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This time, we made sure to ask if we can fish in the Sea of Cortez. We were hoping that the ride would be smoother. I did not want to feel sick on a boat again. This time, our captain allowed us to sit up on the bridge with him. The view from there was much better. Throughout the day, I helped spot many marlin and fish. The first fish caught of the day was a Dorado reeled in by Jeff. The next fish was another Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi) caught by the other couple that was with us - Rob and Jodi. The next fish was mine. We strolled for a while until a fish was caught, but the captain Jose did a great job at casting the bait to catch the fish. Finally, he ... read more
The pool from our room
More pictures of El Arco

The next day, we rented some waverunners and set our appointment with the snorkeling tour. We redeemed the vouchers that Richard and Barbara gave us. The snorkeling trip was set for the next morning. On our way to do this, we were hit up for another timeshare. We decided that we could fit the timeshare presentation in for the next morning before our snorkeling trip. What's another timeshare for another cheap fishing trip? For dinner, we finally ate our Tuna. The Giggling Marlin prepared it quite nice and cooked it 4 different ways for us to eat. It was a huge meal and we could not finish it. We couldn't ask for more for 55 pesos. That evening, we went out and hung out in some bars. We went to a bar called the Love Shack, ... read more
Pool at the Love Shack
Yummy Tuna
At Squid Roe

The second day, we had the timeshare presentation in the morning. We were stuck there for 3 hours. Of course we did not buy, but it looked like a really beautiful place. We were anxious to get out of there and relax on the beach. Today was a relaxing day. We walked over to see where the main dock was. On the way over, we met the owner of JC Sportfishing. We stopped by his booth because he had a lot of fish on display. We started talking to him a bit, and he asked me what ethnicity I was. I told him I am Cambodian and he said he loves Cambodia. Apparently, he goes there quite often for vacation. He talked to me for a while about his trips and the crazy Cambodian food he ... read more
The beautiful sunrise
View of Cabo from the boat
View of Lovers Beach

The ride to Cabo from San Francisco was only three hours, so we were in paradise before we knew it. I made reservations for a shuttle before we arrived, so while we while were waiting for our luggage, we went to the "Cabo Express" shuttle desk and checked in. The people at the desk were very nice, and warned us not to speak to anyone who didn't have their "Cabo Express" logo on their shirt. He told us that people can be pushy and coerce us into going with them. So after we got our luggage, we were very soon surrounded by mad chaos of people acting like pushy salesmen, trying to get us to talk to them. We located the Cabo Express guy, and he directed us to talk to a guy while he went ... read more
View of the marina
Our dream house on the hill
Marina walkway to our hotel

We all know that Cabo is a great place to relax, party, and take in the sun and beaches, but while you are there you can also help out the locals. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty in Cabo and for only 1/4 of what you might spend on a hotel room for one night you can really help out some children. Niños del Capitan day care is only a quick taxi ride away from main area with all of the hotels and bars. They are in need of school supplies and they are very grateful for any donations! The building is also in need of repair and one thing you could do is pick up a Home Depot gift certificate (be sure to buy it at the one in Cabo because the US gift ... read more
Niños del Capitan day care
local artist

Yesterday, we watched from the Observation Lounge as dolphins played near the ship. From our vantage point, it looked like they were diving directly underneath the bow and we worried for their safety. Soon, they popped out on the other side of the ship, shiny bodies arching up in the air and back into the water in a glittering show of aquatic athleticism. They were safe after all. This morning, we can hear the seals bark as the sun glints on El Arco, the rock formation at the tip of Baja California. Alan and I sip coffee on the balcony as we watch a fishing fleet leave for a day of sport fishing. The desert hills rising above the town remind us of home. Mariner is one of three ships anchored in the waters off Cabo ... read more
A local bar
Marina area
El Arco in the afternoon

From God´s marbles we traveled to the outstanding Bahia de Concepcion. WOW! I can only be amazed by the beauty of it all. Josh and I promptly found a bungalow right on the water and positioned our beach chairs exactly along the sun´s vector. There we stayed for almost 3 hours before moving slowly but surely towards dinner. The hike to the next camp place was about 2 miles - lovely walk during the day, a little frightening at night with no moon and only a flshlight to keep us from falling off a cliff into the freezing water. However, I saw more stars than I ever have before in my life and we lived to tell about it. Leaving the Bahia was a sad day, but our next stop was well worth the move. Loreto ... read more
Not Bad digs
South of Loreto
The streets of Loreto

Cabos San Lucas turned out to be a bit of a surprise for us. We had been led to expect a very tacky dirty and generally unpleasant place. Instead the beach was beautiful, bars along the sand, fantastically clean cool sea water and an attractive town centre. Granted as with everywhere there are some ugly bits... but these weren't areas that you have to go. The lonely planet guide said regarding budget accommodation - "there isn't any." Matt's Lets Go guide listed a few suggestions. The "el dorardo" our motel for the next few days was impressive. Huge rooms, very clean and all importantly - air con. Hmm - maybe I should be slumming it a bit more - the backpacker way - but when you get a room in the most expensive part of Mexico ... read more
Buildings near the Marina
Metal Mariachais
The Harbour

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