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Our flight out of Tijuana was non eventful - after paying the surprise $38 “6 month visa” fee. Any trip longer than 7 days requires a 6 month visa. However, the walk through the CBX (Cross Border Express) and the bridge to the actual airport, was fairly easy. Tijuana airport is modern and there’s room to grow. Jo and I enjoyed a quick breakfast, hopped on the plane, and 3 hours later- Mexico! Luggage took a while, but traffic slowed Diana, so all was well. What people say about traffic here is 100% true. In a city of over 21 million, things are often reduced to a crawl. Add in a thunderstorm, rush hour, no lines painted on any road, side streets that appear to the left and right out of nowhere, honking horns, and topes...speed ... read more
They hate him here, too...
Bougainvillea Madness

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán January 3rd 2019

Three historical sites with very strange names After we came home I started to plan the blogs and how I could tell what we were up to the weeks we were in Mexico. In order to avoid some blogs to become too large I decided to pull out some photos and present them in separate blogs. Here is one of those. This blog will be focused on some historical sites. The three sites I am going to write about here are Teotihuacan, Tula and Tenochtitlán. The historical sites in Mexico have some strange names. I am lucky that I only have to spell them right and nobody expects me to pronounce them correctly. Teotihuacan - Teotihuacan is one of the most spectacular historical sites in all of Mexico. To be honest, it is so spectacular that ... read more
Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun
My mother on top of Pyramid of the Sun

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico December 27th 2018

Wednesday found us leaving Mexico City and heading up the mountains to Taxco. We were on a group tour because this trip is difficult to tackle alone. Eight of us boarded a van with driver and guide and headed to our first stop Cuernavaca. Our guide told us that this is a city for resting and that the unlucky Maximillian and Carlotta came here to rest. She before skedaddling out of Mexico back to Europe and poor old Max before he was executed in Puebla. The Mexicans did not take too kindly to these Aristocratic Austrians trying to take over their country. A quick visit to one of the first European Churches in Mexico and we hopped back on the bus. Of course there is always one couple who does not respect the time and so ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico February 27th 2018

Mittwoch, den 21. Februar startete mein großes Abenteuer / Projekt « ConnAct ». Meine Eltern haben mich zum Flughafen Köln/Bonn gebracht wo alles problemlos ablief und wir ein super Timing hatten. Der Flug nach Cancun sollte eigentlich 12 1/2 Stunden dauern, aber schlussendlich waren wir nur 11 Stunden unterwegs und ich war sehr froh darüber. Der Flug war sehr gut, ich saß neben einem Italiener der in Cancun lebt und während dem Flug habe ich mich mit meinem neuen Fotoapparat bekannt gemacht (Sony RX 100 Mark I) und viel über Mexiko gelesen. Alles war super und klappte perfekt, aber ich war doch sehr nervös und habe mich oft gefragt : « Was zur Hölle tust du eigentlich ? Bleib ein paar Tage in Mexiko und flieg dann wieder Heim! ». Ich schwöre, ich werde nie wieder ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal January 20th 2018

In the morning I woke up and enjoyed a great breakfast. Great tasting coffee, fruit, a sandwich and yoghurt. I had a mid morning bus to Mexico City airport. The bus I took was again quite luxurious. A movie was shown and there was plenty of space on the bus. I arrived to Mexico City airport and took a taxi to Mixcoac to stay with Rolando’s parents. The traffic was busy, although this seemed like a common occurrence in Mexico City. The relatively short trip took just under an hour. The taxi dropped me off directly at the door of Rolando’s parents. I rang the doorbell, which was literally a string with a bell at the end, to meet Sergio, Rolando’s father. They were very kind and took me to a private quarters they’d built by ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal November 19th 2017

When the 2017 NFL schedule was revealed last April and the New England Patriots were playing in Mexico City against the despised Oakland Raiders, I knew I had to see this game en vivo. Getting to Mexico was easy but procuring last minute tickets was going to be tough. As luck would have it, upon walking into my hostel last Thursday I met an equally rabid Pats fan from Colombia who was also trying to find tickets for him and his girlfriend. The next day the 3 of us got tickets from a local woman that Santiago had met through Facebook. Seemed sketchy as we had no way to be sure if the tickets were legit until we actually tried to get into the stadium, Estadio Azteca, which seats approximately 87,000, down from an original 113,000 ... read more
Inside El Estadio

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 31st 2016

Desde yo leí acerca Teotihuacana hacer 3 años, hay querido visitar esta lugar. Un razón principal fue que el construcción de las pirámides es un misterio. Sabemos son hecho de los manos de humanos, pero no sabemos quién exactamente. Eso fue muy interesante para mí, espacialmente porque me encanto la historia y cultura de México, y hay querido visitar la país por como 5 años antes de 2016. La historia de Teotihuacana es interesante, ha habido mucha influencia sobre la cultura de América Latina. Por ejemplo, hay muchas artefactos de esta ciudad en otras lugares en México y Guatemala Norte. Eso es un indicación que la gente de Teotihuacana fueron artesanas buenas, y también, que ellos podieron viajar mucho redondo lo región. Para mucha gente, particularmente turistas, una cosa interesante es el sito su mismo porque ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Teotihuacán December 28th 2016

I first read about Teotihuacan on my laptop whilst taking a break from completing assignments for my online TEFL qualification. This was 3 years ago now, and I still remember vowing to see it if I could get TEFL work in Mexico. The mystery of the site was one of the things that first grabbed my attention, and justified my procrastination; archeologists have very little idea who built it. What they do know is that the site was built about 2100 years ago, and that the major structures such as the pyramids of the Sun and Moon, the palace, and the avenue of the dead were all planned and construction of them was started at this time. The Aztecs talked about Teotihuacan with reverence, and it should be remembered that their empire begun over 500 years ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal November 25th 2016

De zaterdag werd ik wakker en kreeg ik gelijk slecht nieuws bij het ontbijt: het hele hostel was volgeboekt voor de volgende nacht dus ik moest een ander hostel zoeken. Ik kreeg wel wat tips over waar meer hostels waren, dus ging ik op zoek naar een bed. Wat ik echter niet wist is dat het een nationale feestdag dag was op zondag en er was een gigantisch festival aan de gang. Dus alles was volgeboekt. Ingrid had kaarten voor dat festival en daar was overnachting bij inbegrepen. Na anderhalf uur rondlopen en meer kruisjes op mijn kaart dan ik graag wilde kreeg ik goed nieuws. In het hostel waar ik toen was, was er een groep van 6 mensen die van plan waren om het hostel te verlaten. Om 1 uur zou de eigenaar weten ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico November 10th 2016

Day 0 (Wed): Getting away Life threw a bunch of eggs at me recently and I had to snap out of it quick. I sought wwoof and workaway for the first time to give me a new purpose and to reset my life. It would be nice if V could come but we have a sick cat that needs to be hand fed :(. It's really been a bad stretch. First, I looked into wwoofing in France. Wow airlines had $400 flight to Paris! Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get my hands on tourteau fromager? Just as I finally got a positive connection with a host, Wow was becoming impossible. This is the second time their price went up right in front of my eyes during the purchasing process. I'm crossing out Wow forever and ... read more
Tortilla soup at Meson de Leyendas
Meson de Leyendas
On the way to Mirador Cruz de Mision

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