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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 27th 2023

Halifax is rainy so I am staying on board. Reading, enjoying a luscious mushroom and brown rice chowder, solid A. Have to find another book. Tonight dinner at the Pinnacle. Delicious dinner of steak tartare and rack of lamb with mashed potatoes, a glass of Cabernet and Key Lime Pie. It must be the sea air as I was in bed by eight, slept through the night and awakened by breakfast at 7:30. Finished my book, will look for another. The TV lineup us awful. News in Fox, CNBC and BBC. Two sports channels, food, HGTV, and Prime one Prime one. I find the Bow and Aft cams more interesting. Today is a sea day and the skies are overcast, the sea calm but I do see a few whitecaps. I feel little motion until I ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 7th 2023

After a bit of a lie-in this morning we headed out to Halifax. I persuaded Susan that we really needed to go on the bus, and bless her, she relented. The bus stop was at the bottom of the road we’re staying on, so that bit was easy. The buses in this area don’t take card payments, and thankfully I had some change. It wasn’t until I’d dropped my money into the slot that the driver told me there wouldn’t (couldn’t!) be any change. He got a 60c tip! It took about an hour to get to Downtown Halifax. The journey took us through a couple of suburbs where the population was the most diverse I’ve seen since I’ve been in Canada, both socially and culturally. We exited the bus at the Public Gardens and had ... read more
No title required.
Alice in Wonderland style trees in the public gardens.
I love this!

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 6th 2023

We had an early start today. Victoria picked us up at 06:15 to take us to Waterloo regional airport. She was really quite cheery when she walked through the door, certainly cheerier than her mum is first thing in the morning! We were quickly through security, sitting at a table drinking vanilla infused French coffee. Sounds delicious, smells good, tastes average. Ah well. The ground crew came round checking that we had the correct luggage with us. We had both paid for a carry-on bag, except apparently I hadn’t. To be honest she was lovely about it and tagged my bag regardless of the non-payment. Although I had paid and was able to show her proof. Bloody technology! Boarding went well, no hassle. I was in a middle seat of 3 people, but we didn’t have ... read more
We're here!
Gwyn :-)
Juno checking out our dinner <3

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax May 31st 2023

This morning we reached land. Hooray! We arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia about 8:00 while we were having a light breakfast in the Horizon Court. We had signed up for a shore excursion which included a lunch, and we wanted to enjoy it fully. We reported to the Explorer's Lounge and they told us to expect an advanced warning to start heading for the bus ahead of the rest of the tour group. So we headed down about 9:00 for a bus which didn’t show up until 9:45. But we made a leisurely pace down the ramps and through the port terminal and arrived just fine. It was a little chilly waiting outside on a bench until the bus came, but we were well bundled. The high today was only 61, so it was somewhat cooler ... read more
Playing the Horn
Lobster Lunch

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 8th 2022

We took the train from Quebec City to Halfax in a sleeper car. It is about a 19 hour trip, so the ability to lie down when we arrived at the train station at 10 pm sounded appealing. However, the idea that the train would rock you asleep is a fictional idea. It actually rocks you awake! We arrived in the early evening the next day and stayed at the Lord Nelson. Found out our room had been upgraded and that we are across the street from the Halifax Public Gardens. Seventeen acres of beautifully maintained gardens. During our time here, found out some more about Canadian history. The Halifax explosion that occurred during WW1 and killed approximatly 2000 and injured 9000 due to 3000 tons of explosives igniting that were aboard a ship. It was ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax February 12th 2022 read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax November 24th 2021

Le 24 novembre 2021, Mais qui a donc la drôle d'idée de partir en week-end romantique à la fin du mois de novembre en Nouvelle-Écosse? C'est nous!!! Pourquoi? Simplement parce que c'est le seul week-end qui coincide à la fois avec des congés pédagogiques pour les filles ET la fin de semaine de congé bi-hebdomadaire de Carl-Philippe... C'est donc en fin de matinée que l'on se rend à l'aéroport, bien tranquilles. On laisse la voiture et, armés de nos petites valises de cabine, nous nous dirigeons vers l'aérogare. On peut constater que l'offre de restaurants ne s'est toujours pas diversifiée depuis notre dernier passage ici, au mois d'août. On finit par dîner d'un classique sandwich au Tim Hortons puis on embarque dans notre petit avion qui nous mènera, en 1hre30, à Halifax. Quelle n'est pas notre ... read more
En été, ça doit être vraiment sympathique ce quai!
Polly's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax October 1st 2019

We did a short tour of Sydney. We found 2 old houses to tour. One was built in 1786 and the other a year later. They are both decorated with furniture from that era and we had docents in costume show us around. We went by 2 old churches in the neighborhood, but they were closed. A lot of the town stays closed this time of year until a cruise ship comes in. We found a small museum about Sydney and looked at that. It turns out that Sydney had a steel mill that was the largest in North America for a while. It slowed down after the war and closed in the 60's. We still had a lot of time left in the day so we found a miner's museum about a 30 minute drive ... read more
Inside the mine
Inside the Governor's apt. at Louisbourgh

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 27th 2019

Last Day in Canada: Well, technically we are leaving Canada in the morning as tonight we fly from Halifax back to Montreal this evening. Then tomorrow, an early flight to Minneapolis on to Salt Lake City and finally Fresno, California. We have loved this trip. This morning we went back over the bridge to the wharf area of Halifax and the Maritime Museum with its amazing artifacts from shipwrecks to sailboats to just about anything on the water. We were most interested in the Titanic Exhibit. They have so many artifacts from the ship itself and the story of course, is sobering. It is a world class museum and everything was so interesting including the couple of films on the Titanic and the Cape Breton area. After the Titanic exhibit we walked down the wharf are ... read more
Titanic Exhibit
Original Deck Chair
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from our hotel room

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 1st 2019

August 31-September 1, 2019 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – (Day 1) Weather: 77°F/25°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 11.4 mph, humidity 38°; (Day 2) Weather: 72°F/22°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 22 mph, humidity 46°. After running along the edge of the tropical depression we awoke to clearing skies and sunshine accompanied by 64°F/18°C temperatures. What a pleasant change! On our revised itinerary we are scheduled to enter the harbour at around 1:00 pm and be dockside by 2:00, actually it turned out to be 2:04. We have nothing planned for today other than to walk along the Boardwalk to the Maritime Museum & H.M.C.S. Sackville. A friend from the area just contacted B and said that Halifax is having a concert tonight along the Boardwalk. On leaving the ship we took advantage of the fact ... read more
2_H.M.C.S. Sackville
3_Chief's Mess for 12 men
4_Engine room

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