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What. A. Day. I only have about 15 minutes to write, since we got a reservation at one of those fancy restaurants here (Japanese steakhouse tonight!) at 8:45. It's currently 7:55 (Cabo time), and there is a GORGEOUS sunset that I can see straight from the lobby. So pretty...I'll need to capture it when I actually have a camera. Sooooo today. Geez. We woke up around 7:45 and got our snorkeling gear, grabbed a quick breakfast buffet (I got pretty much the same as the day before), then we caught a taxi and headed to the Hacienda Pier in the Marina de Cabo San Lucas...around the same area we were yesterday. We were heading out on a 5 hour snorkeling trip on a catamaran with 25 other people. The boat was huge and gorgeous! The staff ... read more

I survived the night!! We crammed my dad, sister, and I into 2 double beds, but I slept pretty well throughout the night. We woke up around 9-9:30am (Cabo time), after going to bed around 11:30pm (Cabo time). Weird time differences. We ended up switching rooms from 2109 to 2105-- the latter has one king bed and a couch that folds into a bed, so we figured that was a better deal. It's currently 5:30 (Cabo time), and we're heading to dinner around 6:30. We got a reservation at one of those fancy hotel restaurants today, so I'll be sure to update my life after I eat dinner and head out back here to the lobby.! We woke up and wandered in tshirts and such to the breakfast buffet. I'm not much of a breakfast ... read more

Sooo dinner was awesome! We went to a Mexican place on the resort grounds, and we were able to pick from a buffet for our first course (Salad Bar). I got a stuffed potato (cheese and bacon..mmm), burrito, pollo in a tortilla, salad, and fried banana. For my entree, I chose garlic shrimp with rice...also very good. We could choose our dessert from the menu too, so each member of my fam chose a different dessert and we split them. I ordered a coconut and papaya mousse, and it tasted like a marshmallow. So light and fluffy...mmm. My dad and sis got a sweet potato pie slice? And then a sweet cream pie? Custard thing? No idea, but it was all soo good. We finished dinner right as the sun was setting, so we went on ... read more

Soooo....where to begin! I survived! We woke up at 3am and showered, headed to BWI, and took off at 7:00. The weather was awesome with blue skies, but then we landed in Charlotte, NC and had overcast conditions. I got McD's at BWI...and the flight to NC was only an hour. But it was better than I expected! The NC airport was crazy big and cool, and thennn at 9:55 we took off to Cabo! The flight was 4 hours and we landed around 12, then didn't get off the plane until 12:45pm. Thank heavens for time differences! The airport was in the middle of the desert and mountains, and we had to walk off the plane was awesome! We waited in a crazy line for an hour or so for our immigrant approvals (??), ... read more

Packing and preparing for the trip! Sooooo pumped for a 3am wakeup and 7am flight out to NC, then 9-12pm flight out to Cabo (which will actually be 5 hours with the time difference). Haven't been on a plane in 10 years, nbd. Just freaking out a tiny bit...but so excited!!!... read more

Since Jeremy and I never really had much of a honeymoon, we decided to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our 6th anniversary. We left Arizona the morning of June 30th and were to spend the following 4 nights in a posh resort in Cabo. We decided to go with a rental car to save on taxi fees...good idea. We also decided to rely on Stewert for directions (our Garmin has the voice of Stewie from the "Family Guy" and I call him Stewert)...bad idea! We updated all of our maps before we left, but that didn't help. First off, the street we needed wasn't in his database, then he was telling us to go on streets that didn't exist and turn the wrong way down one-way streets. After about 30 minutes ... read more
Other end of our beach
The Buccaneer pirate ship
Pelican giving me the Hoya face :)

Going to Los Cabos for the first time? Just to be sure you don't end up 'tits up' like my little friend hooty the blowfish (see picture), I've jotted down a few little pointers to help. Hola! I'm Cabochick and I know Cabo. I get asked all the it safe to go to Mexico? Yes, Mexico can be an intimidating, nerve-wracking ordeal for those who haven't stepped foot on the lands of hot peppers and mariachi before...and granted, those with easy-going personalities will get along suitably better than those high-strung, starbucks-saturated individuals. If I can give one word of advice....adopt the following mantra...."Don't Worry, Be Happy" and all will be fine. Jimmy Buffett really did know what he was talking about when he wrote Margaritaville. While in Mexico, I highly recommend you practice your highest ... read more

Spring break is in full force on the ship. This means I have hundreds of teenagers onboard to entertain yet somehow control enough to please everybody else on the ship. The first day of this cruise also marked the 6-month point of my contract. I am tired. I am worn out. And it all caught up with me this week. I woke up the first day of my final busy cruise, sick. The next day, a day at sea, I was worse. I went to the infirmary hoping they would give me something to make me feel better. I ended up signed off work to rest. The next day we were in Cabo San Lucas. I’d never been to Cabo and had heard it’s supposed to be great so I was really looking forward to it. ... read more
Cabo from the Ship
Cabo from the Ship
Cabo from the Ship

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 13th 2010

Saturday was our day to go deep sea fishing. We made the arrangements at our hotel several days earlier. The choice was to get our own boat or share one with a couple other people. We chose to go with the share idea and get a 28' boat with 4 people on board. The other decision was to go for the 8 hour fishing trip rather than 4 hours. This was because we were going Marlin fishing. We (Bob) wanted to get a chance at a really big fish. The Marlins that are here right now are the Striped Marlin, not as large as the Black Marlin or the other one I can't remember right now. But they are pretty large fish going about 150 pounds. When we got to our boat at 6:30 in the ... read more
Gildo From New York
Searching for Marlin Fins
The Big Fight

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 12th 2010

We booked a sunset cruise at the resort for Friday night. Well, actually we booked it for Wednesday night and changed it to Thursday night, then changed it to Friday night because of the weather forescasts. We're glad we're here for as long as we are because if we were here for just a few days and Wednesday and Thursday were 2 of the days, we wouldn't be too happy. But, we are here for 10 days and the weather has been very nice every other day. I know those of you back home are shoveling snow and probably don't want to hear me bitch about overcast and 72 degrees. So tonight we went on the sunset cruise on a double decker catamaran named the Cabo Escape. It was explained to us that the upper deck ... read more
At the Marina
Party Deck
The First Dancers

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