Fishing in the Pacific

Published: June 18th 2006
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The second day, we had the timeshare presentation in the morning. We were stuck there for 3 hours. Of course we did not buy, but it looked like a really beautiful place. We were anxious to get out of there and relax on the beach. Today was a relaxing day. We walked over to see where the main dock was. On the way over, we met the owner of JC Sportfishing. We stopped by his booth because he had a lot of fish on display. We started talking to him a bit, and he asked me what ethnicity I was. I told him I am Cambodian and he said he loves Cambodia. Apparently, he goes there quite often for vacation. He talked to me for a while about his trips and the crazy Cambodian food he has eaten. I thought he was quite brave for some of those things he tried and the things he did while in Cambodia. We walked over to the main dock and caught a water taxi over to El Arco. We took it easy for the rest of the day because we had to be on the dock at 6:30 in the morning the next day for the fishing trip.


June 1, 2006

Today we went fishing. The sunrise was gorgeous. I couldn't resist taking multiple pictures of it. We shared the boat with another couple, Richard and Barbara. No more than 30 minutes into the trip, the line had a bite on it. It was on Richard's side, so Jeff let him have the first fish of the day. It took him a long time to reel it in, so we can tell it was a big fish. The ocean was very choppy because we were in the Pacific Ocean. Richard was having a hard time reeling it in, and asked Jeff if he can help him. His arm was turning weak and numb. The fish turned out to be a 6 foot Marlin! We reeled it in and took some pictures of it and released it. After reeling in the fish, Richard was exhausted and felt sea sick, so he took a nap for most of the trip. I was feeling quite sick too, so I also layed down for most of the trip. It took a while for us to catch another fish. Finally we had two lines going at once. Jeff took one and I took the other one. They turned out to be Tuna. Jeff reeled his fish in. Mine escaped because I accidently released my spool =(. Orur fishing trip ended around 2. Before we said goodbye, Richard and Barbara gave us a free voucher for a snorkeling trip because they were leaving the next day so they couldn't use it. We were greatful for that because it was a $100 voucher good for 2 people. We went to eat afterward. We kept the tuna in our refrigerator. We walked over to the Giggling Marlin for lunch after our trip. They said they would cook our tuna for 55 pesos. We decided that we would have tuna later on for dinner. However, when we got back to our hotel room, we totally fell asleep all night because we were so exhausted.

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El ArcoEl Arco
El Arco

The point where the Sea of Cortez meets with the Pacific Ocean

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