A Grandkids Trip #2

Published: August 9th 2019
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Now our dilemma was that the girls had a grandkids trip to look forward to while the boys had nothing. Besides Fynn made it very clear that he was going to Yellowstone.

We’d planned to head for Canada from Yellowstone so presented the plan that we could just take the 4 grandkids with us. But just as we settled everything, Justin found that the boys would be free during the week we would go to Yellowstone. Here we go again!

After lots of going back and forth with texts and emails we settled on a new plan: we will go to Nate’s for a few days and do a little backpacking in the Warner Mountains. We will then take Zaya on Saturday and drive to where we will pick up the boys, Lucian and Sequoia. We will then head to Yellowstone with a stop at the Peppermill.

After Yellowstone, we will meet Justin in Twin Falls and give him the boys and pick up Emilio from his other grandmother in Boise. We will then go to Oregon City and pick up Zoey and Fynn who will have just returned from their other grandmother’s house.

From there we will go to Canada and after I go thru immigration we will hop on the ferry to Vancouver Island for a couple of days, then back to Vancouver.

After we meet Clayton and Jen and give them Zoey and Fynn we will start looking at areas we might like to settle in. As I have to wait for my Permanent Residence Card, we will have time to look around.


9th August 2019

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9th August 2019

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