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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 23rd 2006

So I have arrived in Guadalajara. The plane trips were not difficult, and connecting in Cabo was an exercise in laughter at all the Paris Hilton sunglassed girls and otherwise preppy american families going to or coming back from a week of heavy drinking on the beach. Cabo is pretty arid, or so it looks from the air, so the pictures the family I sat next to on my way to Guadalajara had taken seemed atypical as there were pools and palm trees everywhere. All you can see from the air is dry shrubs and dry stream beds. Mexicana flights are different than US flights as alcohol is not an extra charge. Not that I felt like drinking before the insanity I knew Guadalajara would present, but the general atmosphere of the plane was much more ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas September 3rd 2006

Sunday morning came bright and hot as if nothing had ever happened. These flowers bloomed in their magnificence as if to say Praise the Lord just as soon as the sun shone again. Everything was life as normal and the airport reopend. The holiday had been fantastic but we were happy to be going home once again. A brief stopover in LA made everyone want to take our next trip back to see more of that city and probably some baseball. ... read more
Fly me home

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas September 2nd 2006

This was Vince's 16th birthday and unfortunately very little we could do as there was still rain and clouds throughout the day. The hotel was busy mopping up anywhere water came in and repairing any bits of damage. However, we were all very thankful that nothing serious happened and made the best of it. By the end of the day we became quite silly and to Vince's chagrin I am adding in a picture of our silliness. A poor translation of the hotel rules suggested in English that it was illegal to iron in the room - being 16 now Vince decided to be show his rebellious streak. ... read more
Sweet 16
Illegal ironing

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas September 1st 2006

This is the day that the clouds and rain finally rolled in. The english international version of CNN was the only reports we had. Other than the constant tourist gossip in the lobby. There was internet access but as you can imagine the line ups to the computers were extensive. Just being in that little room with other worried tourists could get you wonder about your sanity in this place. The staff were all exceptional and tried to keep people informed as needed. However Hurricanes as any weather are not always perfectly predictable. The hotel tried to give us a time frame of John making landfall and suggested that we all be in a safe shelter during that time. John however slowed considerably and they kept pushing this time back until finally it was realized that ... read more
High class Evacuation center
View from our balcony

This was the first day that the Hurricane became a definite threat and activities needed to be cancelled. Checking for possilbe early flights home was fruitless. Basically this was our last day which they could insure our safety outside of the hotel. Much of Cabo was preparing their homes and workplaces for the hurricane. The Mexican people are truly prepared for these emergencies and were efficiently creating safe zones for everyone, if the hurricane finally arrived. Weather forecasts gave us a variety of times when John would arrive but the earliest was later tonight or tomorrow morning. The only activity still available to us was swimming with the Dolphins. It was great to still get this chance to experience this but everyone there was glad for the distraction. ... read more

One activity we all agreed on was Kayaking and Ramon's Eco Tours came highly recommended. We all second that vote of confidence. He took us and another family from Cabo San Lucas beach to Pelican rock to snorkel through some great coral beds and schools of fish. Getting us in and out of the kayaks to accomplish that was no small feat but worth the experience. Kayaking to the arch was a totally different experience than seeing it from a large tour ship. We then got to spend some time at Lover's beach which is the small beach beside the arch which opens to the sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Fortunately we had started early as by the time we were ready to leave all the tourists were ... read more
Vince and Kurtis
The Arch from a Kayak

Kurtis and Vince took a Jet Ski tour our in the Sea of Cortez today. Although they look serious in these pictures- they had a great time. There was only one jet ski left to book so Kelvin watched longingly from the shore. He had the promise of parasailing and a canyon tour by zipline on the weekend to look forward to (not yet aware that Hurricane John would cancel all of those plans). Troy and I satisfied ourselves with the thrill of water toboggans back at the hotel. Just enough danger for me! ... read more
Off to sea
Dangerous Water toboggans

The beach next to our hotel was beautiful but not the safest ocean to swim in due to the large waves and strong riptimes We were not able to truly dive in and swim but got a little bit too daring playing on the beach. We definitely went in further than we should have but paid the price only in drifts of sand filling every orifice of our body. Sitting by the pool was far more relaxing. This was also the day we listened to the wonderful merits of owning at the Royal Solaris. Might be lovely if it were about 6 hours closer to home. Alas we said no. ... read more
We couldn't resist

I´m in Cabo San Lucas happy to be in some dry heat. I spent longer than expected in Puerto Vallarta (not that I have any expectations...). Woke up and thought "I need to get out of this town." Hopped on the bus to Mazatlán in order to catch the ferry over to La Paz. I fell asleep past my stop in Mazatlán and had to take another bus back three hours. Bummer. Got to Mazatlán and stayed in the historical part of the city. It was so cute; very artsy and not very touristy. There is a world famous school of dance right near where I was staying and I got to see their end of the year show which was amazing. The audience was seated on the stage with the dancers so we were only ... read more

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