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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 10th 2009

Hi there. The bears have been putting on quite the show in the last few days as we have seen two different bears eating two different caribou carcasses! I am guessing that the wolves killed the caribous as we saw their tracks nearby. As the bears have been picking away at carcasses, I have been picking blueberries and other wild berries. It takes a while to pick any quantity, so its usually just pick 'em and eat 'em as I find them! The last of the flowers have bloomed and most are now gone, the shrubs are turning red and brown as fall moves in quickly. We are working like crazy in the garage to get everything ready for the insane bear season ahead of us! I am sure it will all go to plan, but ... read more
Smelling the air
A tasty caribou carcass.
yummy food

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 5th 2009

Greetings to you all. The Beluga whales have been frolicking in the river mouth for the last couple of months and are now migrating out of the river and out of the Hudson Bay. I think it is time to share with you, some of these magic moments I have spent with these magnificent mammals. From the Zodiac they are wonderful, but from a kayak they are even more amazing. I love when they swim under the kayak and blow bubbles, it can be quite a sensation! Their vocal sounds can be heard easily when the water is calm, and the none stop sound of their blowholes is the like the nicest music I've ever listened to. There will still be a few stragglers, but for the most part, they will be gone in a week ... read more
Beluga back

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 29th 2009

All is well here in on the fringe of the Arctic. We have had our first frost of the season (only 4 weeks since the last frost of spring), so fall is on it's way! However we are experiencing an Indian summer as the temps are now on the rise for the next few days. The good weather has caused a flurry of activity in the Tundra Buggy shop. We can finally do some of our work out side! There are still a lot of bears in the area, in fact there has been sightings of black bears and grizzly bears as well as our iconic polar bears! The tundra colours are in their final few days as the last few flowers struggle to hang on to their little stems, but the berries are just coming ... read more
Grass of Parnassus
Greenland primrose
Three-toothed saxifrage

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 22nd 2009

Great news! Out on the tundra we were amazed when we saw a mum with her three young cubs! It was quite the thrill and it has caused quite the sensation around the world among polar bear experts and enthusiasts alike. It made national news here in Canada and we are all very excited up in Churchill. The threesome were all very chubby and mum looked in real good shape! I hope they make it through the next winter. (I can't seem to get the link to publish properly? So you'll have to copy and paste it!) Enjoy... Dave... read more
Three little bears

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 12th 2009

Greetings fellow Earthlings. Firstly, I'd like to welcome the warmth into Northern Manitoba. Things have finally warmed up a bit, although, as part of a package deal, with the slightest hint of heat - come the mosquitoes, black flies and giant deer flies. Unfortunately, the bugs have not eaten as well as the polar bears, and therefore will take a chuck of flesh out of you the instant you go outside. The flowers are in full bloom right now too! It really is an unbelievable sight - all those colours! The sea ice is still there, but it's just a wee bit beyond the horizon so it can only be seen on very clear days in the form of a Phantom morgana mirage (an inverted image of the ice in the sky) and it is something ... read more
Fort Prince of Wales
The Canons
Names carved in rock at the fort.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 8th 2009

Hey guys There has been an unusually high population of bears in the area for the time of year, most mornings I wake to the sound of cracker shells being used to chase them out of town. It's quite exciting! A couple of days ago, out on the tundra, we were treated to a very curious mother bear and her cub. They swam across a lake right up to the buggy and checked us over for 20 minutes or so. They then got right back into the lake and swam to the willows... It was amazing! Dave.... read more
Mother and cub
Curious bears
Face to face

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 31st 2009

Hi Guys. The sea ice has almost all gone! Finally, we have a liquid Hudson Bay, there are still a few lingering chucks floating around, but for the most part it's all water. It has been a very late break-up this year! The polar bears are big and fat after spending more than a month longer than usual hunting on the ice floes, which is great news for the bears. But not so good for us people here. We are wondering if we will get a summer this year? The temperature has still been struggling to reach double digits and it has been a lot wetter than usual. All the rain, however, has made the tundra bloom. The flowers are out in huge numbers, the animals are healthy and bird life is prolific. I've been doing ... read more
Sunset and the willows
Male ptarmigan

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 17th 2009

Hey there. All is well in Churchill, and the summer is slowly coming. The sea ice is still lingering on the bay and the flowers are just starting to come into bloom. The polar bears are still at sea on their frozen hunting grounds, although there has been a few sneaky ones pass through town. I got dressed up as a silly polar bear for the Canada Day (July 1st) parade, I was actually voluntold to do so, but I was keen to get dressed up anyway. I was probably the warmest person in town, as it was a chilly minus 3 degrees, and i was in a very warm and furry costume! It was such a laugh! The fireworks at midnight could barely be seen as the night is vanishingly short in June/July, but the ... read more
Buggy Bear and Baby Buggy
On the town beach
Canada Day fireworks

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill January 9th 2009

Just so you can enjoy more of Dave's fabulous Polar Bear coverage, we have posted some live videos and more photos. A big hello to Mrs. Jeannie Matson's class in Ipswich, Suffolk in the east of England. Thanks for showing such a great interest in polar bears. Cheers! T and D... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 12th 2008

Hi everyone (report from Dave). Up here on the Manitoba coast, 30 miles east of Churchill, I've been witnessing day by day, one of the worlds great migrations. Hundreds of polar bears congregate on this point of land during late October and mid-November as this is where southern Hudson Bay freezes first. Every day more and more bears are coming by the lodge as they wait impatiently for the bay to freeze. It's an incredible sight! The bears are naturally curious and many of them come right up to the lodge to check us out. At the minute we have a mother and 2 cubs, 3 big males, and a few smaller bears in the distance. During the last few weeks I have watched in awe as big males fight with each other to show their ... read more
Helicopter rides
Getting ready to spar
Sun on the Tundra and the bay

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