I'm a seasoned world traveler, having visited 60+ countries over the past 20 years. My wife and I are both retired, and travel both domestically and internationally each year. I just returned from a 2 1/2 week trip to India with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), which I have used 5 times. Most of our trips, however, are individual, self-planned journeys. We are taking the summer off to do some house remodeling, but will be back on the road in September with a three week trip to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, using the train (which we have done frequently). I am very interested in architecture, museums, art, and was a European History major in college. I also have an MBA, was a military officer, and a general manager for a large corporation. I love photography and also enjoy writing about my trips.

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield September 6th 2014

It's countdown time for my wife and I to visit Scandinavia. Train passes (Select 4 country pass) ...check. Train reservations....check. We will arrive in Dusseldorf flughafen on Sept 18. Train to Copenhagen...1 night...then train to Stockholm for 7 nights. Then train to Oslo for 5 nights. Then back to Copenhagen for 5 nights....and on the Dusseldorf and home. This is our 28th trip to Europe, with (after this trip) only 6-7 countries not visited. My wife is Estonian and is very much looking forward to herring and meatballs. At the end of this trip we will have visited 68 countries!... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park April 28th 2014

What are the odds of seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild? It is definitely a rare occurrence, primarily due to the estimated number of tigers left in India. In the 1930's it was estimated that there were over 40,000. But, even with India's Project Tiger, poaching has reduced the number to @1500. There are 39 tiger preserves in the country, totalling @ 32,000 sq kilometers. But the slide to extinction seems relentless, and the chances of seeing a tiger is becoming rare. On my recent trip to India with Overseas Adventure Travel, we visited Rathambore National Park over two days, March 28 and 29. We had been pre-warned in our briefing that the odds of seeing a tiger was around 100 to 1. So, with our expectations dutifully lowered, we entered the National Park. ... read more

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