Snorkeling with Jellyfish

Published: June 18th 2006
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The next day, we rented some waverunners and set our appointment with the snorkeling tour. We redeemed the vouchers that Richard and Barbara gave us. The snorkeling trip was set for the next morning. On our way to do this, we were hit up for another timeshare. We decided that we could fit the timeshare presentation in for the next morning before our snorkeling trip. What's another timeshare for another cheap fishing trip? For dinner, we finally ate our Tuna. The Giggling Marlin prepared it quite nice and cooked it 4 different ways for us to eat. It was a huge meal and we could not finish it. We couldn't ask for more for 55 pesos. That evening, we went out and hung out in some bars. We went to a bar called the Love Shack, where we found a pool table and played some games of pool for 5 pesos. It was also ladie's night there and 2 for one drinks. We also hung out at Cabo Wabo and Squid Roe.

June 3, 2006

We had a timeshare presentation this morning. We had to make sure to get out of the timeshare by 1030 to catch the snorkeling tour. The timeshare was a nice place called Playa Grande. It was a beautiful place with swimming pools that overlook the ocean. We had to get out of there fast, so Jeff said he felt sick. The timeshare people were very pushy, but we finally got out of there and set our appointment for our fishing trip the next morning. We caught a taxi, and ran all the way from our hotel to the Hacienda Dock where the Buccaneer Queen was departing. They had their gates closed and we just barely made it to the boat on time. They saw us running and let us on the boat. The trip was actually a very nice trip. The ride over to Chileano Bay was approximately 25-30 minutes. It was nice because it was open bar on the boat!

When we got to Chileano Bay, the deck hand instructed us to be carefule while snorkeling because there were jellyfish in the water. We heard a lot of good stuff about this Bay, so we were excited to snorkel here. We jumped in the water, and were soon surrounded by jellyfish. Women and children were screaming and it was chaos. The ship crew instructed us to stay near him so we could avoid the jellyfish. It soon turned into a madhouse. People were swimming too close to eachother and people were scared of the jellyfish. They threw some bread in the water, but people were too busy looking for jellyfish to actually snorkel! We finally gave up and they instructed us to go back to the ship. We all swam back to the ship, but while waiting in line to get back into the ship, people were getting stung by jellyfish. I got stung twice in the back. It wasn't so bad. It just felt like a bee sting. They had some cream on the boat to help ease the pain. After that, Jeff didn't want to go scuba diving anymore.

That night, we went to bed early because again, we had to get up at 5am for our fishing trip the next day.

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At Squid RoeAt Squid Roe
At Squid Roe

They were doing some kind of mock protest

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