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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax October 1st 2019

We did a short tour of Sydney. We found 2 old houses to tour. One was built in 1786 and the other a year later. They are both decorated with furniture from that era and we had docents in costume show us around. We went by 2 old churches in the neighborhood, but they were closed. A lot of the town stays closed this time of year until a cruise ship comes in. We found a small museum about Sydney and looked at that. It turns out that Sydney had a steel mill that was the largest in North America for a while. It slowed down after the war and closed in the 60's. We still had a lot of time left in the day so we found a miner's museum about a 30 minute drive ... read more
Inside the mine
Inside the Governor's apt. at Louisbourgh

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 27th 2019

Last Day in Canada: Well, technically we are leaving Canada in the morning as tonight we fly from Halifax back to Montreal this evening. Then tomorrow, an early flight to Minneapolis on to Salt Lake City and finally Fresno, California. We have loved this trip. This morning we went back over the bridge to the wharf area of Halifax and the Maritime Museum with its amazing artifacts from shipwrecks to sailboats to just about anything on the water. We were most interested in the Titanic Exhibit. They have so many artifacts from the ship itself and the story of course, is sobering. It is a world class museum and everything was so interesting including the couple of films on the Titanic and the Cape Breton area. After the Titanic exhibit we walked down the wharf are ... read more
Titanic Exhibit
Original Deck Chair
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from our hotel room

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 1st 2019

August 31-September 1, 2019 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – (Day 1) Weather: 77°F/25°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 11.4 mph, humidity 38°; (Day 2) Weather: 72°F/22°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 22 mph, humidity 46°. After running along the edge of the tropical depression we awoke to clearing skies and sunshine accompanied by 64°F/18°C temperatures. What a pleasant change! On our revised itinerary we are scheduled to enter the harbour at around 1:00 pm and be dockside by 2:00, actually it turned out to be 2:04. We have nothing planned for today other than to walk along the Boardwalk to the Maritime Museum & H.M.C.S. Sackville. A friend from the area just contacted B and said that Halifax is having a concert tonight along the Boardwalk. On leaving the ship we took advantage of the fact ... read more
2_H.M.C.S. Sackville
3_Chief's Mess for 12 men
4_Engine room

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 29th 2019

Well, we made it to Halifax. We did take a slow route. Sacramento to Denver. Then Denver to Chicago. We only had a 51 minute layover in Chicago and our plane from Denver was late. When we landed in Chicago, we had 15 minutes to get to our plane to Halifax. We landed on the farthest runway from the terminal and parked at the farthest gate from the runway. Then we had to run past 10 gates, go thru a long hallway to the next building and up to gate 6, where they told us we needed to go to the next building and gate 25. I ran ahead and everyone was already on the plane except us. We had to wait for Stacy. When we got to Halifax I got a text that one of ... read more
Sailboat on harbor

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax May 31st 2019

Dear Friends (and others!), This blog will be about our 2 month adventures traveling across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver – mostly by train, with lots of stops on the way. Some of you may have subscribed to our previous trips to follow along on our Caminos, and not be interested. It’s okay if you unsubscribe – my feelings won’t be hurt. Maybe next year for our next Camino. I won’t be writing every day – maybe just every Provence. Halifax, Nova Scotia An uneventful flight from Austin to Halifax after 2 hours of sleep. The highlight was using one of our United lounge passes in Newark. Free buffet, good coffee and a relaxing place to wait until our connection. I could get used to that! We landed to find rain, cold and a strong wind, ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax December 27th 2018

I traveled to Halifax to attend the Canadian Association of Labour Media conference from May 10-12, 2018. I stayed at The Lord Nelson, a fancy, old hotel immediately across from the beautiful Public Gardens. When I arrived, it was raining and not very conducive to roaming around the city. I did walk around a bit the next day and came across the impressive Common Roots Urban Farm. I would love to have seen the urban farm during the growing season. There was a couple social nights at bars down on Lower Water Street during the conference. One was particularly fun because there was a live local band. My partner joined me for the weekend once the conference ended. The Lord Nelson was too expensive for us to stay at once my employer wasn't fitting the bill, ... read more
Common Roots Urban Farm
Halifax Seaport Farmers Market
Peggy's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 27th 2018

Halifax img= 1:33 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Cadada 9 2018 No views2 days ago... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 23rd 2018

Our final port day before Boston on the Fantastic Voyage of the Vikings is upon us. It doesn’t seem like a journey that began for us about seven weeks ago; yet, here we are. Today we have a fairly early start and an even longer day planned, and our prospects for making it back for Team Trivia in the afternoon are not good. We head for the elevator which confirms for us that yes indeed, this is “Thursday”. /Sharon pushes “Deck 8” and we’re whisked off to the Lido Deck. These elevator buttons at time can be temperamental. Several times I’ve pushed a button, only to have the selection apparently de-selected, and had that repeated until someone would graciously press the button on the other side for me; or, I might try press and holding the ... read more
Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 5th 2018

It started as a rainy day, but the radar indicated the weather would clear by the afternoon. We had about an hour and a half drive so we decided to head out to Halifax and walk around the waterfront in hopes the weather would be cleared by the time we got there. Our first encounter was a couple of statues at the boardwalk entrance. We continued our walk down the boardwalk and through the colorful shops. Nothing had opened yet as it was early. The boardwalk was preparing for Natal Day (“birthday” of the Nova Scotia province) festivities. Further down the boardwalk, there were several storyboards describing the Halifax explosion of 1917 and many of the volunteers who helped during the aftermath. As the story goes, on the morning of December 6, 1917, the SS Mont-Blanc, ... read more
02_The Emigrant
03_George's Island LH
04_Halifax Harbor

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 30th 2018

Two lighthouses today, this one was on Tennant Point at the entrance to Terence Bay. The original lighthouse was erected following the sinking of the SS Atlantic in 1873 (info from (From an article in the Chronicle Herald) The SS Atlantic was a 440' White Star Line ship (yes, the Titanic was also built by White Star Line). The SS Atlantic was the first loss for White Star Line. The Atlantic struck a small island within swimming distance of the shore at 3:15 am on April 1, 1873. Of the nearly 1,000 passengers, crew and stowaways that had departed Queenstown, Ireland, for New York eleven days previously, the captain determined that 430 people had been saved and 546 lost. The local fishermen and other village volunteers rescued as many as they could. That light was ... read more
16_Terence Bay LH
17_Terence Bay LH
18_around Terence Bay LH

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