Fishing in the Sea of Cortez

Published: June 18th 2006
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This time, we made sure to ask if we can fish in the Sea of Cortez. We were hoping that the ride would be smoother. I did not want to feel sick on a boat again. This time, our captain allowed us to sit up on the bridge with him. The view from there was much better. Throughout the day, I helped spot many marlin and fish. The first fish caught of the day was a Dorado reeled in by Jeff. The next fish was another Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi) caught by the other couple that was with us - Rob and Jodi. The next fish was mine. We strolled for a while until a fish was caught, but the captain Jose did a great job at casting the bait to catch the fish. Finally, he caught it, and he handed me the pole. It was a Marlin! It was not easy to reel in at all. The Marlin was fighting a lot and keep on taking the line. Also, he kept on jumping out of the water. It was a spectacular sight. Jeff ran and got his video camera. Rob filmed us while we were fighting the fish. The fish kept on jumping and finally, he cut the line and escaped. But he didn't swim away without letting us know that he was really mad. He swam away with several jumps out of the water. The other boats around us saw him and tried to catch him too, but he wasn't falling for it anymore. He was long gone. So that was my second fish that got away from me =( Jeff estimated the size of this Marlin to be 8 feet long.


June 5, 2006

Today we just relaxed. We took it easy because being on a boat all day seems to put our bodies out of sync. We decided to catch a movie at the mall theatre. The people at the theatre didn't speak much English, so when they charged us the VIP price, we couldn't communicate with them and ask them why they charged us the VIP price. But when we got in the theatre, we understood why. The seats were very nice leather seats, and they reclined! It was a great way to cool down and relax during the day. We spent the rest of the day shopping for souvenirs. It was a great way to end our vacation. I forgot to mention that the Marina Fiesta was a great place to stay. We couldn't ask for a better location. It was close to the beach and just steps away from the action in downtown. Jeff loved Cabo so much, I definately think we'll be back =)


19th June 2006

I'm pleased to see that you're keeping up on your travel journals. Not many people can say that they fought with a marlin. That was a cool story. The jellyfish story was cool, too. I hope Laura is on your subscription list.

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