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Hola Amigos y Amigas, After a sad week of saying goodbye to our family and friends, we got on the plane to Cabo and instantly fell asleep. On Sunday, I can say that for the first time in my life I sat next to a pool all day long and did not move. There were points during the day where this task seemed more difficult than running the marathon, but it was really nice to relax and read. We have spent the last 4 days doing the exact same thing, only getting up to make lunch or head into town for dinner. Just to give you a better idea of our general laziness - Our hotel is a beachfront hotel (literally a 10 second walk) and we did not make it down to touch the sand ... read more

It took a whole 6 days sailing to get from Costa Rica to the Baja California Peninsula, talk about cabin fever! Actually it was a really great trip, not rough and we saw lots of dolphins and a couple of whales. The dolphins love to play in the boats wake, and at one point were effortlessly swimming infront of the bow while we were moving, I was a little bit scared we would run them over but they were just having fun. Also lots of turtles, they float on the surface to enjoy the sunshine, one of them sadly had a plastic bag tangled around it's neck which is a good reminder never to throw anything overboard. We pulled into Cabo San Lucas early in the morning, the first thing I saw was the famous ... read more
Pelicans on a row boat
Sportsfishing boats
Nikki Beach

NIKKI BEACH !!! Probably one of the best places in the world to celebrate a Birthday!! So here we come, almost all 20 of us gathered at Nikki Beach resort and beach club for Sofias B-Day!! As always we were trying to make all this a little surprise so we told sofia we were going out for breakfast and a little shopping in the morning, well, I KNEW, she KNEW but just played along and so did Sofia in exitment ;) Before heading to Nikki we went to town and I managed to get sofia in the Pink tutu, YES, fantastic, absolutely adorable + a pink Boa that we finally was allowed to buy from the decoration in the window of a shop... ... read more
Playgirls at Nikki Beach
Sunday Brunch Party

Today was a bit calmer here as the winds seemed to have subsided a bit. It was, however, a little cool this morning when I got up at, YES!, 6 am!! It was about 57 degrees! We had decided to take a day trip to the Cabos San Jose and San Lucas. The drive over was pretty much the same as all the rest of the drives--hills and curves! So nothing new there! Cabo San Jose is about 40 miles from Los Barriles where we are "stationed" now. Then Cabo San Lucas is about another 20 miles south. San Jose is a little older and not as commercialized but has a gorgeous beach area. San Lucas is your regular "resort" with lots of hotels and condominiums on the beach side with impoverished areas nearby and across ... read more
The Famous Rocks in the Bay
A smaller cruise ship harbored in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas
Crystal BlueGreen waters in the bay of Cabo San Lucas

Hello there! Todays tour was pretty fun, nice people always maek for more fun times, and todays people on tour just that, real nice. the water is getting warmer little by little, I even felt a bit warm at a poin in the wetsuit, the people thaught it was no big deal. visibility was about 45 feet, no winds, there has been a lot of nothr wind, and that never hits the bay of Sn Lucas. On the down side, the people just was too nice, and it seemed that as much as they tried to have a bad time, they just couldnt. what can you do, if conditions are near perfect, you can almost expect the same. Cheack out read more

Hello folks: Todays tour was as peacefull as a church at 6:00 am, I know we usualy start real early and we get a head start on everybody and at least we can enjoy a good hourn and a half of peace and quiet, before all the usual water taxis and jet skis start slowly making their way into the bay of San Lucas, but today was a clear indicator that Tourism is slow here in Cabo, if you guys like low key, its defenelty that now a days, I dont know whats up, but there is no people in Cabo, my tours are real small now a days, and today we where all alone al the way untill the end of the tour, which was nice, thats one of the things we always look for ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 28th 2007

Hello there... Well, what can I say, todays tours conditions where real good, no wind what so ever, beutyfull visibility in the water about a good 45 feet, it even seem that the waters temperature is warming up a bit, it was around 23 celcious, pretty nice, I was a bit warm in my wet suit. The coolest thing about todays tour was that I thaught there wher no moe whales to see this time of year, cause its gettign harder and harder as the Whale watching seasson for this part of the world is winding down, a pod of 7 humback whales just swam along side of us right at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, right a little bit in front of the Arch of Cabo. I regreat to inform that our clients ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 26th 2007

Hello Once again ladys and Gents, First of all I'd like to apologize for beeing abscent for a while, just been extreemly busy with the tours and new development of new tours which will be coming up soon this year. Kayaking to The Arch of Cabo, as always is a must do activity here in the Cabo County region, the comnditions have been good, there has been a lot of shifting of the winds lately, one day they can be from the North, Est, South or West, the only Kind of Wind the Bay of San Lucas cant take well is the South West winds, but since they have been very mild and we start our tours very early, there hasnt been any complications. The water temperature has still been cold, not freezing mind you, but ... read more

The surf was small, but fun, suprisingly warm as the weather has been real cold latley, very unusual weather here in the Cabo region, hopefully it will soon end. read more

Well, another freezing day in Cabo, sounds funny saying that, but it has been like 20 Celsious or less, the water was great today though, visibility was about 50 ft, and there were plenty of fish in there. Im hoping by the begingin fo next week the weather will get back to normal and people will be mor excited to go out Kayaking. The sea Lions are really active recently. The people on tour had a great time, it has actually been real good to do tours these days, just people dont know it,cause they see the bad weather in San Jose, but Cabo San Lucas is a nother story, once again another succesfull tour, everyone is safley back in their hotels. read more

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