriminalitaet ... read more
Kontrolle an der Grenze zu Kalifornien.
Blick auf Bakersfield.
Bakersfield Downtown.

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield November 17th 2018

Last year, while working in Florida, we had a family emergency and bought plane tickets to fly home and back. As it turned out, we had to drive home to work the fires in Northern California, so did not use the tickets. We canceled our flight and thought we’d use the tickets at a later date, if possible. Our time was running out, to use the tickets so we looked for concerts we might like to attend. We found that there were several concerts in London, so we booked our tickets around the concerts. And for the same price, we booked our round trip with one stop. Our 1st flight was set to depart at 11:50 am giving us 2 hours in San Francisco, where we would board our 3 pm non-stop flight to London. We ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield August 16th 2017

Oh boy, a trip to Canada in May, a trip to Canada in June, a trip to Iceland and London in July, Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest in July/August and here we are going to leave again. I’ll blog about these other trips as I can. In May I started an Instagram blog and as we were going along I noticed the mileage of our truck and shot a photo of the odometer. I remembered that a neighbor wanted me to let him know the mileage once in a while. What better than to keep a record by photos. I was thinking about our truck and thought I’d pay tribute to her and the people who have made our journey possible. Back in 2006, we had a truck that was simply not big enough to handle ... read more

Well, it is always something. I had looked at all of the car rental sites trying to determine which SUV/Sport Wagon style car would be best for our car camping in Iceland. Lots of cars are listed but they are European models so hard to know exactly what they are. Our concern is that the back area is big enough with seats down. We have a tent, but in the event, there are high winds or heavy rains we need something that we can sleep in. We determined what we thought was the equivalent of the Hyundai i10 and at the Hyundai car lot, we asked if they had the model we were looking for. The salesperson pulled out a car, we put the back seat down and climbed in, laying down to see how we’d ... read more

I couldn't get into this blog for some time, then gave up. Now, responding to a post, I find that the blog is back. Only 3 years later. So I'm back! And here is my latest blog: Well, so much for blogging the remainder of our last trip. I suspect that I needed a break from the laptop. Instead of this blog, I started a photo blog which did not require a laptop or writing something intelligible. We did return from a great trip to Canada and are now in desperate preparations for 5 summer trips. How did we get to this place? We wanted to have some time to breathe. Alas…. So our first trip will be to head back to Northeast Cali, actually just into Nevada, where kids now live. Our oldest grandson is ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield September 6th 2014

It's countdown time for my wife and I to visit Scandinavia. Train passes (Select 4 country pass) ...check. Train reservations....check. We will arrive in Dusseldorf flughafen on Sept 18. Train to Copenhagen...1 night...then train to Stockholm for 7 nights. Then train to Oslo for 5 nights. Then back to Copenhagen for 5 nights....and on the Dusseldorf and home. This is our 28th trip to Europe, with (after this trip) only 6-7 countries not visited. My wife is Estonian and is very much looking forward to herring and meatballs. At the end of this trip we will have visited 68 countries!... read more

Travel day to Bakersfield, Ca. overnight at Bakersfield River Run RV Park. Extremely clean and neat. Temp. 108. Travel day to Oakhurst, Ca. for our base camp for Yosemite. High Sierra RV Park is one of the few campgrounds in the Yosemite area. We will never stay here again. My RV is 34 ft, and anything larger would never fit no matter what their webpage, or what they tell you over the phone.... read more

So 3 days and counting! We have rented our cars. Since a car may only be rented for 28 days max, we have rented a 9 passenger van for 3 days. We will be able to fit all of us, including Belgium friends while we travel around Brussels. This van we prepaid so we even saved a little money. We have rented a Peugeot SUV for 28 days, which is what we will drive to Germany, Austria, Denmark, and on. This is a 6 passenger, diesel. We hope that we can sleep in it if it is too cold or rainy. We have plans to camp when possible. We will take sleeping bags, a tent, a cooking pot, utensils, all the things we can think of that we will need for camping. We have a friend ... read more

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