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North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay July 27th 2021

Day 26. 6963Km. This won’t be entertaining or informative. It was just 10 hours of driving 744Km. A few construction delays, a police lane closure after an accident I imagine and at least four stops for fuel, maybe five. I woke up a bit before six but stayed in bed with my eyes closed in the hopes I’d catch another fifteen minutes of sleep. Of course that didn’t happen. I had my usual yogurt with raspberries and nuts then started the BBQ to toast a hotdog bun and warm some bacon I’d cooked a few days back to make a sandwich of sorts. I had so much fresh water in the holding tank from when I was resurrecting the water pump that I didn’t connect the water hose last night which meant I didn’t have to ... read more
A little smoke outside Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay KOA

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay July 4th 2021

Day 3. 1519Km. Knowing I had a long drive today I was up early and on the road by seven. Unlike the night before I had fuel’d up before I stopped so there were no delays. The drive across the top of Superior is… long. That’s true but it’s pretty too. Lots of rock cuts, elevation changes and of course Lake Superior popping out of the trees on occasion. This marks the third time I’ve done it. Twice from the East and until I return, only once from the West. A few years ago I drove all the way around but without camping. I forgot about the fact that all you see in the North is evergreen trees, and mostly small ones at that. After I had set up camp I saw a van I recognized ... read more
KOA Thunder Bay

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay May 18th 2019

Saturday 18th May 2019 It is now two weeks since we left home so we are a quarter of the way through our trip. In some ways the time has flown, conversely, it seems ages since we left home! It has been two weeks of varied and rich experience, some quite unexpected (like discovering there were bears around where we were camping): “Travelling is about finding things that you never knew you were looking for” Anon When we got to Red Rock yesterday, we slept in a beautiful heritage building, the Red Rock Inn, jacuzzi bath and all; we enclose some photos of the Inn here in this blog, just to prove that we don’t always slum it and are not entirely crazy souls! Only now and again! The journey from White River to ... read more
Still thick snow about, even at the waterfalls
Aguasabon with Lake Superior in the background
Rainbow River

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay June 13th 2018

I spent the winter preparing for the ride east by "bulking up" - the all important procedure of adding about 50 lbs of blubber in order to make it harder to ride up hills so as to strengthen my leg muscles. This extra fat would also come in handy in case Michele and I lost track of each other: I would have the physical reserves to survive at least one day without my lunch (granted an unhappy day). So on June 1, thus conditioned, I set off from SI to Nipigon. I had done a few pre-rides of 100 km each to prove I could still go that far and also to prove that I could surmount the 10% hill where highway 587 meets the TC. I could... albeit just barely and with much huffing and ... read more
Nipigon Marina Campground
michele at rainbow falls
Mike rainbow falls

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay June 12th 2018

Leaving Tennessee, we spent several days in Elkhart, Indiana, getting the Cruiser all ready for our long trip. We had the oil changed, had it washed and waxed, and had it weighed (an interesting process that gave us the separate weight of all four corners of the camper. After the calculations were complete, we learned that we’re about 1000 pounds under the maximum weight for our E450’s axles and that we have things pretty well balanced. While we were at Phoenix Cruiser, Tom and Doug, one of the craftsmen, took the Cruiser for a drive, looking for one of those mystery rattles you always have. Doug noticed a vibration in the drive shaft at about 40 miles per hour and told Dave Ponsler (Production Manager, I think) that the driveshaft needed to be re-balanced. Dave sent ... read more
Our Hero
Maggie on the Road
Sault Ste Marie

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay February 15th 2018

After another late start - having stayed up all night plus half the morning and finally hitting the hay at 5am, we (actually Guy - because he's the pilot) decided that the weather was fine for flying. Gathering up our things we head off first to collect the keys to the plane. It was quite funny to us - you don't expect to see plane keys hanging up on the hook alongside the car keys. We picked up the keys labeled "plane", and headed off to the airport. Soon after we arrived at the airport, Guy was inspecting the plane, then we were climbing aboard to take to the air. The clouds had rolled back in by the time we were taxiing down the runway but nevertheless, we continued on towards our first landmark - Mount ... read more
Thunder bay

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay August 8th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Thunder Bay ville de 110 000 habitants, sur les rives du lac Supérieur, son port constitue un lien important pour le transport fluvial des céréales de l'ouest vers les Grands Lacs et la voie maritime du Saint Laurent. L'exploitation forestière et la construction de matériel de transport Bombardier sont les plus grandes industries. Ville où j'ai déjà fait étape, par 2 fois, mais qui ne m'a pas laissée grand souvenir, pas plus que le parc historique de Fort William. Kenora où j'étais encore ce matin, est une ville plus tôt sympathique, le lac des Bois lui apporte beaucoup. Hier au soir je suis allé souper à pied, j'ai traversé une ville complétement morte, alors qu'en fin d'après midi il y avait forte animation. Je ne sais pas si c'est du au lac et ... read more
le lac Bois le soir
vue de l'hôtel
Lakeside hôtel

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay July 19th 2017

Today is the day! Rick dropped us off at the airport and our journey begins! First flight is on time – yeah! We had time in Pearson for cider and something to eat. Next plane. Off to Montreal – where there was rainstorm that delayed our arrival. Thankfully, it was only 15 minutes which left us just enough time to get to our gate. Third plane. I love Air Canada (not). Our seats were not all together (as we so carefully chose seats that were supposed to be). With some open seats were able to move, but everyone seemed to need to shift. By 9:00 pm we were in the air. By 9:30 pm we were served drinks. Then there was movie time and dinner. I was ready to be in France. I checked my watch. ... read more
The Little Prince

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay September 4th 2015

Medicine Hat,Regina,Winnipeg toThunder Bay The road from Fernie dropped from the mountains down onto the rolling Plains of the prairie grasslands that just went on forever........the most dangerous part of this ride was trying to keep awake as there was not much action to keep one's attention on the job of riding the bike. Every now and again we would run upon huge combine harvesters cutting or threshing huge paddocks where they would literally disappear outa sight except for the dust cloud they created. We arrived mid-afternoon to Medicine Hat with temperatures well into the 30s. Leaving Medicine Hat the following day we were on a mission to rendezvous with Robert and Joyce from Regina at Swift Current for lunch. Again this was one of the most dangerous rides we had done up to this point ... read more
Yep you know when you're in Canada!!
Bones, Robert and Joyce
Happy hour or two

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay August 14th 2015

Today we left Winnipeg, bound for Thunder Bay. Winnipeg was shrouded in early morning fog and when we finally emerged from it, we were in a new landscape of rocky outcroppings and boreal forests. Northern Ontario is cottage country, dotted with pretty lakes sparkling like jewels in the sun. Cabins, referred to as cottages here, line the lake shores. We drove through Kenora, a busy summer tourist town which was hopping with sunny-faced tourists, lattes and floaties in hand. People love their lakes here. We continued on, passing forests of Jack Pines with their twisted, gnarled trunks. They reminded me of the famous Tom Thompson painting. We also passed a reindeer farm. We knew they were reindeer because they were playing reindeer games. Richard, our Couchsurfing host in Thunder Bay, greeted us with his dog Jasper. ... read more
Thunder Bay Waterfront
Thunder Bay Waterfront
The Sleeping Giant

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