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Its Freezing, so we go pick up the people, in a parka and super bundled up, and these people are from Alaska, so their no strnagers to cold, we make our way to Cabo, and to our suprise, had a super goos tour, it was real glasy (meaning no wind), so the water was very still, it even had a few degrees more than yesterday, and the visibility was super good, we landed at the pirates cave right next to the arch, tha it was so still that we can only do that when its like a lake. The people had a great time, once again a very succesfull tour, everybody back safely at theri hotels. read more

Hello everyone, Todays weather was real cold, its freezing here in Cabo, around 16 Celcious at night, and some winds, but all the complaining aside, today we saw some whales from the Kayaks, its was the thing that made eveyones trip worth it, you know me rain or shine, the show must go on, the custumers where a little bummed about the weather, but like I said, its worht a try, and when we saw this hump back playing in front of us, they thanked me for making them go out. Once again, a very succesfull tour, everyone back safely in their hotels. read more

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We began the day bright and early with a little B and E. Forget brunch. We are more into breaking and entering. We had most of the day free and decided to explore the lavish mansions on the hillside. What we didn’t realize until we got up the first 5 massive hills (I’m talking 60 degree inclines here), was that the community was gated. Not a problem for us! We waited until we saw someone leaving and caught the gate behind her as if we belonged. I think my cute sundress helped ;) Our explorations led us to some of the most beautiful homes and views I have ever experiences. Perhaps when we win our first multi-million dollar lottery jackpot, we’ll buy ... read more
View From the Top
Yummy Viddles On the Beach
Lovers Beach

The tour was going well as usual, nice glassy morning, and to our suprise, the visibility while snorkeling went from like 8 ft yesterday to like 40 ft visibility, the water seemd a few degrees warmer, that is typical behavior of the spring season, when the water temperature drops and rises from day to day, normaly when it tends to go from cold to warmer water it get real clear, and today was unusually like that, so we took advantage of it. once again a fun and safe tour, everybody is back safely in their hotels. read more

Well, todya was a double tour, there ws some Kyaking in the morning, Cold conditions, bad visibility, but good times, on the other hand, Hiking was real fun, great weather to do it too, there where a lots of whales to spot and the people seemed very happy on the tour. read more

Todays Tour was real easy going, we had the Jimenez family on board, and they were real good Kayakers, so less baby sitting for me, and more enjoyment of the calmness of the Bay, it stayed galssy even afther we left. We were looking for Gray or Humpback whales, which there where some spottings, the only thing is,they where quite far from shore, but its just a matter of time and luck, cause theres been plenty of time where we spot whales right by the shore, and make the tour so much more fun, so thats something to expect on these days. Visibility was bad, about 9 feet, theres fishes, but normaly whale watching seasson which is until mid march, means cold and murky waters, so the snorkelingmight not be the best, but theres always the ... read more

Todays weather was super good, there was nearly no wind what so ever the whole day, it would have been a great kayaking day, but since today we did some Hiking by the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, the temperature was great, we saw some whales when we where at the very top of the mountain, its official, Whale Watching is on!! The sun set can be seen from Sol Mar Beach, unlike the summer where it goes down by the hills, now we saw it sink right on the sea! Everything was great, everyone happy and safely back in their hotels. read more

Hello again: The Bay of Cabo San Lucas was great conditions for Kayaking for the first part of the tour, no one was out, there was no wind and got to swing around the Pacific side and then to Lovers Beach with no complications. The waters visibility was very poor and it was cold even with a wetsuit, any ways the Sawkins stuck it out and had a good snorkeling session. there was one cruis ship in town, that meant lots of Jet skiers on the way back an chopy water around the 11:00 Am Mark, thank God we start early and can at least have the first part of the morning very calm. Well, once again our tour was a succes, people had a great time and everybody is safly back in their hotels. ... read more

Today the conditions were some of the worse I've ever seen; There were 2 cruis ships already in the bay by 8:00 AM, so that meant a lot of trafic, also a lot of people were doing Jet Skis, cruises around the bay and Glas bottom boats. The water was real chopy by the time we had to get back around 11:00 Am and our snorkeling session was very poor visibility, the water was a Algy green color and a bit cold. The family I had today was also not really up to it, they where hang over, rude and didnt like to follow any of the indications, basicaly a bad tour, non the less the people were returned safely to their hotel like always. read more

This will be the begining to my day to day Blogging, informing about the Conditions encountered on any of my diferent tours: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Hiking and Surfing Mainly. Kayaking to The Arch: - Took the Toninos (Italian Family), 2 couples and one 8 year old. - Weather; was about 25 Celcious, no wind what so ever, not even in San Jose del Cabo, normaly this time of year the North East Winds stop me from doing the 3 Bay Tour, Cabo Pulmo and La Paz (Isla Espiritu Santo) Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour. The Arch Tour is good to do Year round cause of its geographical location, protected from the winds of the winter, and no existing winds in the summer. - Water ws finally kindda cold, everybody was very greatfull we had wetsuits for our snorkeling ... read more

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