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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 31st 2009

Bahia Ballena For the folks in Ballena Isle Marina - yes there is another Ballena Bay - it Is just around Punta Abreojos. The Spanish words "abre ojos" mean "open the eyes" and is a reference to the nasty rocks - called Roca Ballena - just offshore and the dangerous shoals near this point. Again we departed Bahia Asuncion at dawn and found a perfectly flat sea and no wind at all. Motoring again, but the weather was very fine and the coastline dramatic. Because this was a short leg, we arrived early in the afternoon and had time to relax and enjoy the scenery. There were a dozen or so fishing boats along the coast on this leg, and two were anchored with us in Bahia Ballena. Why does the picture I took of them ... read more
Sunset in Bahia Ballena
Another sunset in Bahia Ballena

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 30th 2009

12/22/09 We left Turtle Bay at dawn (0600) heading for Bahia Asuncion. There were scattered low clouds and very light winds. We motorsailed at 6 knots most of the way. Along the way, I noticed that when the sun is at just the right angle to you, it reflects right off the surface of the water and flashes in your eyes wherever the angle of ripples on the waters surface is just right - looks like sparkles on the water. I took some pictures of this, but they just didn't show the effect, so I tried a little video; it shows the effect better since the sparkles are always moving. Arrived at 1645 and anchored. We a getting the anchoring drill down pat. I took a shower - boy is engine heated water ever hot! It's ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 29th 2009

Puerto Salina We ended up staying in Puerto Salina for a week, some of this time spent clearing in to Mexico, and the rest waiting for better weather. A low passed through, bringing 35 knot winds, so we stayed tied to the dock. We left December 9, our next major destination being Bahia Tortuga, with over night stops at anchorages in Punta San Thomas, Bahia Colnett, Isla San Martin, Bahia San Carlos, and Isla Cedros. Each leg is roughly 50 miles, so with 10 hours of daylight, we needed to average 5 knots. We sailed when we could, but the wind was generally against us, so there was a lot of motoring. Punta San Thomas We arrived at 1600 and anchored uneventfully. We saw no other boats en route and there was nothing on the shore. ... read more
Ansa under spinnaker
Three Rocks
Punta Colnett

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 16th 2009

We headed south with friends, Chassen and John...the trip was sure to be interesting if nothing else. Neither of them have left the country, both are single, ready to mingle, and excited to take on Cabo. The resort was incredible. I had no idea what we were in for and it wound up being perfect. The boys each got their own bed and a private bath. There was a living space with a full kitchen. Alex and I had a huge master bedroom & a private bathroom with jacuzzi. Our room, their room, and the living space all had an ocean view with sliding glass doors to access the patio. There were a couple of padded lounge chairs on the patio. Chassen and John slept out there a couple of times. Where we were staying, you ... read more
Hanging at the Pool
So manly
I think he's adorable

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas November 13th 2009

Our next scheduled cruise is on the HAL Zaandam to the Sea of Cortez.... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas September 3rd 2009

Here are some pictures of our Carnival Cruise Elation that we took over the labor day weekend of 2009 - September 3, 2009 to September 7, 2009. This is our pre-trip before we head back to Asia for our fourth time. This time we include India & Vietnam in addition to Laos & Thailand... Our itinerary will be: December 22nd, 2009 from San Diego, CA to Varanasi, India (via Bangkok) December 24th, 2009, Arrive in Varanasi, India December 25th, 2009, Varanasi, India December 26th, 2009, Varanasi, India to New Delhi, India December 27th, 2009, New Delhi, India December 28th, 2009, New Delhi to Agra to New Delhi (Day trip to visit Taj Mahal) December 29th, 2009, New Delhi, India December 30th, 2009, New Delhi, India to Luang Prabang, Laos (via Bangkok) December 31st, 2009, Luang Prabang, ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

Would you like to go to Mexico with me? Who wouldn't say yes! I had been asked my mentor, veterinarian Dr. Kim. I had been working with her at the Golden Valley Humane Socitey for about a year thru a program in my high school. I was very excited to go to Cabo San Lucas and practice my Spanish and help some unwanted pets along the way. The day we arrived, it was hot. Coming from Minnesota, the temperature change was quite dramatic since we decided to go in November. It was beautiful. We drove (at about 100 mph) straight to the animal clinic we were going to work at. It was a small clinic packed with dogs, cats, and volunteers. After a quick meeting we were allowed to check out the place we were ... read more
Heavenly Touch
The 3 Amigos

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 19th 2009

Well, believe it or not I began writing a very long update about 3 days ago, and in the middle of it my internet card ran out and I lost the entire entry :( So, I'll try to get everyone up to speed. After my first week of cruising, we arrived in San Diego to get rid of the old guests and pick up the new ones. While I was on shore, I went shopping and got some new clothes that fit my strict dress-code requirements (pair of nice khakis and three polo shirts--aeropostal). I then spent the afternoon walking around, stopping in different stores and coffee places to soak up the city. I wish I had more time in San Diego, cuz there seems to be a lot to do. But, after a few short ... read more

Los Cabos, situados en el extremo sur de Baja California Sur, nos ha maravillado con sus inmensos tesoros turisticos y su variedad de escenarios que permiten obtener las mejores fotografias, llenas de color, magia y belleza.. ... read more
Sunset Los Cabos
Tarde tropical

Geo: 22.88, -109.9Up a little before 8:00 today so that I could go to the shore excursion desk and see about changing the time on our shore excursion to be earlier. We were able to get on the 12:00 tour. I went back to the room and Nikki was up. She and I sat out on the verandah and watched the ship pull into Cabo San Lucas. As we sat there I noticed that up ahead of the ship were a whole bunch of fish jumping out of the water. I then realized that it was dolphins and there were about 100 of them. They were all jumping out of the water. I grabbed the camera and tried to get some photos but didn't have great success. By that time it was close to 9 and ... read more
Day 4 - Rhino - Family
Day 4 - Rhino - Regan and Nik
Day 4 - Rhino - Turtle

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